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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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harrisburg, PA
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6 Months
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7 years ago
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The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Bureau of Laboratories (BoL) must replace its existing lab accreditation system. 


Complete Description:

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Bureau of Laboratories (BoL) must replace its existing lab accreditation system.  The Minnesota Department of Health has recently developed a lab accreditation system and is willing to provide the system and source code to BoL.  After viewing a demo of the system and participating in multiple discussions with the Minnesota Department of Health, BoL feels that Minnesota’s system is a good candidate to replace its existing system.  DEP requests the services of a highly skilled contractor with Java skills to set up the application in an evaluation environment at DEP and to assist BoL to fully evaluate the system.  The scope of this effort includes the following.


1.            Evaluate the application from a business standpoint and identify the effort involved to customize the application to meet BoL’s business needs.

2.            Evaluate the application from a technical standpoint (code review, framework/architecture evaluation, general technical assessment) and work with DEP’s Bureau of Information Technology (BIT) to identify the most appropriate deployment architecture.


This resource will primarily work with BoL staff.  The individual must possess good analytical skills and business skills to quickly learn BoL’s lab accreditation business in order to evaluate the software product for BoL’s use.  The individual will help BoL staff identify where the system does not meet its business needs and then provide solutions.  Since the individual will be working with program area staff directly, he or she must have good people and communication skills.  This individual must be able to effectively communicate to staff members who may not be information technology literate.


The software application is a Java-based web application.  It uses JBoss Seam as the framework with Java Persistence API (JPA)/Hibernate as its persistence layer.  Minnesota has implemented its system using a PostgreSQL database for the data repository.  DEP plans to use an Oracle database instead of a SQL Server database.  Therefore, the system will be evaluated using an Oracle database.





Amount of Experience

Experience architecting and developing web applications using Java-based frameworks with a strong knowledge of Java 1.5 EE, JDK 1.6 and later


3 Years

Experience developing web applications using the JBoss Seam framework (Seam 2.2.0.GA using POJOs)


1 Years

Experience using Hibernate 3.x JPA/EJB3, JavaServer Faces (JSF 1.2), Facelets, RichFaces, Maven and Ant


6  Months

Exp w/web server/application server setup to run a J2EE app, and reconfigure an app for multiple deployment env such jBoss and Oracle WebLogic



Experience developing applications against Oracle 11gR2 databases


1 Year

Ability to write SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) scripts to create and manage Oracle database schema objects (tables, views, indexes, constraints)


1 Year

Experience using SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) to query and perform insert, update and delete activities in an Oracle database


2 Years

Experience using Microsoft Active Directory or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)


3 Months

Good people skills and be able to effectively communicate business requirements with the BoL staff as well as technical requirements with BIT staff