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Virginia Information Technology Agency
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richmond, VA
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6 Months
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6 years ago
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Short Description:

Candidate will reconcile agency financial operational and decision support systems by researching errors, recommending solutions for errors, and implementing approved approaches.

Complete Description:

The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) is the Commonwealth agency that manages Virginia’s wildlife and inland fish to maintain optimum populations of all species and strives to provide opportunities for all to enjoy wildlife, inland fish, boating and outdoor recreation. 


This contract will support the IT and Planning and Finance sections by analyzing and reconciling a backlog of data warehousing errors.  The agency’s financial system is a custom built, tightly integrated suite of applications based on Microsoft technologies.


 A successful candidate will have experience in Microsoft decision support systems, specifically SQL Server 2005 and SQL Analysis Services 2000, and be comfortable working in a casual environment with IT developers and financial business users.


Years of Experience: 

4-7 years of experience in decicion support systems


Using SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000 Analysis Server tools, identify decision support/data warehouse errors.  Errors and resolution steps will consist of items listed below.

• Drop errors, i.e. data that does not load due to dimensional failures

• Overloading errors that occur when dimensions overlap

• Reconciliation of source and system data

• Data description / date range repairs


Steps for these processes:


Identify solutions for drop errors / dimension failures and communicate with data owners:

• All data changes must be documented with a data change request, detailing the change and indicating the authority by which the change was made.

• Data changes may document themselves by including a printout of the TSQL code used to commit the change. 


List overloads by dimension join error and identify the codes that cause the error to the data owner:

• Research to determine the attributes causing the overload.

• Determine from data owner the intentions of the code change and perform repair/deletion as required.

• Both the production data and warehouse data changes are to be documented and the search and change TSQL needs to be included.


Reconciliation of source and system data:

• The data owner will identify the summary as precisely as possible (using as many code discriminators as possible).

• Using the expected total and the warehouse total, compare summary sources to transactional source data.

• Adjust the fact table contents to reflect the reconciled content.

• Reprocess cubes and verify the analysis matches the operational summaries.

• Document all data changes.


Data description repairs:

• Validate warehouse cubes appropriately define data dimension attributes, per historical mapping of code set and data owner directions.

• Identify the mapping attribute translation issues by evaluating the date transition points for historical code set.

• Data owner to define the start and end point of the attribute’s slowly changing dimension.

• Adjust the operations code data and the warehouse code dimension to accommodate changing values.

• Document the changes, including the map, data owner authorization and TSQL/descriptions used to change production and warehouse data.


SQL Server 2005

Required 4 Years


SQL Server Analysis Services

Required 4 Years


SQL Server 2000 DTS

Required 4 Years


Microsoft Excel Pivot tables

Required 4 Years


Communication orally and in writing

Required 4 Years



We need a candidate with more understanding of data warehouses and SQL
2000/2005 and less on the BA side.