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State of New Jersey
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6 Months
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30 May 2012
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Short Description:

The NJ Division of Lottery is seeking a business analyst to prepare an overview of Lottery’s existing applications and critical business processes in preparation for the implementation of their business continuity site. 


Complete Description:

The Business Analyst is responsible for the set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals.


Years of Relevant Experience: 4 to 6 years

Preferred Education: 4 year college degree or equivalent.

Role Description: All roles specified in BA1 plus additional work experience and job knowledge.

The selected individual will compile information about Lottery’s existing systems to include information such as: system name, description, platform, software, support, client base, future plans, and criticality.  Critical processes not necessarily associated with an application should also be identified and documented.  The resource will work with Lottery’s project manager to develop a template to be used for information collection and presentation.  The candidate will compile and analyze the information gathered and review with Lottery and OTT staff. The end product should provide Lottery management and IT staff with a current portfolio of applications and important business processes.


Information Gathering:  The selected candidate will need to meet with Lottery management and the project manager to discuss project requirements and to suggest which systems or processes should be included for analysis in the project.  The candidate will be responsible for acquiring existing background documentation and for preparing a documentation template as well as interviewing Lottery staff members about the systems and processes.


Prepare Documentation Templates for Identified Systems/Processes:  The selected candidate must have excellent writing and system documentation skills as well as the ability to analyze the current operations and highlight areas of vulnerability.  The documentation template will include the information below:


•             Application/Process Name

•             Division/Unit

•             Background, Description, History and Future Plans

•             Software & Hardware Versions & Configurations

•             Physical Location of Equipment

•             Name of Responsible IT Person

•             Name of Program Sponsor (owner)

•             Description of Customers or Users

•             User Training & Technical Support

•             System Diagram with Relationships to Other Systems

•             System Support (Vendor, In-house)

•             Software & Hardware Maintenance Agreements

•             Licensing Requirements

•             Availability of Existing Documentation

•             Related Business Processes

•             Reporting Tools

•             Number of Transactions annually, dollars processed annually

•             Backup and Restore Methodology

•             Existing Business Continuity Processes

•             Workflow Overview

•             Resolution of Typical Production Issues

•             Outputs including Correspondence, Reports, File Transfers, Etc.

•             Inputs including Paper, Electronic, File Transfers, etc.

•             Methods Used for Testing and Implementing Small and Large Scale Modifications to the System

•             Requirements for Browser Based Systems

•             Security Modeling

•             Identify Vulnerabilities/Problem Areas


Prepare Overview with Findings and Recommendations:    The candidate will be responsible for summarizing the findings from the documentation templates for systems and processes to be replicated at the business continuity site.  The summary will include any recommendations for improving the efficiency of Lottery’s processes as well as noting any areas of vulnerability.





Amount of Experience

Experience analyzing and documenting complex systems


5 Years

Experience formatting technical documents


2 Years

Experience interfacing with management, technicians and users


2 Years

Excellent writing and communications skills


5 Years

Experience diagramming complex systems


5 Years

Experience with business continuity planning


5 Years

Experience identifying system vulnerabilities or problem areas


2 Years