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System Technician Resume

New Jersey, NJ


2002 - 2006 Confidential
Bachelor of science in Electronic engineering

Professional Experience

Rf system technician

  • Preventive maintenance, installation, troubleshooting of trunking systems, Simulcast systems, trunked voting systems, multisite 800 mhz trunking systems, lucent Alcatel microwaves, ac/dc rectifiers, tower top amlplifiers, t1 lines, Rf combiners, ip microwaves, routers, switches, Motorola 800 mhz trunking systems,VHF and UHF two way radio systems, ds1, ds3, tdm multiplex.

12/2000 - 2010
Rf system engineer

  • preventive maintenance, installation, troubleshoot and repair up to components level of motorola two way radio systems, VHF,UHF : repeaters, walkie talkies, modems, base stations, remote controles, Motorola smartnet 800 mhz trunking systems, smartzone, simulcast paging transmitters, paging terminals, centracoms, central electronic banks, zetron, analog and digital microwaves radios, fiber optics systems, T1s lines, ISDN, HDSL, DS3, DSL, frame relay multiplexors, analog and digital pagers, tower top amplifiers, duplexers, filters, spectra tacs receivers, voting systems, ip microwave radios, data networking transport, LTR systems, channel Banks, Ethernet.
  • Test, commission, and integrate installed cell site equipments ; assembling electronic equipments in racks or cabinets .
  • Install, cable and program new equipments at site location, configuration and loading files into power management systems, troubleshoot and repair failure using various types of test equipment, test handovers,signal strength and basic functionality.
  • Installation of outdoor BTS cabinets and equipments, AC/DC distribution, cabling, grounding, T1 lines connections, antenna jumpers, antenna line components, diplexers, DSU/CSU connections, 3.5G wireless mobile commissioning and integration .
  • Installation of rural Spread spectrum wireless systems, LAN and WAN configurations and administration, CISCO routers and switches configurations, WI-FI and Wimax point to point, point to multipoint, digital multiplexers, civil and electric installation, microwave network short haul and long haul installations, site grounding R56, backup generators.
  • Install, troubleshoot and repair communications systems, motorola equipments, motorola smartnet controllers, motorola voting comparator systems, receiver multicouplers, radio programming, filters and duplexer tunning, digital pagers, tower top preamplifiers,spectra tac receivers, T1 lines, LTR trunking systems, simulcast transmitters, dispatch consoles, base stations and repeaters,digital multiplex, paging transmitters repairing of portable and mobile radios and electronics boards down to components level, installation and maintenance of solar panels systems.

01/96 -01/2000
Telecommunication specialist

  • Installation and maintenance ofConfidentialSmartnet 800 Mhz trunking systems,tower top amplifiers, voting systems, symulcast multisite systems, Motorola radios programming, install rf data telemetry systems, digital multiplexers and channel bank systems, Motorola 6908 trunking system controllers, digital simulcast transmitters, digital and analog receivers, voting comparators, transmitters combiners, receiver distribution systems ; installation of LTR trunking systems.
  • Carry out site surveys, planning,design, install, maintenance, support of wireless systems like : microwave links, guided and self supported communications towers, rural internet systems, lan and wan network projects; provide preventive maintenance, installation, troubleshoot and repair up to components level, of MOTOROLA two way radio systems,VHF,UHF, SSB, repeaters, walkie talkies, modems, base stations, remote controls, simulcast paging transmitters, paging terminals, centracoms(CEB), analog and digital microwaves radios, multiplexers, pagers, tower top amplifiers, duplexers, filters, spectra tacs receivers, voting systems, site grounding R56
  • Experiencewith : spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, power meters, frequency counters, data test sets, sweepers, network analyzers, signal generators.

Personal Attributes
Ability to manage stressful situations and adapt to changing environments, welcomes new challenges, loyal, dedicated, result oriented, team player, quick learner, maintains professionalism, excellent communications, and high ethical standards at work.

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