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NTT Data
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6 Months
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Posted :
22 Jun 2012
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· Design processes to extract, transform and load data for data warehouses

· Develop and maintain processes to extract, transform and load data for data warehouses using SAS DI Studio

· Code SAS programs to manipulate and report on data from various data sources

· Manage the SAS environment through the SAS Management Console.

· Manage data access and sharing in the SAS environment through the SAS metadata.

· Manage the SAS development environment (versioning, migration).

· Perform the configuration of SAS software on the SAS servers.

· Assist with SAS software upgrades and patching on the clients and SAS servers.

· Using the SAS suite of tools, perform in-depth analysis of source data and provide guidance, insight and actionable recommendations based on the data specification and content.

· Create Oracle SQL queries and query data from various data sources to support analysis.

· Assist with data quality analysis by creating reports as needed

· Use DataFlux to analyze and clean data


Required Qualifications:

· At least 4 years experience as a software developer.

· Experience coding in Base SAS 9.1 (or higher) for complex data manipulation projects (2 years minimum).

· Experience designing, developing and testing SAS program code to efficiently extract, merge and manipulate large volumes of data

· Experience with Oracle databases, release 9 (or higher) including select queries for reporting and DML for insert, update, delete (2 years minimum).

· Strong SQL competency

· Strong communication skills within the development environment demonstrated in the creation of specification and design documents and in the creation of system or program documentation.

· Experience designing reporting templates and creating reports illustrating the results of the analytic and programming processes

· Experience working on large scale analysis projects

· Experience in utilizing Microsoft office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)

· Ability to work effectively independently and as a member of a cross functional team

· Ability to handle multiple tasks, switch priorities and focus as needed

· Ability to provide proactive discovery with continuous data analysis (intellectual curiosity)

· Ability to design and implement effective reporting of the results of data quality analysis for business and technical audiences


Optional Qualifications:


· Experience using the SAS DI Studio tool.

· Experience administering SAS metadata using the SAS Management Console in the following areas: User management, Library management, Schedule management.

· Experience with maintaining (patching, configuring, installing) SAS software on Windows servers and workstations.

· Experience working directly with business stakeholders on tasks such as system requirements definition or reporting requirements.

· Experience using the DataFlux data quality tool.

· Experience with data quality or conversion projects

· Experience in Oracle DBMS administration

· Experience with COBOL on IBM mainframe systems (MVS or Z/OS).