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Sr .net Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • About 7+ years of extensive experience in Web development, Application Development, Window Services, Web Services using C#. NET, ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, VB.NET Entity Framework and Visual Studio, IIS
  • Agile Methodologies: Experienced in the use of agile approaches, including Test - Driven Development and Scrum.
  • Expertise in Client-side technology: JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Knockout.JS HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.
  • Specialized in developing apps using JavaScript, JQuery along with AJAX and JSON.
  • Experience in developing applications using React.js library.
  • Experience of working with AngularJS core with other modules like Angular Route, Angular-UI DataGrid, AngularFire and others.
  • Expertise in AngularJS on Filters, Validations, Controllers, Directives, Components, Factory, Service Resources, Routings and Events.
  • Experience working with all the versions of .NET Framework
  • Experience in developing applications using ASP.Net MVC.
  • Proficient in implementing Web Apps, VMs, Cloud Services, Storage, Azure AD, VNets for Azure Infrastructure. Good Knowledge in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Silver Light and experience in Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
  • Experienced in database connectivity programming using ADO.NET with Entity Framework and ODBC
  • Created micro service plugin for Hapi.js service worker to read in info via RabbitMQ message bus to create and send messages.
  • Used Dependency injection through unity framework to support Test Driven Development (TTD) and developed a generic repository
  • Well-versed with database Installation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, backups and recoveries, develop and debug Stored Procedures and Triggers and experience in data loads, database integration/ conversions, performance tuning and optimization
  • Good knowledge and experience in Database Modeling Concepts, RDBMS concepts and Query Building.
  • Expertise in database design and database programming using SQL Server, Oracle (Stored Procedures, Cursors, Triggers)
  • Experience in reporting and analysis using Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and good knowledge in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) with the .net environment
  • Worked on cloud computing using windows azure and SQL server on services like API management service and SQL database service
  • Experience in private cloud and hybrid cloud configurations, patterns, and practices in windows azure and SQL azure and in azure web and database deployments
  • Experienced in TFS, VSS Versioning control.
  • Experienced in developing applications on UNIX and Windows platforms.
  • Experience in Integration testing, writing Test cases, Test plans, Bug analysis and fixes.
  • Good knowledge of analytical and programming abilities in using technology to create elegant, flexible and maintainable solutions for complex development problems.


Languages: C#.NET, VB.NET, CSS, Java, C++, C

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, 2003, 7, XP, Vista

Modeling Languages: UML, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Fundamental Modeling Concepts(FMC)

RDBMS: MS SQL Server 2008, 2005 and 2000, T-SQL, MS Access, Oracle 9i

Web Technologies: ASP, AngularJS, HTML, Java Script, JQuery, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XSLT and Bootstrap.

Markup Languages: HTML, XHTML, DHTML, XML, XSL

Scripting languages: Java Script, jQuery, VB script, AJAX, CSS, AngularJS

XML Technologies: XML, XSL, XSLT, XPATH, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Web Services

Web Design Tools: Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop

IDE: MS Visual Studio.NET 2003, 2005,2008,2010,2012, 2013

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Office Web Components

Version Control: Visual Source Safe (VSS), MS Team Foundation Server(TFS), GIT and Source Tree


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr .Net Developer


  • Collected the requirements from business team and involved in analysis, design and development.
  • Prepare training documentation, training plan, evaluation routine and Migration plan.
  • Write C# code to establish SSL handshakes using Keystores for HTTPS connection.
  • Implemented Caching, Exception and Custom Error Handling using ASP.NET, C#.
  • Involved in designing User Interface for input and output data. Implementing and extensively using the Object- Oriented programming concepts in C#, ASP .Net MVC.
  • Created React components, using Redux for unidirectional data flow, Developed React JS pages, Web services calls and AJAX calls for the application
  • Excellent experience in implementing Web Service (XML, SOAP and WSDL), WCF, WPF and REST service which communicate data in XML, CSS/JSON following SOA in a distributed environment.
  • Design and code implementation of enterprise application using C#, Win forms.
  • Design and development of Provisioning and Registering with Cloud environment and developing ASP.NET Pages for monitoring and maintaining of Cloud
  • Hosting of Windows WEB API's, ASP.NET applications in IIS and creating Cloud Instance using AWS (Amazon Web Services) for deployment in product environment
  • Worked on JavaScript Frameworks like AngularJS, which simplifies JavaScript object bindings with HTML Elements and client server communications.
  • Used React JS in development of the web application to bind the data/model that is being retrieved from a database through services provided in a controller to the view using scope.
  • Implemented new designs, porting and styling legacy pages, integrating JQuery plugins, converting static forms into Ajax overlays.
  • Implemented LINQ for querying, sorting, filtering the complex objects.
  • Used ADO.NET objects to manipulate and retrieve data from the database.
  • Write C# code to invoke HTTPS connection using proxy authentication
  • Created batch files and PowerShell scripts for file transfer and AppPool creation
  • Involved in Implementation of Messaging layer to transmit XML messages to MQ clients.
  • Developed Web applications using C#, ASP.NET and Web Services.
  • Designed web pages using ASP.NET MVC with Razor View Engine.
  • Created a WCF Client to consume a WCF Service written in XES using VB.Net, .Net, XML
  • Used Message Queuing for asynchronous calls to further enhance performance of the application.
  • Follow TDD practices to ensure correctness and quality of code.
  • Setup a process and guidelines for Team building, Quality Analysis, Code Review, Coding standards, Code simplicity and reduce code complexity
  • Used PowerShell to deploy custom WSPs, import\export data, automate scripts.
  • Developed various stored procedures for the data retrieval from the database and generating different types of reports using SSRS and SSIS for Integration services.
  • Developed automated scripts to execute PL/SQL packages, Functions and Stored procedures
  • Strong experience in development, and testing phases of software development life cycle.
  • Worked on Unit testing from the Designer GUI and participated in System Testing Performed unit testing using NUnit.

Environment: .Net Framework 4.5, C#, Pub-Sub architecture and Web services, SSL, LINQ, TFS, MS Azure, Windows forms, SOAP UI, ASP.NET, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, ADO.NET, Share point, AWS SDK, ADO.NET, JQuery, Ajax, REST, AngularJS, React JS, SOA, Web API, SSIS, SSRS, HTML5, CSS3, WCF, Visual Studio Team System.

Confidential, Boise, ID

.Net Developer


  • Experienced in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)-Project Analysis, Requirements, Design, Development, Testing, Documentation and Deployment.
  • Participated in Scrum meetings and followed Agile methodology.
  • Developed the user interface using ASP.NET, C# 5.0 and designed web application front end UI using CSS, React JS, AngularJS, HTML, JQuery and JavaScript.
  • Strong Experience on creating classes, modules and implementing OOPs using C#.
  • Crated information architectures and visual design concepts.
  • Fixed bugs and problems for design, CSS, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript.
  • Used React JS in development of the web application to bind the data/model that is being retrieved from a database through services provided in a controller to the view using scope.
  • Utilized XAML, WCF, SOAP, WPF based Event Handlers.
  • Monitor application performance and perform run time improvement functions. Developed and designed several pages in MVC with razor.
  • Used JQuery core library functions for the logical implementation part at client side for all the applications.
  • Used Telerik Controls like dating control, autoing complete text boxes, file upload controls, Radgrids for rich user experience.
  • Extensively used ADO.Net objects to populate Data sets, Data grid and Repeater controls for display and manipulation of records.
  • Developed test-driven Development (TDD) Strategy guiding use of the Nunit unit testing framework
  • Maintained Cross Browser compatibility & implement Responsive Design using Bootstrap.
  • Designed and implemented Data access layers using LINQ for XML Data.
  • Worked on designing the Database Schema, which represents an ownership context for a Microsoft SQL Server2012 database object.
  • Strong experience on creating Database design, Maintenance, ER Diagrams, SQL scripts, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions, Indexes, and Temporary Tables using SQL Server.
  • Generated reports using SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 (SSRS).
  • Created test plans and performed unit and regression testing on the application.

Environment: ASP.NET, C# 5.0/4.5, CSS3, AngularJS, REST API, SOAP, Silverlight, TFS, HTML5, Java Script, React JS ADO.Net, XML, XAML, LINQ, MVC4, WPF, WCF, AJAX, SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2013, SSRS, Telerik, JQuery.

Confidential, New Orleans, LA

.Net Developer


  • Involved in Maintenance / Enhancements of the application which includes developing the new reports.
  • Extensively used ASP.NET Grid View, Repeater, and Details View, Tree View, Data List and Repeater controls for displaying the data in a clear format.
  • Responsible for the overall layout design that meet cross-device compatibility using Bootstrap, color scheme of the website using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Implemented technologies like HTML, Java Script and AJAX for rich UI experience.
  • Implemented Custom Directives, routing logic, service, controllers, filters and retrieval and posting of data with Ajax using AngularJS.
  • Implement functionality such as Searching, Filtering, Sorting and Validating data using AngularJS framework.
  • Used AngularJS service like $broadcast, $emit, $root scope for data transmission between controllers.
  • Created and implemented AngularJS Service with $http, $q to retrieve data from DAL.
  • Used AngularJS Action Filters for user authentication and authorizations.
  • Involved in writing the Unit Tests for C# code of business logic in Presentation Layer.
  • Developed RESTFUL Web API using HTTP verbs of GET, PUT, POST & DELETE with $http service to implement CRUD operations.
  • Implemented LINQ Queries on different data sources in applications.
  • Used ADO.NET and LINQ for Consistent access to SQL data source.
  • Used SQL server as database and involved in writing several SQL objects like Stored Procedure, Views, Triggers and Involved in designing tables.
  • Used Team Foundation Server for versions controlling during development.

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, LINQ, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Web API, RESTFUL, TFS, SQL.

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX

.Net Developer


  • Involved in requirements gathering and performed object oriented analysis, design and implementation using UML.
  • Designed web interface using ASP.Net 3.5.
  • Created document libraries to store & share the functionalities.
  • Develop Layout Pages and Themes using C# to create a consistent layout for the pages
  • Created Stored Procedures to handle the business logic.
  • Used OOD patterns to build the business layers.
  • Used LINQ to SQL and ADO.NET as the data provider for communicating with the SQL Server 2008 Database
  • Revamped an external, wizard-based, micro site to use MVC and Entity Framework technologies.
  • Implemented Caching technologies to improve the performance
  • Built and used Error Handling mechanism extensively.
  • Used JavaScript libraries for Client side validations and Ajax calls.
  • Worked on SOA and developed Web Services using WCF platform and maintained ASP.NET Web services.
  • Developed UI layer using HTML 5, CSS3 and MVC 4.0
  • Integrated SSRS reports into the web application using Report Viewer Controls.
  • Integrated SharePoint with the .NET application
  • Written Unit Tests for the modules/libraries developed
  • Used TFS to Deploy the Code and Task Management.

Environment: Visual Studio 2008 IDE, ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET, Framework 3.5, ADO.NET, XML,WCF, Microsoft Share Point 2007, TFS for version control and for bug tracking, SQL Server 2008.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

.Net Developer


  • Interacting with Client to gather requirements and document all the requirements
  • Collecting the documents from the Client at Data entry at VB6.0
  • Analyzed and designed it as per the specs and taking signoffs.
  • Unit testing of each of the module and later Integration testing
  • Writing the Deployment strategies and mingle with the implementation team in order to make the product live work at the client's place.
  • Involved in designing the database with the Team Leader and given the client with the 2-tier.
  • Support for the system for a while with respect to the billing and ad-hoc report generation for the entire system with Data reports at VB6.
  • Implemented & Analyzed for modifications and upgrades as per the client point of view.
  • Heavily used .NET Web Controls, Validation Controls and User Controls.
  • Designed and developed using C#, serializations to transfer and persists data xml datasets.
  • Performed Unit Testing on the entire application.
  • Developed UI components using ASP.NET and C# as the programming language.
  • Created ASP.NET Web forms and server controls to display dynamic data obtained through the use of Microsoft ADO.NET and Data binding.
  • Created robust CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Themes to maintain design consistency across all Web Forms.

Environment: ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, Window Forms, Web Services, SQL Server 2000, JavaScript, Visual Source safe, HTML, DHTML, CSS, ASP

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