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.net Developer Resume

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Columbus, OH


  • Over 7 years of Software Application Development, testing and implementation experience with Web based and N - tier Architecture involving all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Experience in systems and/ or network administration running Windows Server with IIS7.0
  • Expertise in developing Web-based and Windows-based applications using C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, UML, JavaScript, VBScript, XML, CSS, SQL-Server 2008/2005/2000, Oracle 10g/9i/8i and Visual Studio 2008/05/03.
  • Experience in implementing several Design Patterns (Singleton Factory and MVC) to standardize the application architecture.
  • Extensive working experience with different methodologies like Agile (Scrum), Test-driven development (TDD) and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Experience Working on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundations (WPF), LINQ and Microsoft Enterprise Application Blocks.
  • Developed custom controls to enable reusability and used rich graphic controls of WPF for Desktop Applications.
  • Expertise in Developing WCF Services that implement the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Excellent working experience in Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) concepts including Inheritance, Polymorphism and Abstraction.
  • Proficiency in using ASP.NET intrinsic state management functionality between page requests.
  • Experience in using CSS, Java Script, VB Script, Themes& Skins, User controls and Custom Controls in ASP.Net.
  • Proficiency in different web technologies like HTML, XML, Web Services, JavaScript and SOAP.
  • Worked extensively with different ADO.NET objects to interact with database and good experience in using ADO.Net objects such as SQL Connection Object, SQL Command Object, Data Reader, Dataset and Data Adapter.
  • Extensive working experience in database design and development, for creating complex database queries, writing Constraints, Indexes, Views, Stored Procedures and Functions using T-SQL and PL/SQL in SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2010, Oracle 8i/9i/10g.
  • Experience in developing Custom Reports and different types of Tabular, Matrix, Ad-hoc and distributed reports in multiple formats using Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Extensive working experience in unit testing framework - NUNIT.
  • Hands on experience using Source Code Control Systems like Microsoft Visual Source Safe and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks/Multitask and execute them to perfection and able to work in a high pressure environment and capable of working in a team and as an individual.


.NET Technologies: ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Win Forms, Web forms, XML Window services, Web Services, AJAX, WCF, and LINQ


Web Technologies: ASP.NET, IIS7.0, AJAX, Web Services, CSS, J-Query, JavaScript

Database: SQL Server 2010/ 2008/2005/2000 (T-SQL), Oracle 10g/9i/8i (PL/SQL), MS Access


Reporting Services: Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)

Enterprise Servers: IIS Server, Content Management Server

Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/2003, Vista.

Design concepts: Design patterns, UML


Confidential, Columbus, OH

.Net Developer


  • Involved in developing a 3-tier application with UI in the Presentation layer (ASP.NET), Business Logic in the middle layer (C#) and Data Service activities in the backend.
  • Worked in Agile Methodology (Scrum) to meet customer expectation and timelines with quality deliverables.
  • Involved in the Project meetings held with the QA Team, Project Team, and Business Team.
  • Developed Web pages using JavaScript, High Charts, AngularJS, Server controls, HTML Controls, jQuery and CSS3.
  • Implemented Custom Directives, routing logic, service, controllers, filters and retrieval and posting of data with Ajax using AngularJS.
  • Responsible for the overall layout design that meet cross-device compatibility using Bootstrap, color scheme of the website using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Designed and developed services using WCF and defined Service Contracts for specific functionality in project module.
  • Implemented Business Layer to consume data from multiple WCF services.
  • Developed web services to interact with credit rating, Underwriting, rating engines and used XML for data Interchange.
  • Extensively used LINQ in all our applications to query, sort and get sub data from a list of data that is being cached.
  • Used Entity Framework to exchange data between web applications and database objects.
  • Developed new Windows Service in C# to process XML's from MSMQ, do validations and build a request to be dropped into IBM WebSphere MQ to send in real time ODS call.
  • Created Views by applying complex queries on multiple tables to create the virtual tables and implemented Cursors in Stored Procedures using SQL Server, Implemented Joins in Stored Procedures to get the desired data by joining multiple tables.
  • Involved in testing like Unit test, Integration test, Acceptance test and Regression testing using N-Unit and responsible for writing test scripts and scenarios.
  • Develop and deliver dynamic reporting solutions using SSRS. Used Role-based security in SSRS report.
  • Designed SSIS package which extracts data from excel, validate the data and load it into the staging table. Data will be loaded into the main table once the business validations/rules are successfully passed.
  • Used Repository pattern.
  • Used SVN and Git Source Control.

Environment: ASP.NET 4.0, MVC 3.0/4.0/5, C#, Entity Framework, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, LINQ, Lambda Expression, HTML5, CSS3, SVN, GIT, Visual Studio 2013, IIS, SQL Server 2012, Web API.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

.Net Developer


  • Worked in Agile Methodology (Scrum) to meet customer expectation, timelines with quality deliverables.
  • Involved in database design on SQL Server and development of different database objects Containing functions, triggers, store procedures to manipulate database of the application.
  • Developed the UI (user interface) using ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, Ajax and Telerik controls
  • Created WCF web services for implementing business logic
  • Worked with the group which evaluated and recommended technologies including ASP .NET MVC4.
  • Created & hosted WCF Services and also used different bindings to make it available to different types of clients.
  • Used Bootstrap and AngularJS in effective web design.
  • Created various views and partial views in ASP.NET MVC.
  • Created Restful API with using Web API.
  • Developed and maintained stored procedures, User Defined Functions, Indexes, Views, Tables, and Relationships on SQL Server 2012 database.
  • Developed the classes using C#, which in corporate N -tier architecture and database Connectivity.
  • Implemented changes in coding and designs using knowledge of VB .NET
  • Performed Unit Testing for all units in developed pages using JUNIT Tool.
  • Design and develop rich user interfaces with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Used Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) for integration, maintenance and Security of code.
  • Develop and deliver dynamic reporting solutions using SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)
  • Developed a communication layer that is used for consuming web services (SOAP, UDDI, WSDL) and this layer was used while fetching the products.
  • Developed and tested user-friendly navigators by utilizing JavaScript and VB .NET.
  • Participated in peer code reviews for better quality assurance

Environment: ASP.NET 4.0, MVC 3.0/4.0/5, C#, Entity Framework, XML, JavaScript, Jquery, AngularJs, AJAX, LINQ, Lambda Expression, HTML 5,CSS3, Telerik control, VB6, TFS, SourceSafe, Visual Studio 2012, nHibernate, IIS, SQL Server 2012, WCF, Web API.

Confidential, Malvern, PA

.Net Developer


  • Involved in the Project meetings held with the QA Team, Project Team, Business Team, Support Team, Architect Team and Network Team.
  • Involved in full life-cycle of the project from Design, Analysis, logical and physical architecture modeling, development, Implementation , testing using Agile Methodology.
  • Designed and Modified Database tables and used SQL Queries, Views, Stored Procedures.
  • Ability to deploy and administer web-based email applications using IIS .
  • Advanced IIS 7 and .NET server administration and troubleshooting experience .
  • Experience in systems and/ or network administration running Windows Server with IIS
  • Extensively used web technologies like ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, XML and HTML in designing and developing the web projects.
  • Implemented JavaScript for Client-side validations also using JavaScript to read and update the XML data received from database.
  • Made full use of object oriented features(C#), and .NET features like event handling, error handling, caching and security feature.
  • Developed XML Web Services in C# and SOAP for information exchange across applications.
  • Used Agile Methodologies and Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) for developing application.
  • Used AJAX pattern to improve page performance.
  • Implemented validation controls to perform both client side and server side validation.
  • Designed and developed reports using SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS).
  • Created and consumed Web Services and WCF services.
  • Experience in writing link queries using .Net 3.5/4.0 and LINQ components.

Environment: Visual Studio ultimate 2010 and 2012, C#, .NET Framework 3.5/4.0, ASP.NET 3.5, ADO.NET, MVC, AJAX, XML, SQL Server2008, JavaScript, WCF, SSRS, SSIS, and Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

.Net Developer


  • Involved in communicating with the clients, gathering requirements.
  • Followed Agile Methodologies like scrum.
  • Extensively used web technologies like ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, XML and HTML4.0 in designing and developing the web projects using .Net Framework 3.5.
  • Used Model View Controller (MVC) architectural Design Patterns for the development of the product.
  • Generated daily reports, weakly reports and monthly reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Made full use object oriented features(C#), and .NET features like event handling, error handling, caching and security feature.
  • Developed Web Services which can be used by a number of clients in getting useful data.
  • Worked with WCF Service Contracts, Data Contracts, Operation Contracts, Instance Modes and Security of the services.
  • Used Telerik RAD Ajax Controls for developing the pages.
  • Used ADO.NET for developing data access layer.
  • Created Database objects like Tables, Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL Server 2008.
  • Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Reader, Data Adapter and Data Set to object data source fetch and handle user data.
  • Designed and developed reports using SSRS.
  • Provided codes to perform Unit Testing.
  • Deployment of Application on Test and Production server.
  • Responsible for maintaining versions of source code using Team Foundation Server.

Environment: Visual Studio ultimate 2008 and 2010, C#, .NET Framework 3.5, MVC, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, XML, SOAP, Crystal Reports, SQL Server2008, JavaScript, LINQ, jQuery, WCF,SSRS, SSIS, and Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

.Net Developer


  • Requirements gathering, analysis and preparation of design document.
  • Created UML diagrams as part of the design document.
  • Applied Master Pages, and CSS, Navigation controls, HTML, for a consistent look and feel for page design.
  • Created User Controls, Web Forms for billing services modules using ASP.NET and C#.
  • Worked with WCF, Web Services and hosted them on IIS 6.0.
  • Used ASP.NET input Validation controls and java script for client side validation.
  • Coding and implementation of various utilities and data access classes using ADO.NET.
  • Greatly enhanced website adding customer search components created and implemented customer interfaces, Gridviews, printing, error handling and validation as well as additional functionality.
  • Used Singleton Design Pattern for Login Details.
  • Used XSLT for XML data transformation in the application and schema to check the validity of XML document at various stages.
  • Design and developing the reports using Crystal Reports, Data Reports and HTML.
  • Designed, developed and also involved in writing and maintaining complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers views and User defined function.
  • Responsible in developing SSIS packages to transform Insurance data.
  • Experienced in optimizing queries for performance by looking at Execution plan, creating INDEXES and views using SQL SERVER 2005.
  • Generated and deployed Reports using SSRS.
  • Used VSS for maintaining the component and for release and version management.
  • Involved in Unit Testing and running the test case to proper functioning.

Environment: .NET framework 2.0/3.0, ASP.NET, C#, HTML, AJAX, CSS, XML, XSLT, Java Script, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2005, WCF, Win Forms, Crystal Reports, Visual studio 2005/2008, SQL server Integration Services(SSIS), SSRS, IIS, VSS.

Confidential, Shreveport, LA

.Net Developer


  • Worked with Business Analysts in gathering requirements of the project and participated in design discussions and architectural reviews.
  • Responsible for designing and developing web applications, client- server applications using various web technologies like ASP.NET, C#.
  • Designed and developed web forms for the user interface using ASP.NET, C#, HTML, CSS.
  • Adobe Flash and MXML had been used in designing graphical user interface and also worked with Action Scripts for the data controls of the system.
  • Developed SOAP based Web Services for the data retrieval and processing complicated business logic.
  • Worked with SQL server in designing and developing persistence layer and worked with ADO.NET in developing database objects and querying the databases.
  • Worked with SQL Server 2000 in creating tables, indexes and stored procedures.
  • Worked with TSQL in developing database applications.
  • Provided support for database migration applications.
  • Provided Custom validations in ASP.NET & Client-side Validations using Java Script.
  • Developed web pages with data bound controls viz. data Grids, data Lists.
  • Worked with XML, XPATH and XSLT in transmitting and storing data.
  • Provided extensive documentation for the all web pages and the tools designed.
  • Developed custom companywide intranet web application for AFS clients and automated tools for employees for maintaining transactional dairies, service logs, login and schedule time off etc.
  • Performed Unit Testing.

Environment: ASP.NET 2.0, C#, ADO.NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, FLASH, Web Services, SQL Server2000.

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