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NTT Data
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4 Months
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22 Jun 2012
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Job Description:

The Senior Architect will need to be familiar with a variety of the application technologies, environments, concepts, methodologies, practices, and procedures. 

This person may be assigned a variety of complex tasks with minimal supervision. 

Proven experience defining systems and application architecture is required.

The architect will consult with IT staff and with the client to define needs or problems, conduct research, perform studies and surveys to obtain data, and analyze problems to assist IT staff in determining recommend solutions.

Performs systems analysis and preparation of applications and operating systems programming to process data and solve problems by use of computers.
Prepares feasibility studies and time and cost estimates of new or revised systems.
Assists in the development of standards, procedures, and operating systems applications.
A combination of directly-related technical training and hands-on experience.
Works with IT staff and customers to ensure projects are completed on time and according to organization standards.
Consults with personnel in other information systems groups to coordinate activities.
Consults with management to clarify systems and programs intent, identify problems, suggest changes, and determine extent of application systems changes required.
Participates in developing a project plan and schedule with key milestones, contingency plans, workflow charts or diagrams, considering factors, such as resource requirements, computer storage capacity and speed, extent of peripheral equipment, and intended use of output data.
Analyzes test runs on computer and supervises correction of coded program and input data.
Participates in efforts to revise existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
Compiles documentation of program development and subsequent revisions.
Trains IT staff in systems analysis, feasibility studies, programming, and program coding.
Prescribes standards for terms and symbols used to simplify interpretation of programs.
Collaborates with computer manufacturers and other users to develop new programming methods.
Prepares records and reports.
Develops applications systems components based on design specifications.



Public Safety's Criminal History Record Information System (CHRI) currently has a sex offender component, but a gap exists between what it provides and what is required by SORNA. 

CHRI utilizes an Oracle database and is currently undergoing a transition to a Web PL/SQL user interface (all except Sex offender Registry).

The Sex Offender Registry was not included as part of this transition and remains in legacy Oracle Forms. 

Our intent is to migrate away from Oracle Forms, so part of this analysis and recommendation will be to determine how to handle the SOR user interface going forward.

A Sex Offender Registry Tool (SORT), provided by the US Department of Justice is available for us to utilize. 

SORT utilizes a JDBC connection (Java) and a MySQL database. 

It also includes a Web Services component as well as mapping (KML). 

SORT meets all SORNA requirements, but may have additional functionality beyond what is required by SORNA. 

SORT technical assistance may be available to us for a limited period of time.

We are looking to leverage as much of the SORT tool as possible, whether that is by pulling specific components from it or by replicating SORNA compliant functionality within the existing CHRI application. 

We also want to make the CHRI user experience as consistent as possible and want to minimize ongoing system support to the greatest extent possible.

We have a number of technical options we are considering and we require an experienced senior-level technical architect to assist us during this important evaluation process. 

This person will need to not only have very strong analytical skills, but preferably will be well versed in the key technologies used by SORT (Java) (Web Services) (KML) and CHRI (Web PL/SQL) so that in depth technical analysis can be done.