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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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6 Months
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05 Jun 2012
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Short Description:

Programmer is responsible for analysis, design, coding, component & assembly testing of all application code owned by the Application Team. Programmers typically are involved in maintenance (including production support), enhancement & development work.


Complete Description:

This request is issued from the Bureau of Information Systems, within Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare.




Contracted support needed to provide analysis and trouble shooting of the newly modified Department of Aging Block grant and Waiver Finance Reporting System (PFR) on the AS/400 platform during 6 month stability period following FY 11/12 deployment. Contractor will assist with issues and resolutions as they arise and work on additional PDA initiatives as time permits.





1.            Points of Contact

2.            Criminal History Background Check

3.            Security Access




The objective of this engagement is to contract for support to monitor the Dept. of Aging / DPW systems and databases related to the Dept of Aging Waiver and Block Grant financial processing and reporting system (PFR) during 6 month stability period and modify and deploy fixes as needed. 


Although the contractor’s primary responsibilities will be to monitor/maintain the Waiver and Block Grant System during new FY stability period, he/she will also work on other PDA initiatives as time permits.


In addition, this contracted resource will be used to ensure operational coverage of the AS400 applications during planned and approved absences greater than 2 weeks.




1.            Monitor and problem resolution of the new FY FRR system

2.            Analysis, document, code, test and implement any necessary changes

3.            Meet critical dates necessary.




The contractor will provide services to maintain the Bureau’s current information systems and databases primarily on the AS-400.  Access to all Project/Documentation File materials must be available to BIS-DEA-HBSU personnel and their agents at any and all times.  All documentation must be stored at a BIS-DEA-HBSU specified location.  The contractor must:




1.            Follow Dept of Aging/DPW standard processes and procedures. 

2.            Maintenance and new development initiatives must be approved by BIS and Program Office via the Change Control Board.

3.            Provide technical support for change control assessments (i.e., Initial software change request, level of effort, risk/impact and mitigation strategies assessments, and associated work packages).

4.            Coordinate with Program Office and BIS staff to test, validate, and ensure proper functionality and operational reliability of the systems platform (software & hardware) as per the approved software change requests and predefined business requirements (i.e., functional and non-functional).

5.            Identify risks, risk severity levels, and propose risk mitigation strategies as stated in the Software Configuration Management plan.

6.            Provide defect corrections as approved by BIS-DEA-HBSU staff and detail the status of each defect correction in the weekly report.

7.            New software development shall follow the BIS approval processes, standards, and procedures.

8.            Provide system support/enhancement for existing functionality.

9.            Provide knowledge transfer and mentoring of Commonwealth of PA staff to ensure the timely completion of all tasks described in this statement of work.

10.          Knowledge Transfer should occur during all phases of the project and continue until the project ends and the progress status of such transfers shall be contained in the weekly progress reports. Coordinate knowledge transfer plan with Commonwealth of PA manager.

11.          Provide the necessary documentation of application/system defect correction following the PDA/DPW - Change Control Board Process

12.          Provide Change Options and corresponding Change Options Resources: Feasibility, Scope, Identification of Elements, Resources, Skills, Time Estimate.

13.          Provide PCR Status on ATS via the PDA Project Lead.

14.          Maintain and update the PCR - Traceability Matrix as applicable to support provided.

15.          Assess, code and test approved software changes affecting respective application systems.

16.          Code and test stored procedures fixes, database logical and physical structures.




Understand AS/400 3 years required

COBOL Programmer 3 years required

AS/400 Control Language (CL) 3 years required

AS/400 Database Management 3 years required

AS/400 Online Transaction Screen Design and implementation 3 years required

Microsoft Excel – 2-5 years required (version’s XP and Office 7)

Microsoft Office XP – Office 7 Suite Outlook for email correspondence

MS Visual Basic 6 / Visual Basic 8  2-5 years desired but not required





Amount of Experience

Understand AS/400


3 Years

Cobol Programmer


3 Years

AS/400 Control Language (CL)


3 Years

AS/400 Database Management


3 Years

AS/400 Online Transaction Screen Design & Implementation


3 Years

Microsoft Excel (versions XP and Office 7)


2 Years

Microsoft Office XP - Office 7 Suite


2 Years

Outlook for email correspondence


2 Years

MS Visual Basic 6 / Visual Basic 8


2 Years