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Senior .net Developer Resume

Sacramento, CA


  • Having 5+ years of experience on Microsoft.NET Technologies.
  • Experience in development of Web based applications using HTML 5, Angular4, Typescript, Bootstrap CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, C#, ASP.NET, MVC, WEB API, Ajax ADO.Net,Entity Framework and OOP’s.
  • Experience in SQL Server, IIS and Version Tools (TFS/ VSS).
  • Having good Experience in Durandal framework ( Knockout + Durandal)
  • Having good Experience with Data Tables & JqGrid third party client side components.
  • Having good Experience on Chart.js for charts creation.
  • Experience in working with N - tier architecture and SOA using WCF
  • Extensive knowledge on Design Patterns.
  • Designing and developing websites on ASP.NET framework through agile development methodology.
  • Thorough understanding of database design, writing complex SQL queries, stored procedures, indexes to optimize search performance, triggers and views. Hands on exposure with ADO.Net, Entity Framework, SSIS and SSRS.
  • Experience in using third party controls like telerik and Kendo UI MVC controls.
  • Extensive experience in working with LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML and REST services and ADO.NET Entity Framework.


Programming Languages: C#, VB.NET, SQL

Web Technologies: ASP.NET 4.0/ 3.5, ASP.NET MVC 4.0/3.0, ASP.NET Web API 1/ 2, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, Angular, JQuery, Durandal.

XML Technologies: WCF, XML, SOAP Web Services

Relational Databases: SQL Server 2008/2012/2014

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2012/2008R2

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS 2012)

Version Control Tools: TFS, VSS, Git Hub

Others: Internet Information Services (IIS) LINQ, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, UML, MS Visio, PL/SQL Developer, Toad, Version One


Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Senior .Net Developer

Environment: Visual Studio 2015, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server 2012, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular4, DurandalJS, C#, Chrome Dev Tools, Entity Framework 5.0, OLAP, Web API 2.0, SSIS, Git Hub and Agile Scrum.


  • Gathered project requirements by attending the client meetings and discussing with their business Analysts.
  • Involved in the Design, Coding, and Testing of the web applications.
  • Developed the web application on .Net platform 4.5 using Asp.Net MVC, DevExpress ASP.Net Controls with C# as the code behind.
  • Used AngularJS, JavaScript, JQuery, Durandal JS, HTML, and CSS for developing Single Page Application and achieving two-way data binding between html and JavaScript objects.
  • Used Datasets and Grid View to retrieve, display and manipulate the data as desired from the User Interface.
  • Extensive use of Grid View, Exporter and Repeater Controls in User Controls.
  • Involved in writing and debugging Stored Procedures and SQL query packages which in turn is called by the Data Access Modules using ADO.NET.
  • Developed web-services using WCF to provide access to business functions to other applications.
  • Developed User-Controls for re-usability and used XML for enhanced rendering and location functionality as per the requirement.
  • Used Query Strings via HTTPS to send the Assessment information from my application to the third party site.
  • Data Access was developed using ADO.NET with SQL Server store procedures, triggers, views, performance tuning and SQL tuning and query optimization.
  • Wrote SQL queries and Stored Procedures for updating and retrieving the data from SQL Server 2008 Created triggers to send out email based upon the update of database Using SQL Server 2008.
  • Developed dynamic UI using Angular4.

Confidential, Everett, Washington

.Net Developer

Environment: Visual Studio 2013, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server 2014, AngularJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, C#, Chrome Dev Tools, Entity Framework 5.0, Restful Architecture, OLAP,POC,POT, Web API 2.0, LINQ, AJAX, JSON, XML,, SSRS, Git Hub and Agile Scrum.


  • Primary liaison with the customer for requirement gathering, analysis using Iterative SDLC methodology.
  • Design & development of Web application using ASP.Net MVC, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Developer Tool, C#.Net, WCF, SOAP, XML technologies.
  • Used AngularJS as the development framework to build a single-page application.
  • Developed and consumed data from WCF services.
  • Development capabilities with POC/POT
  • Experience developing OLAP Cubes
  • Extensively used re-sharper, fx-cop and code analysis tools.
  • Created View Models to encapsulate all models and classes used on the different views for more stable, organized and clean code to reuse in Views.
  • Created API’s using ASP.Net Web API 2.0 to serve data to front end framework.
  • Responsible for ensuring that UI codebase is scalable and maintainable
  • Comprehensive understanding of AngularJS Module, Controller, Routing.
  • Used Repository Pattern to build reliable and generic architecture and easily testable and utilized Entity Framework 5.0 Code First Approach.
  • Designed the responsive layout of the Website, Modal Login Page by using Bootstrap.
  • Implemented Token based Authentication and Authorization.
  • Proficiently used custom AngularJS Filter, Directive, and Service to achieve the various functionalities of the website.
  • Used Unity for dependency injection in web API layer
  • Applied JQuery UI AutoComplete to improve the searching and filtering
  • Proficiently applied the directives in UI Bootstrap Library to make more dynamic and smooth UI, like Modal Popup, Dropdown navigation bar and Date picker controls
  • Used Chrome Dev Tools to debug JavaScript code and check the request and respond package.
  • Extensively used Git Hub to create and merge branches.
  • Involved in writing N Unit and Integration tests.

Confidential, Statesville, NC

.Net Developer

Environment: Visual Studio 2012, ASP.NET MVC 5.0, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Breeze, CSS3, SQL Server 2012, C#, Entity Framework 5,POC,POT, Restful Architecture, Web API, LINQ, AJAX, JSON, XML, T-SQL, SSRS, TFS 2013 and Agile Scrum.


  • Participated in defining System Design, Architecture and Specifications.
  • Designed and implemented application with using of C#, ASP.NET MVC 5.0 with Razor View Engine, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.
  • Designed User Interface with Razor Views, Partial Views, Bootstrap and UI for Layout View.
  • Created View Models to encapsulate all models and classes used on the different views for more lightweight, organized and clean code to reuse in Views.
  • Responsible for writing unit tests and maintaining the code coverage
  • JQuery validation and MVC 5.0 unobtrusive validation were used to validate form fields and provide custom requirements/error messages through C# attributes in the Model.
  • Development capabilities with POC/POT to begin with and finalize with production ready widget to standardize the development technique and technology stack.
  • Used jQuery plug-ins to implement features as a light box, sliders and other intuitive features.
  • Designed and implemented a dynamic image rendering web service which is consumed by asp.net, jQuery, JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Implemented singleton, repository and factory design patterns in BLL layer of Application.
  • Designed and developed custom extensions to update the data tables with two way binding.
  • Implemented token based authentication to secure the web services.
  • Responsible to write stored procedures and functions.
  • Used Entity Framework Approach to create Models.
  • Used Action Filters and created custom filters for user authentications and authorizations and for caching pages to improve Performance.
  • Used Visual Studio Business Intelligence Tools to create SSRS reports.
  • Implemented ASP.Net Web API 1.0 to use in the application for critical operations and populate the JSON data to controller.

Confidential, Franklin, TN

.Net Developer

Environment: .Net Framework 3.5/4.0, C# .Net, Kendo,ASP.NET 3.5/4.0, JavaScript, ADO.NET, POC,WCF, IIS 6.0, Enterprise Library, XML,REST, SOAP, Web Services, LINQ, TFS, SQL Server 2008


  • Development of modules/layers using C#.Net.
  • Understanding user requirements and converting it into functional documents
  • Developed SQL database objects using T-SQL.
  • Performed complex user interface design and development using win forms and user controls.
  • Worked on configurable business logic using XML, and C#
  • Created data access logic using ADO.NET and ASMX Web Services.
  • Created partitioned index for critical SQL Data.
  • Performed Unit testing with the testing tool Nunit .
  • Created API to integrate with other systems and internal client applications.
  • Resolved the issues that arose during development and bug fixing.
  • Performed Unit Testing of the developed component and web forms using Visual Studio.


.Net Developer

Environment: .NET Framework 2.0, C#, VB.NET, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio, ADO.NET, POC,Win Forms, HTML, Model View Control, NUnit.


  • Gathered all system requirements and analyze them to Design System Architecture along with Architect.
  • Design, Development of Win Forms using C#, VB.NET for the user interface using the Code behind Class technique.
  • Involved in developing business and data access logic, using ADO.Net with C# and presented it in to Tree view control.
  • Developed Win Forms patient scanning module which contains all patients scanning history for all disease, to create Win Forms using VB.NET.
  • Created Indexes, Triggers, and Stored Procedures on various business rules which depend on user's action.
  • Creating Unit Tests, its documents and testing them in NUnit.
  • Involved in Debugging and Testing of the application using the trace and Log files.

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