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Net Application Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Have 3+ years of experience in the field of software development, actively involved in Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Testing of business applications both windows and web applications.
  • Good experience in .NET applications based on Object Oriented Programming (OOPS), Internet Technologies, Web based, Client/Server, n - tier and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Hands on experience with C#.Net, JavaScript, Crystal reports and database SQL server stored procedures, views, triggers and T-SQL.
  • Hands on experience with front end development in creating web pages using kendo UI, telerik controls, HTML5, CSS, Java Script, Angular, JQuery and web services (RESTful & SOAP).
  • Designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) for various web pages using, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Angular.JS.
  • Effectively used JQuery a concise JavaScript Library for traversing HTML document, event handling and AJAX interactions.
  • Worked with ASP.NET MVC Framework, implemented Controller, Controller Actions and Views, Partial Views, Strongly Typed Views, View Models and multi-threading.
  • Used SharePoint for process management in implementing Agile methodology.
  • Worked with NHibernate, IOS, CRM, ORM technologies like Entity Framework Database First and Code First and Visual Studio IDE.
  • Experienced in Version control systems such as Team Foundation Server(TFS).
  • Have good work experience in cloud computing Microsoft Azure & AWS.
  • Good exposure in Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Hands on experience in software design patterns, algorithms, data structures and modern programming techniques.
  • Worked in Test Driven Development (TDD) and performed Automated Unit Testing.
  • Have knowledge on Agile Methodology Scrum &Sprints.


  • C#
  • MVC
  • WCF
  • WPF
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Angular JS nHiberante
  • Azure
  • SQL
  • Agile.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

Net Application Developer


  • Involved in analysis, design, coding, development and deployment of application with full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from inception to peak/delivery.
  • Worked as a C# developer to create an Attendance Management Module for a Human Resource Management System.
  • Used C# back end coding to implement data binding, sorting algorithms and asynchronous threading for a responsive interface.
  • Implemented basic C# concepts within the project such as classes, structs, properties, fields, methods, objects, inheritance chains, polymorphism, exception handling, MDI, delegates, constructors, interfaces, arrays, lists, link lists, dictionary, encapsulation, serialization, asynchronous tasks etcetera.
  • Used an ASP model with C# to design web applications and fetching data from database using SQL server.
  • Extensively used jQuery for client-side validation and DOM manipulation and UI controls such as accordion, date picker and many more.
  • Involved in designing and development of CONNECT application used by the H&R Block tax professionals to organize their work. Tax professionals use connect application to interact with their clients assigned under their name for booking appointments, providing information about promotions, reminding them of any IRS audit notice to be taken care of etc. Application was developed using asp.net, wcf, nhibernate, angular, and PostgreSQL.
  • Used JQuery and Angular for the dynamic list controls.
  • Experience in developing and consuming web services with WCF and Web API including third party API's and related technologies: SOAP, REST, XML, JSON.
  • Utilized Visual Studio C#.Net, ASP.NET, MSSQL Server, JavaScript and HTML5, and CSS to develop an online interface where remote users can register and upload their information.
  • Designed and developed the login portal using framework AngularJS 2.0 along with HTML5, CSS3 and Type Script.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by angular 2.0.
  • Involved with the client team to design and implement the advanced technologies WCF, SOA.
  • Good in developing N-Tier distributed .NET applications using Web Services like SOAP based and RESTFUL and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
  • Configured Click Once deployment of the product; development was done using C#.NET, Windows Forms, WCF PE Toolkit Delve Server Applications.
  • Created WCF Service to look up and retrieve the data from database.
  • Reviewed existing application with help of debugging and knowledge transfer and fixed bugs and added new features using WPF, XAML, MVVM,, LINQ, WCF and Entity framework to expose the data and developed to WPF application to automate the data loading process and parse save back to SQL server database.
  • Designed WPF Forms, Custom Controls and User Controls using XAML language for interactive UI .
  • Created UI controls in XAML pages using WPF.
  • Designed, developed, and tested a WPF program whose function was a generic data entry program. It was designed specifically for entering media content descriptions, author information, image links, categories and their cross categories.
  • Written SQL procedures, functions, designing Databases in SQL SERVER 2012. Used Statements, views, User Defined Functions, Stored Procedures for inserting/updating/Deleting the data into the relational tables.
  • Implemented Data warehousing, extraction, loading, Integration, Transformation and update multidimensional cube data using SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS).
  • Involved in each and every enhancement and maintenance tasks in this project and had over all command on all the modules of the project. led a major re-architecture effort focusing on separation of concerns, design patterns (primarily Repository, Unit of Work, and Inversion of Control, adaptor, factory etc).
  • Used Web API (API Controllers) for HTTP and REST based GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and returning JSON format.
  • Effectively Participated in Agile methodology Scrum & Sprint meetings.
  • Participated in system documentation and code documentation.


Net Developer


  • Involved in gathering business data, analyzing the requirements, evaluating the existing data and related procedures of the project.
  • Designed and developed C# components for implementing business logic for application which is used to do the transactions on database in middle tier using ADO.NET.
  • Incorporated JQuery Mobile for mobile compatibility and responsiveness.
  • Worked extensively on JQuery dialog popups and populating partial views.
  • Implemented JavaScript and jQuery for client-side validations.
  • Developed WCF Services, Implemented Validations, Security, logging and error handling using C# and implemented multi-threading for better CPU utilization and multi-tasking.
  • Experience in developing and consuming web services with WCF and Web API including third party API's and related technologies: SOAP, REST, XML, JSON.
  • Created RESTful services using ASP.Net 5 MVC controllers.
  • Developed Angular-JS components such as controllers, Services, filters, models.
  • Implemented Angular Router to enable navigation from one view to the next as user performs application tasks.
  • Extensively used Angular JS to call REST API's and push content to the user interface.
  • Worked on developing the Graphical User Interface to display real time trades in the dashboard using WPF.
  • Analyzed and designed new WPF application using MVVM and Repository pattern, from design to completion.
  • Involved in developing the windows based application using WPF for effective user interface.
  • WCF was used as the source to query retrieve and show the Historical Trades/ Data.
  • Development was done using WCF for .NET 4.0, Silverlight 5, SQL Server 2008 R2, ADO.Net Entity Framework.
  • Worked on WCF Data Services to retrieve Job Logs, extensive use of Linq to Xml
  • Developed and implemented custom workflow forms using InfoPath and custom workflows using SharePoint Object model and MS Office 2007.
  • Implemented a full three-tiered system, offering information including the titles, descriptions, users, roles, history, activity, locations, casts and originally using a Microsoft SQL Server database, ASP.NET, Visual Basic.
  • Extensively used User interface controls which use JavaScript to validate client side validation
  • Hands on experience in creating and consuming SOAP/RESTful services using Web Services, WCF and Web API.
  • Used LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entities, LINQ to XML and LINQ to Objects for retrieving the data efficiently and Just in Time manner.
  • Designed & Deployed SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages for updating the PO and Sales records from Excel to SQL database. Implemented check-points, scheduled using SQL Server Agent.
  • Developed Web Roles, Worker Roles and deployed them in Microsoft Azure.
  • Worked on RD Tasks provided by component team to perform the manual steps on Azure components and tools.
  • Performed Code review and Unit testing for better performance.
  • Participated in the daily stand up SCRUM agile meetings as part of agile process for reporting the day to day developments of the work done.

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