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State of Ohio
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6 Months
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13 Jun 2012
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The Database Administrator is responsible for data analysis and database architecting services.

Complete Description

This position is for the BWC Core Direction project. BWC is currently operating in an environment with limited to moderate automated functionality and data access.  Many business processes have manual or system (e.g., Excel, Access, etc.) workarounds.  Multiple applications are used to support single processes.  Lack of data, when and where needed, lack of integration between existing legacy applications and implementation of business process change regardless of application support drive many of the workarounds.  A portion of correspondence is manually generated and custom letter databases exist throughout BWC.  Multiple processes utilize the same workarounds.  Claims processes are the most mature, followed by billing processes with policy processes being the least mature.

The BWC Core System initiative, will replace several legacy systems with a claims, policy and billing COTS software solution known as Powersuite.  These legacy systems include:


1. Claims processing – Version 3

2.Claims processing – Imaging

3.Policy Management and Billing – WCIS


The following legacy system’s functionality may be impacted by the BWC Core System initiative:


1. Rates and Payments – R&P


DBA (Oracle DBA)

•In-Depth Knowledge and Significant Experience with

     -IBM Mainframe

               ZOS 1.12


               Oracle 10g

                          •DBMS Tools

                                -Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

                     DB2 version 9

                           •DBMS Tools

                                 -BMC Tools & Utilities

                                          BMC Change Manager

     -Sun Hardware

               Solaris 8.X

               Oracle 11G & 10.xG

               Oracle Financials version 11.5


     -Red Hat Enterprise Linux on X86 Hardware

               Red Hat Enterprise Version 5.6/6.x

               Oracle 12c



DBA would provide:

•Database analysis

•Troubleshooting services

•Database architecting services

•Services to optimize database performance

•Services to improve operations

•Documentation on installations and configurations

•Consulting services

•Installation services

•Implementation services

•Configuration services

•Customization services

•Responses to customer inquires

•Responses to trouble tickets


DBA would work approximately forty hours per week (more or less):

•Majority of hours would be during normal business hours (7AM – 5 PM)


Oracle DBA in one of the following: IBM M/F- ZOS 1.12, SAS, Oracle 10g, BMC or Sun Hardware-Solaris 8.X, Oracle 10g&11g or Red Hat Enterprise 5.6/6.

Required  6 Years