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Software Developer Resume

Oakland, CA


  • A Software Developer specializing in ASP.NET Web technology development.
  • Experience with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects.


  • 7 years of web programming experience using a variety of Microsoft based technologies: ASP.NET Web forms, MVC, Web Api (REST services), .NET Core, LINQ using C#, and Razor
  • 7 years of using AJAX, jQuery, JSON, XML, Bootstrap, and HTML to build responsive web applications
  • 7 years of strong SQL experience using MS SQL Server, ADO.NET, and T - SQL
  • 7 years of experience in using Visual Studio 2005, 2010, 2013, and 2015;
  • 7 years of experience with a variety of ASP.NET framework: 2.0, 4.5, 4.6, .Net Core 1.10
  • Created middleware and filters in class libraries for other developers to assemble them in their web applications’ request/response pipeline
  • Create, deploy, and consume Microsoft SSRS Reportings (2005, 2008) in web applications
  • Experienced working knowledge of RESTful email marketing systems; Lyris, Aurea, 1PointMail
  • Experience in building RESTful web services using ASP.NET Web API for different applications to consume
  • Familiar with Object Oriented Programming and design patterns
  • Some working knowledge of .NET WCF
  • Some experience with asynchronous programming


Confidential, Oakland, CA

Software Developer


  • Built a process to export Job Cards to a variety of different accounting formats (ADP, Ceridian, Paycor) for clients to process their workers’ time cards. These export formats can be in CSV file format so that the accounting software at the customers’ side can process and cut the paycheck for their workers.
  • Modified and added new preferences (features) to our company’s main software product, Paid Employee Tracking (PET) Tiger, to control how the look and feel, and how the functionalities on our PET mobile application behaves
  • Helped with QA-ing our mobile PET applications on the Android and iOS to ensure they work as intended with preferences/features sent to them from our main software product (PET Tiger)
  • Created and fixed Crystal 8 reports for client usage
Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Software Developer


  • Worked on a team project to build a security/stock symbol managing system, Market Intelligence web application, to help traders keep track of their customers’ watch-lists’ stock symbols for trading and managing daily the customers’ Portfolio Reviews; This application has to coordinate with other systems to provide real-time alerts for “hot” stocks and a daily batch emailer to send out Portfolio Review emails that contain news/stories about a stock to help clients know what is happening with their stock holdings. The Portfolios Review emails are sent out automatically by a backend console-based application that executes on trade date only and sends out ~3k emails/day. Built this application using .Net Framework 4.0 and later updated to 4.6.1, Bootstrap, JQuery, and SQL store procedures
  • Developed a web-based application (ContactFinder) to integrate with the company’s CRM system to provide an easy-so-use tool for our global work force to manage their clients with our internal systems and Lyris (now Aurea, a cloud based email marketing vendor) and OnePointMail; This application provides customer information, the traders who cover them, the types of research their customers would like to receive from BTIG. Also, created a console-based backend application that synchronized our clients’ contact information with the cloud services (Aurea and OnePointMail) to have up to date information—this application runs 24/7 on a 30-minute interval. Built this application using .Net Framework 4.0 and later updated to 4.6.1, Bootstrap, JQuery, and SQL store procedures
  • Designed and developed a web application, Lyris Research System, single handedly to interact with an email marketing service, Aurea, for the research sales team to send out emails to thousands of customers on a daily basis; This application helps the sales team to correctly target specific customer that have interests in a particular stock or marketing research. Built this application using .Net Framework 4.6.1, Bootstrap, JQuery, XML (and later JSON) data format, and SQL store procedures
  • Converted our internal ASP.NET web form based applications into ASP.NET MVC applications with bootstrap and JQuery to give them a modern look and feel.
  • Inherited an existing application and added modifications and improvements on a request and approval system for Market-Data/FIX/Direct-Wire Request to help traders connect with their clients so they can trade on behalf of the clients; This application tracks the types of requests being made sends out the requests to approvers of a particular department based on the original requestor’s department; The approvers would approve/reject a particular request; Approved requests are tracked by finance to correctly assign the correct charges to the correct traders and/or groups of traders. Built this application using .Net Framework 4.0 and JQuery, and SQL store procedures
  • Implemented a single-sign-on system to connect all of the company’s disparate but connected applications (mentioned above) for users to have access at one centralized location; Version 1 used SQL Server as a state management system to keep track of the logged-in user’s entitlements through session variables; Version 2 used a claim-based cookies for security and two-factor for authentication to keep track of a logged-in users’ entitlements. Built the first version with .Net 4.0, and the upgraded version with .Net 4.6.1 and 1.0 .Net Core
  • Maintain and update our company’s public website, www.btig.com, for customer access to review their daily and monthly reports related to their portfolios. This website was built with .Net 2.0, SSRS reporting, and SQL store procedures
Confidential, Palo Alto, CA

Software System Engineer


  • Created a web application, WebLog, to help the Software Engineering Team (SET) keep track of the time and hours they spent on a task/project using classic ASP, Javascript, and SQL Express 2005
  • Redesigned the SET internal intranet website to make it more clean looking and removed the unnecessary and duplicated contents using classic ASP, Javascript, and SQL Express 2005
  • Use automated tools (IBM AppScan and Acunetix WebScan) to scan web applications for weaknesses: SQL Injections, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) & other vulnerabilities. Once they are found, provide counter measures for the owner of the said website to fix them
  • Helped with black box testing of EPRI software products (web apps and desktop apps) on Windows platform by execute all test cases or tutorials provided in the applications User Manual, stress testing of all GUI controls, and applications usability.
  • Managed and publish contents on the web according to EPRI web guidelines for internal corporate web applications and websites on the fly.

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