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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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6 Months
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18 Jun 2012
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Short Description:

Program Manager directs, controls, administers, and regulates an enhancement or development program.  PM is the individual ultimately responsible to the agency. The PM’s primary responsibility is to drive the entire effort from start to finish.

Complete Description:

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Procurement (BOP) requires an individual to manage the non-technical components of the Commonwealth’s upgrade of the SRM Procurement System Project.  The objective of this project is to upgrade the Commonwealth’s existing SAP SRM 5.0 Procurement System to the SAP SRM 7.0 Procurement System by September 3, 2013.  This individual will be required to work closely with the Project Sponsor, Information Technology Project/Program Managers, Integrated Enterprise Systems Team, Subject Matter Expert Committee and BOP Project Team. 


The desired candidate should have knowledge of the SAP SRM Procurement System and strong Project Management skills.   This individual must have Project Management experience in developing, managing and maintaining all project components and project documentation such as but not limited to:  Project Charter, Project Scope, Project Plan, Work Breakdown Structure, Issues, Risks, Constraints, Assumptions and Action Items List, Quality Management, Change Control Management, Project Communications to target audiences, Project Status Updates to Executive Leadership, Project Sponsor, Key Stakeholders and Steering Committee.    This individual must have experience in monitoring projects to ensure that project is on schedule, within budget and meeting project goals, milestones and deliverables.  This individual must have strong communication and interpersonal skills as they will be required to interact with diverse teams and various levels of an organization. 


This individual will be responsible for the following:


---Managing the administrative components of the project listed below:


- Developing Project Charter, stating  the following:

     - Reason for undertaking the project

     - Objective and constraints of the project

     - Project Sponsor

     - Key Stakeholders

     - Advisory Committee

     - Steering Committee

          - Agency

          - Legal

     - In scope and out-of-scope items

     - High level Risk Management Plan

     - High level Communication Plan

     - High level budget and spending authority

     - Role of Program Manager


- Developing Project Scope to include the following:

     - Goal of Project

          - State impact on Public Works

          - State impact on Warehouse

     - Budget

     - Schedule/Timeline


- Developing, maintaining and tracking the Project Plan

     - Milestones

     - Deliverables

          - Blueprint:  defining current and future processes

          - Technical details

          - Configuration

          - Integration Testing

          - User Testing

          - Technical Migration

          - Training


- Developing, maintaining and tracking the Project Plan (continued)

     - Schedule /Timeline

          - Take appropriate corrective measures if project slips from schedule

     - Budget

     - Accountable for the final program management evaluation review with stakeholders for 

       approval upon program completion

     - Responsible to tailor and baseline all program templates


- Serve as the primary point of contact for all program-related issues and resolution of issues


- Developing and maintaining the Work Breakdown Structure 

     - Details project’s deliverables

     - Details project’s requirements   

     - Plan, organize, prioritize, and manage multiple work efforts across application teams    

          - Ensure processes and activities are followed            


- Developing and maintaining the Issues, Risks, Assumptions, Constraints and Action Items List


- Develops and submits weekly executive status updates to Project Sponsor and Key

   Stakeholders, reporting on the following include:

     - Milestones

     - Deliverables

     - Schedule

     - Known, risks, assumptions and/or constraints which may impact the project

     - Budget


- Quality Management

     - Describes how the project team will ensure that a quality product is delivered on time

       and within budget.


- Change Control Management

     - Describes methodology regarding changes of scope, schedule, deliverables and

      milestones will be managed and addressed


--- Communications:


- Developing and distributing timely communications for the various target audiences

   throughout the life of the Project

     - Project Sponsor

     - Key Stakeholders

     - Steering Committee

     - Advisory Committee

     - Subject Matter Experts Committee

     - Project Teams

     - IES

     - BOP

     - End Users


- Developing and presenting presentations to target audiences throughout the life of the Project


- Communicate and work with users and client


- Coordinate and present proposals to agencies


--- Assisting BOP’s Training Manager with developing and implementing a training plan for the users



Project Management experience

Required 7 Years


Project Management experience specific to managing system upgrades

Required 3 Years


Experience managing & maintaining all project components and documentation

Required 7 Years


Experience providing project status updates to executive leadership, project sponsor, key stakeholders & steering committee members

Required 7 Years


Experience monitoring projects to ensure project is on schedule, within budget, and meeting project goals, milestones and deliverables

Required 7 Years


Strong communication & interpersonal skills (as resource will be dealing with diverse teams and various levels of an organization on a daily basis)



SAP SRM Procurement System Experience

Desired 5 Years


Experience developing, presenting, and distributing timely communications to various target audiences throughout the life of the project

Desired 5 Years


Experience in the development and implementation of a training plan for end users

Desired 5 Years


Current PMP certification


All interviews will be In-Person Interviews ONLY, here in Harrisburg, PA - the client WILL NOT be holding initial phone or web interviews.