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Application Developer Resume

Lincoln, NE


  • Over 20 year experience writing technical specification, coding, testing and implementing software applications.
  • Demonstrated ability to function effectively as a team player, as well as work independently to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Participated in 24x7 on-call support to team and independent environments.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Well versed working with end-user’s for support and requirement definition.
Technical Skills

Hardware: IBM PC’s & Compatibles, IBM AS/400 V4.R4, Wang, Tandem, Mainframe, VAX
Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT, VMS, VAX 11/780
Languages: COBOL, COBOL74/85, SQL, RPG/400, RPG IV, Visual Basic 6.0, FOCUS/WEBFOCUS, JCL, C
Visual Basic.Net, HTML/XHTML, CSS
Software/Tools: MS Excel, MS Word, MS Project Management, MS Visio, Lotus 1-2-3, Implementer, Hawkeye
Database: Oracle, DB2, Non-SQL, SQL/400
Systems: Strategic Data Systems, Data Direction Systems,
ACOM(Laser Check Systems), LIFESYS

Professional Training
  • AS/400 Relational Data Base System, AS/400 CL, AS/400 RPG/RPG IV, SQL/400 FOCUS/Web FOCUS, Hawkeye, Business Systems Analysis, Project Management, Procedure Language, Implementer, Oracle SQL, Visual Basic 6.0, C programming, PC troubleshooting, JCL.
Work History

Confidential, Lincoln, NE (Aug. 2005- May 2009)
Application Developer Tech.

  • Written technical specifications and timeline for extracts and conversion programs
  • Participated 24x7 on-call support for daily and monthly cycles.
  • Modified and Maintained LIFESYS Insurance software.

Confidential, Lincoln, NE (Sept. 2002- Aug. 2005)
Programmer Analyst

  • Responsible for designing, coding, testing, implementing and ongoing maintenance to the health and life insurance applications on mainframe.
  • Develop new reports.
  • Developed new applications, data extracts and reports for different clients.

Confidential,Omaha, NE (2001-05/02)
Applications Programmer Analyst

  • Responsible for design, code, development, testing and ongoing maintenance to the Telemarketing reporting system.
  • Designed, coded, tested and implemented new reports for MBNA and Cricket clients.

Confidential, Omaha, NE (1994-2001) Senior Programmer Analyst (1997-2001)

  • Responsible for analysis of claim and policy applications.
  • Designed, coded, tested and implemented new applications.
  • Modified and maintained Strategic Data Systems Insurance Software.
  • Created written project plans and status report.
  • Developed test plans, case studies and processes to ensure the accuracy of new modules or enhancements to current programs on a module and system level.
  • Documented all enhancements, new development and system changes.
  • Served as primary senior analyst in charge of supporting daily and monthly cycles.
  • Designed and created new reports using FOCUS and Web FOCUS.

Project: ACOM (Laser Check Printing)

  • Project leader for property and casualty division.
  • Evaluated and selected the ACOM software for laser check printing.
  • Integrated ACOM software with claim applications.
  • Analyzed, designed, modified codes, tested, and implemented claim applications.
  • Eliminated the cost of pre-printed checks for eight different checkbooks.
  • Reduced operation and claim staff times to process the check. Improved claim check processing.
  • Added company 13 and company 15 to strategic data systems. Analyzed, modified and tested codes for policy systems, claims systems and accounting systems.
  • Added new bank accounts and updated all the tables.
  • SDS has capability to add new business and process claims for companies 13 and 15.

Project Title: Y2K

  • Team member for Y2K project.
  • Responsible for claim system applications.
  • Modified the code and unit tested and system tested for claim systems.

Programmer Analyst (1994-1997)

  • Responsible to develop and maintain software in business applications policy, claims and accounting.
  • Performed detailed software application system analysis and design for moderately complex applications.

Project: Business Owners Policies

  • Added new line of business to SDS system.
  • Detail designed, coded, tested and implemented.
  • Received an achievement award for the team\'s work in getting a new line of business implemented on SDS.

Project: Claim Suit Systems

  • Detail designed, coded, tested and implemented.
  • Captured all data for management reporting purpose.
Work History (Cont.)

Confidential,Omaha, NE (1988-1994)
Application Programmer (1992-1994)

  • Responsible for designing, specs, coding, testing (including user testing) of accounting, public housing and section eight applications.
  • Maintained data direction systems software and also imparted training to new users.
  • Documented application programs and user’s procedures.
  • Converted Wang COBOL applications to AS/400 COBOL applications. Compiled and tested all applications.
  • Designed, coded, tested and implemented force account labor and personnel systems.

Database Analyst (1989-1992)

  • Responsible for \'PACE\' Database Systems. Analyzed, designed and maintained PACE database.
  • Designed various queries and reports for personnel, accounting, section eight and public housing sectors.
  • Designed and implemented public housing utility application.
  • Designed and implemented 14 day’s and three day’s eviction notice in PACE.
  • Designed and implemented 1099 forms for all the vendors.

Computer Technician (1988-1989)

  • Responsible for operations of Public Housing \'Wang\' VS Mini Computer and backups and disaster recovery, and installation of hardware.
  • Responsible for installation and connectivity of IBM PC and stand-alone workstation.
  • Coded and implemented several operating procedures for daily and weekly backups.

B.S.B.A., Management Information Systems
B.S., General Sciences

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