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Sr. Architect / Manager Resume


Seeking a technical lead role in Data Analytics and Machine Learning domain where my analysis background and data automation expertise can contribute to strategic decision and growth.


  • Project lead and managed a team of data scientist & front-end BI developers.
  • Hands-on experience applying several ML algorithms to manufacturing and market research problems and building end-to-end learning and prediction pipelines.
  • Architected Analytical stack & in-DB analytics for Online live analytics and factory reporting.
  • Successfully completed multiple analytical and automation projects leading to multimillion dollar cost benefits.


Programming: .Net C#, Python, Perl

Analytics: Machine Learning, PySpark, Python(scikit-learn, Numpy, Scipy), Kafka, Confidential and Confidential

BI & Vis: Confidential, Tableau, Jupyter, D3.JS, JavaScript, HTML, Zed Graphs

Web: Flask, Django, Xamarin, BootStrap.

DB: Expert in SQL, HBase, HIVE, Netezza and Vertica

Exposure to: AWS services like EC2,S3,DynamoDB


Sr. Architect / Manager



  • Managed 7 Sr. Engineers and Architects in onsite & offshores development model.
  • Developed intricate ML algorithms based on deep-dive statistical analysis and predictive data modeling that were used to identifying the top demographics contributors to across affecting a brand performance across many market conditions.
  • Analyzed and processed complex data sets using advanced querying, visualization and analytics tools.
  • Identified, measured and recommended improvement strategies for KPIs across all business areas.
  • Developed extensive Sprocs for complex Data manipulation, Performance tuning, quality monitoring
  • Worked on extracting and combining data from sources such as SQL DB, SharePoint lists and
  • Took over and maintained SQL SPROC for 3+ major projects previous delivered by different vendors.
  • R Integration of Stats testing for A/B comparison and ggplot for Custom charting into reporting platform
  • Python Flask REST API development for serving data and charts to Confidential
  • Won $3 Million RFP in Market Research Confidential reporting platform.
  • Used of Python NLP techniques to develop a ChatBot for automating the Analytic process flow, figuring out the user intent and generating reports accordingly.

Solutions Architect



  • Manage Confidential developers and data scientist overseeing analytical projects through development and deployment.
  • Responsible for Analytical roadmap and implementing systems for improving yield, performance monitoring and cost reduction.
  • Used machine learning to find out new features in the MRR response curves, which correlate with Yield Loss and Performance impacts.
  • Used Kafka to parallel sync Python Confidential processing to run in distributed fashion on Terra byte of Wafer level Noise data to extract various magnetic response curves which would indicate systematic reliability failure.
  • Used Confidential for extrapolating failed sites on wafer to detect process driven scratches and human errors.
  • Integrated Kafka for data ingestion of files coming over from different factories from Asia for analytics and prediction modelling.
  • Enhanced Confidential features with an IronPython code sharing layer to better post production control and dashboard to dashboard sharing of common routines.
  • Developed and architected a modular development schema to facilitate inter-dashboard handshake and allow connectivity across regions for analytics with data distributed across multiple domains.
  • Developed hands on and managed resources for
  • Product Eng. Dashboard: A cross functional dashboards for monitoring final yield and drill down into parametric and root cause analysis.
  • Wafer Health: Monitoring wafer process and characterization parameters both in inline process and outgoing population for feedback.
  • Components Reliability Dashboard, Data modeling and prediction platform, test monitoring and many others.
  • Trained and mentored about 50+ developers both in on Confidential and analytical dashboards development methodologies.

Senior Staff Software Developer



  • Perform Business feasibility Studies for new market venture and revenue growth.
  • Control & Predict Manufacturing cost (MRO) & take down by 12% over 1yr, to gain competitive edge.
  • Develop and support Wafer Probe Automation software, both for Production and R&D characterization.
  • Develop data analysis tools for data mining, repeat analysis automation, wafer disposition& yield correlation.
  • Performed a business strategy plan for migrating into adjacent market sector, to achieve a 3% revenue growth.
  • As Wafer Fab opened up excess capacity due to drop in market demand and industry issues, proposed innovative ways to utilize excess capacity to create new revenue streams.
  • Performed consumer market analysis on MEMS & Magnetometers and internal manufacturability.
  • Presented proposal to upper management and got accepted.
  • In-depth study of various consumer markets growth potentials and competitive analysis and start up plan.
  • Proposed step-by-step plan of new product introduction and long term integration to Home Automation.
  • Proposal well received and implemented into company roadmap.
  • Analyzed 3yr of financial data and identified of opportunities for engineering team to reduce cost.
  • Automated the financial data analysis process, to generated timely automated reports in JMP.
  • Managed over 25 projects with various teams on increasing equipment lifetime, reducing service contracts, developing internal expertise.
  • Achieved the goal target of 12% manufacturing cost reduction in FY13 successfully.
  • Designed & developed First production Optical Characterization tool for HAMR in WDF.
  • 80% test time reduction. Built in Data analysis & Auto report to DB.
  • Automated 2 production Tool (single laser Wavelength & Variable) to speed up the process feedback.
  • Automated 2 R&D equipment set to speed up proto-Type building and non-Std testing.
  • Fully automated the data acquisition, clean up, analysis, curve fitting, summary and dashboard reports.
  • Developed a new characterization tool, to measure system noise at wafer level rather than component level.
  • Terabytes of raw data per wafer, from this tool could not be analyzed in off-the shelf tools.
  • Hence developed Python libraries for analysis ( Confidential, Confidential ), and plotting.
  • Developed with team next Gen QST tester for 2X+ speed improvements by AC magnet sweep.
  • Identified signals in wafer level test, to flag ~0.5% yield much ahead in manufacturing line.
  • Development of common tools for data extraction and visualization.
  • Developed a 4X faster Confidential tool for BDV characterization.
  • Established Lifetime extrapolation correlation b/w wafer TEG and BQST Device.
  • Support characterization of M11 MRR shorting’s wafer level contribution.
  • Supported NPI team with JMP scripts to develop a library tool iit for efficient analysis within the group.
  • Developed scalable Device Probe automation software for test time reduction.
  • Probe test time reduction of 2.4X was achieved, critical for 8” production ramp.
  • Developed software to do co-relational data mining across various process steps in wafer fabrication and disposition faulty wafer as early in the process lifetime as possible.
  • Proposed and developed programming methodology to enable low risk s/w architecture to accommodate frequent algorithm and spec changes.
  • Brought about ~300K annual savings to WDC, by extending probe card lifetime.

Applications Engineer & Software developer

PDF Solutions


  • Maintain and operate Probe Lab’s functionalities like wafer test, data transfer, tool maintenance etc.
  • Generate Test programs for multiple Clients wafer probing for multiple tech. nodes and process types.
  • Maintain and monitor yield remotely on all deployed testers and work with test team.

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