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Rpa Developer Resume

Irving, TX


  • A highly self - motivated and enthusiastic professional with 7+ years of overall experience in IT, around 2+years of experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Hands-on experience on working with UI Path Studio technologies like Blue prism, Automation Anywhere.
  • Experienced in analyzing requirements & BOT development and facilitating improvement in applications, planning and building effective environments.
  • Maintain several RPA bots, run bots on daily basis as per schedule to provide higher RPI to the customer.
  • The delivery of projects for identified process improvements using RPA methodologies.
  • Strong knowledge in UI path studio for developing BOTS.
  • Experience on creating RESTful services using ASP.NetWeb API and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services to communicate with client applications using various secured and efficient transport protocols.
  • Implemented ASP.NET MVC (4.0/5.0) pattern mechanism for the development.
  • Experience in using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in a self-hosting mechanism, implementing the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), to transfer data as SOAP messages between meta data endpoints.
  • Worked extensively on Application Development with XAML and C# which interacts with WCF services which in-turn interact with Web Services and databases like SQL Server 2012/2010 using ADO.NET objects such as Dataset and Data Reader.
  • Proficiency in the implementation of Web applications, Windows Applications using .NET Framework Class Libraries.
  • Experience in developing applications using Entity Framework.
  • Expertise in Web-Development technologies like HTML, CSS, JQuery, XML, XSLT, Web Services and Java script.
  • Performed Client side validations using JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Expertise in database programming involving Dynamic Stored Procedures, Stored Procedures, functions, Views, Triggers using T-SQL in SQL Server 2005/2008/2010/2014.
  • Good Experience in using LINQ (Language Integrated Query) and XLINQ (Language Integrated query over XML) to process data retrieved from Data tables and web-services efficiently and effectively.
  • Adept at all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle including Requirement Analysis, Design & development, Unit Testing, Implementation using Waterfall and Agile methodologies.
  • Experience in gathering, managing and documenting business and functional requirements, communicating effectively with higher authorities, developers and QA engineers.
  • Designed UML Diagrams, ER Diagrams and Data Flow Diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Highly proficient in designing and developing application systems in local and distributed environment using various Object Oriented Methodologies.
  • Exceptional problem solving and sound decision making capabilities, recognized by alternative solutions coupled with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Expertise in Maintaining, supporting and troubleshooting applications and fixing bugs.
  • Excellent track record of meeting deadlines and submitting deliverable’s on time.


Programming Languages: C, C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic

RPA Tools: Uipath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere

Web Technologies: ASP.NET, ASP, HTML, CSS, AJAX, XML Web Services, WCF

Scripting Languages: JavaScript,JQuery

Markup Languages: HTML, DHTML, XML, XAML

.NET Technologies: .NET Framework (1.1/2.0, 3.5, 4.0/4.5), ADO.NET, Web Services

Database Development: SQL Server, SSRS T-SQL, ANSI SQL, DTS, and MS Access


Confidential, Irving, TX

RPA Developer


  • Participated in Business SME work sessions and identified the scope of feasibility for RPA.
  • Worked on defining the Architecture and the Road map for RPA.
  • Defined RPA - UI Path Automation strategy for process involving Commercial Invoice Forwarding Automation.
  • Worked on Automating Web portal, Excel, PDF, TXT and Email automation.
  • Gather and understand the requirements, build the work flow process and create Mapping documents for flows of the application.
  • Built automated solution containing processes, work queues, environment using UI Path and developed the best practices.
  • Monitored and analyzed the issues through debugging the errors.
  • Supported Business users during UAT and Demo the RPA process for each component.
  • Review the test scenarios and map the traceability to the requirements, identify the gaps in requirements.
  • Identified & validated the right test data for Integration testing and UAT.
  • Review test results and present to the all stake holders.
  • Participate in RPA deployment into production and support production issues.
  • Scheduling the BOT's through Orchestrator and managed robot's workloads.
  • RPA Log verification for all the process that was run and prepared User guide documentation.
  • Implemented user authentication by defining user roles, creating Assets for inputting parameters required for the BOT.
  • Supported business and technical teams during robotic projects and mitigate/Resolve risks and issues that may impact project schedule, cost, scope, quality etc.
  • Actively involved and participated in the planning and execution of code deployment by executing the work breakdown structure to ensure smooth and successful Go-live

Environment: ASP.Net, C#, Ui Path studio, PDF Converter, OCR, MS-Excel, HTML, Internet B, Perl, WPS

Confidential, Hartford, CT

RPA Developer


  • Skilled in automating business processes using RPA technologies.
  • Expert in Robotic process automation solutions such as UI path Studio.
  • Experienced in using UI Path Studio, Orchestrator, Screen, Data & Web scraping techniques.
  • Developed and implemented end to end processes including automation of Web Portal, MS - Excel Operation, MS-Out Look.
  • Troubleshoot and debug with RPA tools and bug fix.
  • Implemented various logics in the Bot using IF, While, Do while and For Each loop.
  • Experienced in controlling the BOT's using RPA administrative/Orchestrator.
  • Identified underlying Data flow and objects to Automate the process.
  • Created PDD and TRD's to ensure compliancy across all platforms.
  • Worked with the SAP Analysts in identifying and defining the requirements.
  • Gathered requirements and provided solution for designing, coding, testing & debugging.
  • Participated in online meetings to demonstrate the capabilities of RPA for on-going projects and potential clients.
  • Extensively worked on screen scraping and Data scraping, Full text, Native text and OCR.
  • Assisted and provided training to end users and supported them users during UAT.
  • Built Bots & provided Demos to Users by collaborative unit Testing.
  • Co-ordinated with teams during User acceptance testing and Automation of BW data flows using UIPath.
  • Prepared a Road Map for delivering Task bots into production pipeline.
  • Provided advisory services to key stakeholders on the potential benefits of automation and organization readiness required to accept the automation transformation.
  • Provided guidance on the right automation platform for process automation based on the Process - considering process type, complexity, platform capabilities etc.
  • Solid design, coding, testing and maintaining the RPA's (Robot's).
  • Analyze the feasibility of existing process suitable for automation.
  • Lead the Teams Both On-shore and Off-shore Teams to ensure the deliverables are smoothly achieved on time.
  • Supported business and technical teams during robotic projects and mitigate/Resolve risks and issues that may impact project schedule, cost, scope, quality etc.
  • Provide knowledge transfer/support/Assistance to the Applications development and Support team.

Environment: Automation Anywhere 9.3, 10.2, 10.5.3 .Net, SQL server 2012, Quality Center, windows, excel, Agile Scrum, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Visual Studio 2015, Git

Confidential, Houston, TX

.NET Developer


  • Developed database access components using the ADO.NET Entity Framework and utilized LINQ to Entity.
  • Responsible for writing the code in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2010 with ASP.NET using code behind C# and VB.NET & tested with NUNIT.
  • Create ASP.NET Web API Services, WCF Services for Site Core HTML content caching.
  • Used Data Grids, Data Sets, Data Views and Data Adapters to extract data from SQL Server 2014/2012
  • Developed Database including schema design, T-SQL queries, stored procedures, views, Triggers and ensuring set up relations which included indexing, constraints, foreign keys etc., for SQL server 2012 and 2014.
  • Used ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit controls like Script Manager, Update Panel and Timer in some web pages.
  • Used WPF built-in set of data controls to bind and manipulate data within applications.
  • Used Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to connect the front end to the database.
  • Transferred all data into SQL Server from different data sources using SSIS/ETL.
  • Developed link reports, sub reports, standalone reports with SSRS and integrated with ASP pages.
  • Hands on experience in using the xml serialization provided by .NET.
  • Involved in handling ASP.NET client side state management (view state, cookies and query strings) and server side state management (application state and session state)
  • Automated and scheduled the Informatica jobs using Control-M and monitored the jobs submitted by production team through Control-M
  • Resolved and helped in production issues/deployment.
  • Developed and maintained windows application utilities to verify the inbound data in XML and to create the automated SQL scripts.

Environment: Visual studio 2012/2015, .NET Framework 4.5/4.6, C#, VB, ASP .NET 4.0, WCF, WPF, ADO.NET, JavaScript, TFS, JQuery, Angular JS, CSS, AJAX, HTML5, XML, LINQ, IIS 7.0, T-SQL, SQL Server 2008/2014, SQL Server Reporting Services, SSIS, XSLT, XPATH, XSL, XQUERY, Nunit, XML Web Services, Active Directory, Site Core CMS.


.NET Developer


  • Interacting with the business analyst personal, requirement gathering and analysis.
  • Front-end design, coding database design and creating stored procedure.
  • Developed solutions for diverse programming scenarios in C#, employing object oriented Programming (OOP) concepts.
  • Developed Web based GUI using C# 3.5, HTML, DHTML and CSS.
  • Created User Controls using C# .Net 4.0 for web pages.
  • Client side validations with JavaScript and Server side validations with ASP.Net 3.5.
  • Used Win form controls and Custom User Controls to provide standard interactive User Interface.
  • Utilized Data Grid and Data List to display and manipulation of records.
  • Deployed and maintained ASP.NET applications running at IIS 7.0.
  • Used Agile Methodologies like Scrum which has leadership philosophy that encourage stream work, self-organization and accountability.
  • Worked with ADO.NET to interact with the SQL/Server Database 2012 (i.e., retrieving, updating and inserting data into the tables) for Alerts.
  • Used Microsoft Visual Source Safe(VSS) and Team Foundation Server(TFS) for integration, maintenance and Security of code.
  • Implemented controls to parse XML files and validate them using XSLT & different file formats.
  • Used Agile which is a set of engineering best practices that allow for rapid delivery of high quality software, and a business approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goal.
  • Writing Queries using TSQL Statements, views, user defined functions, stored procedures for Inserting/Updating/Deleting the data into the relational tables.
  • Experience in using JavaScript for client side validations.
  • Extensively used XML, XSLT and XSD for data transfer across different systems.
  • Involved in Deployment and Troubleshooting issues in the application.
  • Knowledge on handling Hive queries using Spark SQL that integrate with Spark environment
  • Used SBT to develop spark applications to submit Spark jobs
  • Created Spark SQLContextto load data from Parquet, JSON files and perform SQL queries
  • Created data frames out of text files to execute SparkSQL queries.

Environment: Visual Studio .Net (C#.Net, ASP.Net, WinForms, WCF, JQuery, LINQ, VSS, TFS, XML Web Services, IIS7.0, SOAP, MVC4.0, Agile, SOAP, ADO.Net


Full Stack .Net Developer


  • Designed and developed ASP.NET 4.5 web forms with integrated custom controls and user controls.
  • Implemented the ASP.net membership provider to manager user's base.
  • Developed Web Application front end using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and AngularJS
  • Hands on experience in using asp.net Ajax, JQuery and .net controls like chart control.
  • Implemented technical use cases by designing and developing the appropriate web pages in asp.net using C# code-behind.
  • Extensively used CSS 3.0 for page layout and display of graphics.
  • Designed and developed code for table less web interfaces using XHTML, CSS, DOM and JavaScript.
  • Worked in an Agile Programming Methodologies, Scrum and Test-Driven Development (TDD) environment to deliver higher-quality software far more rapidly and designed the complete solution using N-tier Architecture model and MVC5 design pattern.
  • Responsible for designing the ASP.NET application authentication using .NET Framework, Model View Controller (MVC) and IIS security model.
  • Created Views and Partial Views - UI and middle tier for various modules using MVC (Razor View Engine), AJAX, jQuery, HTML, CSS.
  • Used Angular JS to develop single page application(SPA).
  • Integrated the dynamic pages with Angular JS and JQuery to make the page’s dynamic.
  • Used ASP.NET MVC framework to support the use of Dependency Injection to inject objects into a class, instead of relying on the class to create the object itself.
  • Used XML intensively to bind the data to the web controls, data manipulation and to store data and sent as parameter to the stored procedures.

Environment: Visual Studio 2012, ASP.NET MVC 4, C#.NET, ADO.NET, .Net Framework 4.5, WCF, Web API, Entity Framework, Java script/JQuery, Angular JS, JSON, Ajax, HTML, IIS, CSS, Bootstrap, GIT, Razor View Engine, XML, TFS 2012, SQL Server 2012.

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