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Sr. Architect Resume

New Jersy, NJ

Highly accomplished, detail oriented, organized and analytical IT professional offering 20+ successful years of progressive experience in application development, business process and systems analysis, strategic project planning and applications architecture of money market mutual funds and other fixed income cash management products in mainframe, client server and web environments. Excel at analyzing and coordinating system designs to ensure efficient business and IT performance. Proven expertise in life-cycle project management from conception to completion, driving process improvements at all levels. Motivated and creative with excellent written and verbal communication capabilities and strong interpersonal relationship skills with proven ability to work independently as well as collaboratively within a team environment.

Core Competencies include:

Product Conception, Design and Development Business Process Analysis
Program Logic Development and Documentation Systems Analysis and Design
Application Architecture and Database Design Quality Assurance Testing
Software Development and Deployment Team Building and Leadership

Distinguished Recipient of ‘Reserve Funds Employee Recognition Award’ for 2007

Professional Experience Summary

Confidential,New York, NY 1990 – 2011
(An Independent Money Market Fund and Cash Management Company with many of nation’s leading corporations, endowments, pensions, municipalities and hedge funds including over 400 financial service firms and over 30% of Fortune 500 companies having 125 billion dollars in assets under management)

Overview: Challenging roles during 20 years of sustained growth in offering variety of money funds and other innovative cash management products. Fast tracked through programming, systems analysis, business analysis and product development, team and project management to applications architecture.

Career Highlights and Accomplishments

Sr. Architect Confidential, (2008 - 2011)

Recognized as a technical leader and a subject matter expert with strong problem solving and analytical skills. Respected business partner valued for knowledge and accessibility. Earned a reputation for creatively utilizing existing infrastructure and successfully leveraging and repurposing core money fund product base design, to adapt to any new cash management products. Worked with business executives and end-users to conceptualize applications for new products and directed design of new applications from conception to completion.

  • Designed, developed and implemented a ‘Distribution Process’ in 40 days to facilitate liquidation of 5 money market funds after the flagship Reserve Primary Fund ‘broke the buck’ (NAV less than $1.00) in the September 2008 financial crisis.
  • Designed a liquidation database in 2 weeks to facilitate population of shareholder data for all money funds in the system for the proposed distribution.
  • Teamed up with 2 Project leaders and managed an entire team of 12 developers for the development, testing and migration of over 90 batch programs and queries written in COBOL / DB2 and QMF using DB2 SQL.
  • Executed multiple waves of pro-rata distribution paying 89 billion dollars in disbursements to 176,000 shareholders under Institutional, Broker and Retail client categories between October 2008 and December 2010.
  • Developed and executed over 60 different SQL queries to extract pre and post liquidation data from the shareholder database and formatted multiple reports with requested information requiring stringent adherence in order to comply with directives from the SEC, district courts and other non-traditional entities viz. independent counsels, custodial banks, internal and external audit teams, company board of trustees etc.
  • Met all reporting and data submission deadlines.
  • Conceptualized, designed and developed a process to calculate ‘Net Payable Balance’ on a FIFO basis to enable comparison with a ‘Current Payable Balance’ used for pro-rata distribution in order to determine the difference between actual (pro-rata) and virtual (FIFO) methods.

The process was written utilizing COBOL / DB2.

  • The process helped in indicating that the modeled pro-rata distribution did not result in overpayment of funds.
  • Spearheaded two major transitions to 1) transfer all money fund data to a 3rd party vendor for the final phase of money fund liquidation and 2) transfer of insured deposits and banking products to another cash management company following the sale of such products.
  • The two transitions were executed successfully within a period of 7 months, by a team of 6 developers, 1 DBA and 2 quality assurance experts.
  • Authenticated database tables and data extract criteria for migration of data from DB2 database to an SQL server for future reference and reporting.
  • As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) moderated and instructed a team of 12 IT professionals from outsourcing partners Mphasis, for a period of 5 months to transfer business and IT processing knowledge to facilitate onshore and offshore development.
  • These KT sessions were also used to create system wide documentation and user manuals for business users in the company.

Confidential,Sr. Project Leader (2003 - 2008)

Promoted to a senior project leader as the company was poised for further growth and a need to lead multiple projects concurrently intensified. New money funds, customized classes of money funds and enhanced functionality gravitated business from institutional clients doubling assets under management in a very short period of time. Designed and built every new product in-house, with a view to maintaining and enhancing each product internally and keeping the product base flexible enough to build other interfaces around it, thereby saving the company millions of dollars in buying and customizing proprietary vendor software. Had numerous opportunities in the design, development and full cycle implementation of many innovative and successful cash management products relating to core money fund product base using a combination of different SDLC methodologies.

  • From a technological perspective in the 10 years of my team and project leadership, IT was largely instrumental in taking the company business from 3.5 billion to 125 billion.

  • Architected an entire Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation and NAV strike project for the Shareholder Accounting System in order to facilitate releasing of individual redemption wires every hour based on a $1.00 NAV strike, resulting in mass release of 100s of such wires in seconds.

The project was developed using COBOL / DB2 and CICS.

  • Subsequently developed a screen function to rectify erroneous values in the system that generated a non-$1.00 NAV, thereby avoiding delays in shareholder redemptions.

  • Accelerated project by 3 months by redefining business requirements for a high-visibility Web based Bill-Pay system for a retail FDIC insured product utilizing ODBC connectivity to DB2 database and redesigned mainframe components to access shareholder data on the mainframe thereby eliminating an intermediary Sybase database (DBMS).
  • This initiative resulted in substantial reduction in the batch cycle processing time and eliminated data redundancy.

  • Played a key role in the development and implementation of SAS70 compliance reporting and screen functions from requirements gathering to user sign-off and implementation phase.
  • Consistently scored high on all initial and subsequent SAS70 audits.

  • Co-designed and developed a proprietary mainframe based banking application system (BAS) to accommodate sub-accounting and processing of ‘Bank Intra-Sweep Program’ a new cash management offering for banks. This cash sweep product was an on-balance sheet program that enabled banks to manage an omnibus MMDA position on behalf of its customers and bypass the limit of 3 electronic withdrawals per individual account.
  • In 3-1/2 years the system housed 240 Intra-sweep banks with a total AUM exceeding $4 billion with 18,000 active accounts.

  • Implemented a ‘Pseudo’ dividend accrual and posting process for early execution in the batch cycle to facilitate generation and transmission of balance files to broker/dealers whereby a full balance for each shareholder could be calculated and included in the files, 4 hours prior to the actual systematic update of dividend accrual in the nightly batch cycle.
  • This enhancement was well received by all brokers/processors since it facilitated early balance updates on their system.
  • This provision became a selling point to bring in more brokers/dealers to invest in the fund.

  • Designed, developed and led implementation efforts with a team of 4 developers to add a ‘Drain and Fill’ process to our core Shareholder Accounting System, when H&R Block offered FDIC insured money market funds to its clients soliciting transfer of funds from Primary Money Market (non FDIC insured fund) to a customized Insured Deposit product. This project involved both CICS and COBOL batch programs and required a high level of customization for one individual Broker/Dealer within a multi broker environment
  • In spite of the complexity involved was completed in 7 weeks to meet client’s expectations.
  • Brought over $1 billion in new money.


Bachelors in Business (B.Com) with Accounting major

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