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Release Manager And Application Developer Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • About 3 years of extensive experience in complete software life cycle involving Analysis, software development life cycle, design, development, testing, packaging and deploying of Various Applications on different platforms.
  • Successfully deployed multiple business solutions in Finance, Education and Energy domains.
  • Strengths include big picture focus while developing strategic business solutions which can include: Mission Statements, Value Propositions, Critical Success Factors, Statements of Work (SOWs) and Process Re - engineering
  • Extensive build automation experience, worked on tools like Final Builder, Continua CI, uBuild AND uDeploy IBM TOOLS for continuous integration (CI) and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Experience in working with Builds and deployments of large scale applications based on technologies such as .NET, C#, Angular, Java, ETL, INFORMATICS etc.
  • Experience with application configurations, code compilation, packaging, building, automating, managing and releasing code from one environment to another environment and deploying to servers.
  • Experience with working on multiple projects at a time.
  • Proficient in creating, mapping, locking and unlocking of Informatics labels using Power Center Repository.
  • Proficient in analyzing the Business Requirements, User Requirement Specifications (URS), Functional Requirement specifications (FRS).
  • Experience in manual testing on Applications while deploying applications, which includes testing functionalities and use cases.
  • Good experience in coordinating and working with developers (Offshore and Onsite) and End Users in Team based environment.
  • Excellence in presenting status reports as requested.
  • Good Knowledge and working experience in Object Oriented programming (OOPS) concepts and various Design Patterns
  • Experience in .Net Framework (3.5/4/4.5), C#, ASP.NET and JSON
  • Worked with SQL Server - Writing SQL Scripts, Stored Procedures and triggers, performing query optimization, indexing and Constraints
  • Experience in Data Querying using LINQ and Entity Framework to model the entities, logic and data manipulation
  • Experience in using Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and Subversion for Version Controlling.
  • Experience with JIRA
  • Experience with MS SQL Server and knowledge on Oracle.
  • Experience in Agile, Scrum and also traditional water fall methodologies
  • Working experience with UI technologies like HTML, HTML5, CSS and XML.
  • Experience working with teams of various sizes ranging from 4 to 20, can work efficiently in both individual and team work environments.
  • Excellent communications skills, leader ship skills, analyzing ability, willingness to go for an extra mile and can influence team members


Technologies: .Net Framework 4.0/4.5, ASP.NET, CI/CD, Entity Framework, LINQ, CSRF.

Programming Languages: C, Java, C#, VB.NET, JSON

Scripting Languages: Java Script, Ajax Script.PL/SQL

GUI: Visual Studio .Net 2010/2013, GUI, Infragistics.

RDBMS: SQL Server 2000/7,2005,2008, 2012, Oracle 12g

XML related Technologies: XML, XSLT, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Web Services.

Scripting Languages: HTML, HTML 5, XHTML, XAML, DHTML, CSS, CSS 3, XML, XSLT, VBScript, PHP, Power shell

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/NT, XP, Windows 7, Vista, Ubuntu, IOS, Linux

CI & CD Tools: Final Builder, Continua CI, uDeploy

Build Tools: uBuild, Final Builder

Informatics tools: Power Center Repository Manager, Rule Point

Tracking tools: TOAD, JIRA

Source Control: TFS

Reporting tools: Cognos


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Release Manager and Application Developer


  • Worked as point of contact for packaging, deployment and all other release related activities of 14 teams.
  • Acted as gate keeper for all the nonproduction, Pre Production and Post Production deployments and builds, which includes reviewing, updating and maintaining schedule, reviewing game plan for production deployments.
  • As a CM Engineer, I help with change/release management, build & deploy tools, and environment management. In order to achieve this, my team helps break down the silos between DBA, IT, Test, and Development. We maintain the relationships and help facilitates changes from the development environment out to production smoothly and safely
  • Done 70 percent of deployment, coordination and release activities.
  • Used TFS for branching, tagging, and merging as Source Control Repository.
  • Used and Final Builder for deployment and packaging of application.
  • Done Iterative and Incremental delivery of Applications using Final Builder & Continua CI
  • Exported and deployed Rule Point using Informatica Rule Point 6.2
  • Manually tested all the functionalities of applications before doing deployment to QA.
  • Moved code in between various internal environments before deploying to Confidential . 
  • Reviewed and maintained schedule of all the application deployments provided by corresponding teams.
  • Deployment of applications with in environments and coordinating with multiple teams on all those environments to validate those deployments
  • Established and documented software configuration management strategies, procedures, policies, and general configuration management plans for software development
  • Responsible for creating and deploying builds on various WebLogic environments, testing in build environment and release to Test, Pre Confidential teams and Post Confidential teams on scheduled time
  • Experience in creating, mapping, locking and unlocking of Confidential Labels using Power Center Repository Manager
  • Maintenance of existing tools on .NET platform, which includes bug fixes and adding small functionalities.
  • Developed and Implemented Anti CSRF tokens using JSON for preventing security attacks

Environment: Final Builder, Continua CI, U Build, U Deploy, Power Center Repository Manager, Informatica Rule Point 6.2, TOAD for Oracle, Visual Studio, SSMS, JQUERY, TFS, Jenkins, HTML, C#, Power Shell.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Web Developer and Release engineer


  • Maintenance duties included bug fixes, building enhancement within the existing coding styles, analyzing user requests and analyzing & reporting data
  • Involved in the UI design using HTML, CSS, C#, MVC, ASP.NET
  • Implemented GUI of a module using third party applications like Infragistics
  • Created complex Stored Procedures and Views to be used in the reports creating mappings/workflows to extract data from SQL Server and Data Migration and Transformation from Oracle/Access/Excel Sheets using SQL Server SSIS
  • Experienced in designing the OLAP systems for data mart applications using SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • Involved in retrieving data using LINQ to SQL with ASP.NET
  • Involved in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), right from designing to delivering of application
  • Successfully deployed 3 major versions of application, providing
  • To understand business requirements and architecting solutions to meet business requirements and business processes
  • Created and maintained release notes, Production Deployment meetings and created Problem Tickets for all the Build and Release Issues
  • Communicate overall status to all the project managers and technology managers
  • Coordinating of all the deployment activities with respective teams to avoid any issues during production
  • Changed the deployment work flow for saving time and effort
  • Generated all the requested Web Reports, using Cognos Improptu Web Reports.

Environment: C#, ASP.Net, MVC, HTML5, CSS, JIRA, Infragistics, SQL, TFS, Visual Studio 2012, Cognos Improptu Web Reports, Jenkins, JIRA, JIRA, Maven.

Confidential, Hattiesburg, MS

Database Developer, Research Assistant


  • Developed and maintained student alumni Database of the university ( Confidential )
  • Designed and implemented stored procedures, views and Database application
  • Maintained SQL scripts indexes and complex queries for analysis and extraction.
  • Wrote functions and triggers in SQL.
  • Performed complex joins of tables
  • Normalized the tables up to 3NF to optimize the database
  • Designed the entity relationship diagrams in Microsoft Visio

Environment: HTML, CSS, T-SQL, SQL Server 2005, SSRS 2008, RDBMS.

Research Assistant



  • To translate from symbolic to numeric logic computations
  • Introduce parallel representation for Confidential
  • Analogous to Confidential
  • Construct stronger tools to address Confidential (i.e. attack satisfiability with analytic logic)
  • Worked with the team of 4 members
  • Developed web pages using HTML, CSS, and PHP.
  • Developed a UI/UX, which includes the Confidential levels, Activity Diagrams, Use Cases.
  • Created and populated database using SQL Server 2012
  • Used Java Database connectivity to access Database

Environment: HTML, CSS, T-SQL, SQL Server 2005, SSRS 2008, APACHE, UML

Confidential, Long Beach, MS

Book Shelver


  • Maintenance of systems including installation of soft wares, bug fixes and keeping systems up to date
  • Sorting, shelving, and filing various library materials accurately according to library classification systems (alphabetic, numeric, and alphanumeric)
  • Reading shelves for accuracy and re-shelving misplaced items
  • Unpacking and packing boxes of books and other library materials
  • Performed routine support tasks
  • Maintaining the neat and orderly appearance of work and public areas
  • Located and retrieves library materials from public and non-public areas for library staff or library users
  • Maintaining regular and reliable attendance
  • Worked at a flexible schedule including nights and weekends
  • Used computerized library system equipment to perform assigned tasks

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