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23 Feb 2014
Job Seekers, Please send resumes to
This would be a position on a need by need basis.

Our Client needs a person on call that we can call when we have any computer, internet, and phone issues. The internet and phones are AT & T and internet modem is NVG510. The main office phones are hooked up to a D-link Web Smart Switch board, there about 10 of these. We then also have about 45 phones that are hooked up to a Linksys modem, we use these to make voter id calls. 

Client is not mainly looking for computer support, but from time to time someone might have a computer issue that we would need assistance on. The main request for support will be focused on internet and phone issues. 

Currently they are having problems with phones with no messages in our mailboxes, but if someone calls in it won't allow a message to be given because it is "full". The phone system is also not allowing for calls to be transferred correctly. They also have issues with internet going out and we haven't been able to figure out the cause of this and how to prevent it from happening in the future.