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Ui / Infrastructure Architect Resume

El Segundo, CA


Languages: ASP.NET C# .NET VB.NET .NET MVC Angular 2 - 5 JavaScript jQuery jQuery UI, TypeScript React Redux RxJS, SASS\SCSS JSON WebAPI Framework 4.6, WCF Bootstrap 4.0 LINQ Core 2.0, Entity Framework 5 Node.js Express.js Passport.js Mongo.db Knockout Sammy.js Mediator.js AutoMapper

Databases: MS SQL Server Oracle MySQL Sybas Couchbase

Tools: MS Business Intelligence TFS JIRA Subversion, Telerik AJAX Kendo UI SSRS SSIS, DTS Excel Visio Postman, NPM GIT GULP Angular CLI, Unity Ninject AWS S3

Methodologies: Agile Waterfall Scrum Domain Driven Design


Confidential, El Segundo, CA

UI / Infrastructure Architect


  • Implemented UI for Medical Claims Processing system. Implemented using MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout, and Kendo UI.
  • Designed and implemented Web API with Restful services
  • Designed and implemented Business Services layer utilizing Generic Repository Pattern against EF 5.
  • Worked closely with DBA to model and test data.
  • Developing Angular2 components for future releases.

Platforms: Windows 7 and 10, SqlServer 2014

Software: VS2015, MVC 4.5, TFS 2015, C#. ASP.NET, Web API, Kendo UI ControlsJavaScript, jQuery, jQuery, Bootstrap, Knockout, MVVM, CSS3, HTML5, MS AJAXMS Entity Framework, Angular 4, Unity, Ninject, AutoMapper

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Senior Web Engineer


  • Took wireframe requirements and built out the UI of multiple web applications utilizing a combination of CSS3, HTML5, BootStrap3, jQuery and Knockout.
  • Applications started out as MVC\Razor forms, but were eventually migrated to AMD patterned applications utilizing promises, observables mediator and pub\sub patterns.
  • Projects middleware was MVC\C# centric. Common patterns such as Factory, Repository, DI, and Decorator patterns were employed in the design of these apps.
  • The primary function of the applications being developed were to support healthcare and insurance processing for major healthcare providers. Also, designed applications to provide up to date information for users to find the best prices locations for perceptions using in-house APIs and Google Maps API.
  • Created document storage service utilizing Amazon AWS S3 Cloud Developing and consuming Restful Services\Web API
  • Create and maintain healthcare related MVC applications to provide for member enrollment and health insurance plan selection and quotes.
  • 65% of time devoted to the client UI experience, utilizing jQuery, Knockout and Bootstrap.
  • 35% of time developing MVC controllers and models and data access layer (DAL), Restful Services.
  • Converting legacy applications to Core 1.0 with an React\Redux UI
  • Converting legacy applications to employ micro services
  • Well versed with LINQ and lambda expressions.
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility.
  • Operate in Agile/Scrum Environment

Platforms: Windows 7 thru 10, SqlServer 2008-2016

Software: VS2010 - 2015, MVC 3 - 6, TFS 2015, C#. ASP.NET, WCF, Web API, Telerik AJAX ControlsJavaScript, jQuery, jQuery, Bootstrap, Knockout, MVVM, CSS3, HTML5, MS AJAXGoogle Maps API, MS Entity Framework, AWS S3 Cloud, Core 1.0, React/Redux, Angular 2AutoMapper

Confidential, Century City, CA

Software Engineer Consultant Developer


  • Created an ASP.NET web application using C#.NET for managing SSIS tasks and job scheduling.
  • This application utilized the BI SSIS API.
  • Created an ASP.NET web application VB.NET to interface with Gov. security databases and scan internal financial records to uncover possible threats and/or violations.
  • Developed an ASP.NET .NET C#.NET web application to handle work flow processing in the Financial compliance department. I developed the middle tier using the TFS Work Flow API/SDK.
  • Designed multiple SSRS reports which processed against both Oracle and MSSQL databases.
  • Created Web Services (SOAP) using C#.NET to handle “Dynamic Subscriptions” for SSRS report distribution.
  • Developed multiple SSIS packages for processing nightly financial transactions and FTPing between financial institutions.
  • All development was based on SIM CORP and Charles River financial packages
  • Converted multiple Excel Reports to SSRS.
  • Developed and maintained other various ASP.NET Web Applications using both C#.NET and VB.NET.

Platforms: Win2008, SqlServer 2008, SqlServer 2005, Oracle 10g, IIS7

Software: Visual Studio 2008 - 2012, C#. NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP, SSIS, SSRS, Telerik AJAX ControlsjQuery, JavaScript, MS AJAX, TFS

Confidential, North Hollywood, CA

Web Application Consultant


  • This system was designed to handle all aspect of coordinating a Las Vegas convention of over 2000 attendees.
  • Designed and developed attendee reservation booking, payment gateway, booth reservation, vender give a ways and convention events
  • Responsible for the full life cycle of this Web Application.
  • Designed and developed using MS SQLSERVER 2005 utilizing view, triggers and stored procedures.
  • Application was written in VB.NET and JavaScript code was written using OO methodology.
  • IIS monitoring and tuning
  • Customer service and problem resolution
  • Load Testing
  • Problem identification and resolution
  • Tuning for high transaction hit rates

Platforms: Win2000, Win2003, MS SqlServer 2000 and 2008 R2, IIS6 and 7

Software: VS2003, 2005, 2008, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP, HTML, VBScriptAJAX, JavaScript, Telerik AJAX, Erwin, Visual SourceSafe, TFS

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