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Sr. Full Stack Dot Net Developer Resume

St Louis, MO


  • Over 8+years of professional experiences in all stages of Software Development involving planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation , Integration and Testing , Development, Documentation and Maintenance of various stand - alone, client-server and web-based projects.
  • Strong experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and development methodologies such as Agile, Scrum and Waterfall Models.
  • Expertise in developing Client/Server Applications on Three Tier Architecture, N-Tier Architecture, SOA (Service-oriented Architecture), MVC (Model View Controller).
  • Experience in Web development with ASP.NET using Webforms, Web user controls, Class Libraries, HTML, XML, JSON and scripting languages like jQuery, JavaScript, and Ajax.
  • Experience in Microsoft .NET Technologies like C#.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, VB.NET, AJAX, WCF (REST), Web Services (SOAP), WPF, Entity Framework, LINQ and IIS.
  • Proficient in UI development using HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Angular JS, LINQ, AJAX, Node.JS and Bootstrap.
  • Experience in developing services using WCF (Windows Communication Foundation).
  • Experienced in XML Web Services ( SOAP, REST, WSDL and UDDI ), Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) concepts using .NET Framework.
  • Excellent experience in Entity Framework Code/Model First & Database First approaches and proficient in LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML.
  • Experience in using the third-party controls like Telerik Rad controls and extensively using crystal reports and SQL Server Reporting Services ( SSRS ) for generating reports populated by data in databases
  • Experience with Azure and AWS Cloud platforms for deploying and managing applications in data centers.
  • Extensive experience in MS SQL Server, Business Intelligence in MS SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) , MS SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) and MS SQL Server Analysis Services(SSAS) .
  • Experience performing N Unit and Integration Testing in the Development environments and experience in Bug Reporting and Fixing.
  • Experience with developing web applications by using MVC , MVVM architecture and Application Blocks.
  • Experience in database development and T-SQL , in creating complex database Queries, Views, Stored Procedures.
  • Working experience in Test Driven Development (TDD) methodology using Testing tool like NUnit Testing, static black-box testing, dynamic black-box testing, static white-box testing and dynamic white-box testing.
  • Experience in using GIT , Visual Source Safe ( VSS ), Clear Case, SVN and TFS for version controlling.


.NET Technologies: Net Framework (4.5/4.6), MVC 4/5, ASP.Net (C#) (3.5/3.0/2.0), Windows Forms, ADO.NET (3.5/3.0/2.0), LINQ, Web Services, Razor C#, Entity Frameworks, WinForms, Windows Services.

Development Tools: MS Office, Visual Studio .NET 2005 - 2015, Apache Tomcat, IIS 6/IIS 7 SQL Server Management studio

Databases: SQL Server 2014/2012/2008, NoSQL Database, MS Access

UI Technologies: Win Forms, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET Web Forms.

IDE Tools: VS, SQL Server Management Studio.

Web Technologies: ASP, XML, HTML5, DHTML, XHTML, CSS3, XSLT, Rest, Soap, WebAPI, VBScript, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, PHP, Silverlight

Web Presentation: JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS3, XML, XSLT, Angular JS, Knockout JS, Bootstrap


Confidential, St. Louis, mo

Sr. Full Stack Dot Net Developer


  • Developing the project using Agile methodology with daily ( SCRUM ) paired programming using TDD (Test driven development) and continuous integration using the SDLC process.
  • Developed the application using ASP.NET, C#.NET, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular 2.0, CSS3, SOAP .
  • Designed Single Page Applications(SPA) using AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap to help the responsiveness of webpage with custom CSS3 style sheet.
  • Using Frameworks like C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server, LINQ, Angular, Used ASP.NET MVC, Entity framework, SQL statements to develop server-side database connections.
  • Used Restful in the AngularJS page with WebAPI and implemented Angular 2.0 Controllers to maintain each view data and Used Restful using WebAPI to get data from server asynchronously.
  • Created WebAPIs using ASP.NET WebAPI allow new web/client projects to leverage reusable data.
  • Involved in development of Webforms , classes using ASP.NET that incorporates both N-Tier Architecture, and Database Connectivity.
  • Implemented Generic classes for Business Layer and Data Access Layer using C# . Implemented Server and Client-side validations using ASP.NET validation controls and JavaScript .
  • Implemented CRUD functionality with Entity framework in ASP.NET MVC and implemented sorting, filtering and paging with Entity framework in MVC .
  • Used ADO.NET and its components Data Reader, Dataset, Connection and Data Adapter as middleware component to access the SQL database .
  • Used XML based procedures for ADO.NET objects, to facilitate the importing of large XML datasets into the SQL Server database.
  • Utilized LINQ to access entities created by Entity framework using standard access patterns to manipulate XML files, or JSON files or arrays, Lists and dictionaries.
  • Used LINQ to Objects for WCF service call and Developed stored procedures using SQL Server.
  • Developed Restful and SOAP based WCF web services for 3rd party clients.
  • Used Team Foundation Server ( TFS ) for Source Code Control, project related document sharing, team collaboration, build and deployment.
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) methodology using Testing tool like NUnit Testing.
  • Involved in testing of the modules before submitting to QA in all the phase of testing like Unit testing, Integration testing and System testing using NUnit Framework.
  • Implement Git as Source Control, JIRA for requirements gathering and testing and Bug tracking, Jenkins as build and deployment tools.
  • Engaged in White Box Testing Techniques such as Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing with N-Unit and Utilized Fiddler to analyze various web Services.
  • Created SSIS ( SQL Server Integration Services ) packages to Import/Export data from various data sources and SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) for generating reports in T-SQL.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, CSS3, Entity Framework, Angular JS, XML, HTML, Restful, SOAP, WCF, TFS, JavaScript, Windows Azure, NUnit, Git, JIRA, SSIS, SQL Server, Visual Studio, IIS.

Confidential, Austin, tx

Sr. Full Stack Dot Net Developer


  • Responsible for analysis, design, implementation and deployment of code and database. Maintain SDLC process whole development life cycle in Agile methodology using Visual Studio, SQL Server.
  • Designed Single Page Applications(SPA) with dynamic User Interface via Angular 2 by developing new user-facing features, using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SOAP, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Angular 2, ASP.NET, LINQ, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, SQL Server.
  • Used ASP.NET MVC Page Controller pattern to add functionality to individual pages such that to accept input from the page request, invoke the requested actions on the mode.
  • Expertise in programming with C#, ASP.NET , and Entity Framework . Developed Interfaces for data exchange using C#.NET and XML .
  • Responsible for designing the ASP.NET application authentication using . NET Framework, Model View Controller MVC and IIS security model.
  • Extensively used ASP.NET user controls, Custom Controls for the ASP.NET forms. Used ASP.NET Data Grid, Data List and Repeater controls for displaying the data in a clear format.
  • Worked on ADO.NET Objects such as Data Set, Data Adapter and Data Reader to interact with Databases like SQL Server.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining middleware component using C# and ASP.NET in all the layers (Web, Business, Data access and Service layer) and WCF services across the enterprise.
  • Created web services using ASP.NET WebAPI (HTTP, REST) , C# , WCF(SOAP) consumed them in the frontend using AJAX calls. Deployed the web application and services in IIS , Azure .
  • Involved in designing and development of Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) services using WCF and Restful WebAPI's based on XML, JSON, WSDL, ASMX, HTTP and SOAP protocols.
  • Used LINQ for filtering the data from SQL Server Data Base.
  • Used Entity Framework to import all the Database Objects, used LINQ on these objects, and updated the data back to the Database by using LINQ Providers
  • Used Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) for version Control and source code maintenance needs.
  • Created Unit Test suites to test the functionality of the web application using NUnit Framework and used the MS Test runner to test the web application.
  • Used GitHub repository to run the Jenkins job for Continues Integration.
  • Implement Git as Source Control, JIRA for requirements gathering and testing and Bug tracking, Jenkins as build and deployment tools.
  • Used deployment tools like Octopus, TeamCity and Continuous Integration concepts by using tools like ANT, Visual Studio, Cruise Control.
  • Engaged in White Box Testing Techniques such as Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing with N-Unit and Utilized Fiddler to analyze various web Services.
  • Created and deployed SSIS package to import data source from XML , flat files to SQL destination and created reports using SSRS .

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, TypeScript, JQuery, Angular 2, SOAP, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, SQL Server. C#, ADO.NET.

Confidential, Madison, wi

Dot Net Developer


  • Implemented Entity Framework with C# in Visual Studio to establish connections between server-side web application and a MS SQL Server database.
  • Worked in AGILE/SCRUM environment regularly attending the Status Meetings and updating status to Scrum Master and involved in Code Review meetings, Implementing User Stories.
  • For front end development actively used ASP.NET , Angular JS, Kendo UI, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX control and Telerik Controls.
  • Applied AngularJS client-side validation using HTML5 attribute and AngularJS form and input state.
  • Performed Unit testing on the AngularJS UI for Performance issues and data integration.
  • Designed web applications and websites using DHTML, HTML Custom controls, CSS, XML/XSLT.
  • Effectively used jQuery for traversing HTML document, event handling and AJAX interactions.
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using Angular JS and jQuery .
  • Designed and developed Graphical user interfaces using Silver light XAML and C#.
  • Developed Windows Work Flow (WWF) with Custom Activities for the Web service access.
  • Worked on SOAP and RESTFUL Service API using WCF which return XML and JSON data using WCF attributes.
  • Implemented Custom mapping for Stored Procedures using Entity Framework.
  • Developed and deployed back-end services to Azure clouds to support mobile applications.
  • Microsoft Azure IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Architecture , Strategy and Planning.
  • Azure Storage development and design utilizing Blobs, Pages, Queues, Tables and VM's.
  • Used SSIS to read flat files, CSV's and Excel files and import to SQL Server .
  • Created custom data flow items for different SSIS packages using the VB.Net script.
  • Creating user defined functions, stored procedures and views using SQL Server .
  • Experienced in creating reports ( SSRS ) in Drill mode using tables, matrix and charts in SQL .
  • Create database tables, schemas, stored procedures, functions, dynamic SQL queries, SSRS etc.
  • Worked closely with QA for bug fixes to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the code.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, MVC, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Angular JS, VB.NET, HTML, JavaScript, WWF, WCF, SOAP, RESTFUL, jQuery, Windows Azure, SSIS, SQL Server, Visual Studio, IIS, TFS, MS Excel, SSIS, SSRS.

Confidential, Boston, ma

Dot Net Developer


  • Participated in discussions involving the application creation and understand the requirements and provide the back-end functionality for the applications.
  • Created an UI application for Premium payments processing for online transfer, Bank payments and over the counter payments.
  • Written the business logic in classes using VB.NET / C#.Net language and used in Web Forms.
  • Worked on ASP.NET MVC to makes applications load faster and some of the processing can be done in web browsers and not only the client side but the server-side execution is faster too.
  • Experience in building and consuming ASP.NET WebAPI/Web Services.
  • Developed Angular/.NET web application using Angular.JS, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC, SOAP, C#, Visual Studio.
  • Rendered HTML Views from XSLT/XML, populate the XML data generating FO for various delivery formats like RTF, PDF (Web Kit Html to PDF), Microsoft Word.
  • Designed, Documented REST/HTTP APIs , including JSON data formats and API versioning strategy.
  • Developed dynamic ASPX web pages for Application using ASP.NET, SO AP, C#.NET, XML, XSL/XSLT, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery.
  • Developed system services SOA application platform for use by all web applications utilizing WCF services and the ASP.NET provider model.
  • Implemented Server and Client-side validations using ASP.NET validation controls and JavaScript.
  • Used TFS (Team Foundation Server) for source code control, project related document sharing and team collaboration.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, MVC, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, SOA, ASPX, Angular JS, VB.NET, HTML, JavaScript, WWF, WCF, SOAP, RESTFUL, jQuery, Windows Azure, SSIS, PL/SQL, SQL Server, Visual Studio, IIS, TFS, Visual Studio.

Confidential, Hercules, ca

Dot Net Developer


  • Designed and implemented application using ASP.NET MVC, C#, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.
  • Designing data modeling for .NET applications of new projects and reviewing high and low-level designs.
  • Involved throughout in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. Practiced Agile Methodology to review progress of project in monthly sprints. Followed Single Responsibility design principle throughout the project.
  • Responsible for designing web pages with ASP.NET controls with rich user interface with basic Ajax control tool kit and jQuery and JSP for an efficient and interactive Webpages.
  • Used MVC interface architectural pattern to facilitate automated unit testing and improve the separation of concerns in presentation logic.
  • Implemented MVC on server side for handling GUI elements and service layer between front end and data layer.
  • Involved in fetching data using Entity Framework database first approach.
  • Customized and consumed WebAPI with HTTP service to achieve operations.
  • Used AJAX and JSON to make asynchronous calls to the project server to fetch data on the fly.
  • Used MVC Framework Angular.js in the development for data binding and to consume RESTful web services.
  • Used SSIS component of the MS SQL Server database software that can be used to perform a broad range of data migrated tasks.

Environment: ASP.NET MVC, C#, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, ASP.NET, JSP, AJAX, JSON, Entity Framework, Angular JS, VB.NET, JavaScript, WWF, WCF, SOAP, RESTFUL, jQuery, Windows Azure, SSIS, MS SQL, SQL Server, Visual Studio, IIS, Visual Studio, SSIS.

Confidential, New York, ny

Dot Net Developer


  • Extensively used ASP.NET for UI design, with VB.NET acting as the source of code.
  • Created various Web Forms & User Interface Screens using C#.NET & ASP.NET.
  • Implemented complex financial processes by designing data and business layers utilizing C#.NET , ADO.NET and XML.
  • Worked extensively on designing databases and normalizing tables.
  • Experienced in the Design and Development of Data Access Layer.
  • Used Validation Controls. Created various User Controls for the application.
  • Used AJAX advanced techniques for textbox autosuggest.
  • Used ADO.NET for the storage and retrieval of data from the database.
  • Worked on Team Foundation Server to integrate all the code.
  • Created database tables and implemented SQL Stored Procedures, Triggers, and complex queries in SQL Server .
  • Used XML based procedures for ADO.NET objects, to facilitate the importing of large XML datasets into the SQL Server database.
  • Experienced in working with Windows Communication Foundation ( WCF ) and possess good knowledge of Windows Presentation Foundation ( WPF )
  • Used XML based procedures for ADO.NET objects, to facilitate the importing of large XML datasets into the SQL Server database
  • Grid view and Custom paging were used to display huge amount of data.
  • Business and Database layers were implemented in 3-Tier architecture.

Environment: ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET, XML, AJAX, ADO.NET, SQL Server, XML, WCF, WPF jQuery, Entity Framework, Visual Studio.

Confidential, Highland Heights, KY

Dot Net Developer


  • Created ASP .NET web pages as per client requirements.
  • Implemented business logic and validation using C#.Net .
  • Created stored procedures and functions in SQL Server .
  • Used ADO.NET technology for data retrieving, querying, storage and manipulation.
  • Used ADO.NET and data objects such as Data Adapter, Data Reader, Dataset, data table for consistent access to SQL data sources.
  • Involved in developing and consuming WCF Web Service.
  • Developed validation code using built in validation control in ASP.Net .
  • Created web pages to show online reports to application users using Pivot Reports, Grid View and Crystal reports.

Environment: ASP.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET, CSS, HTML, SQL Server, WCF, WPF, Entity Framework, Visual Studio.


Jr. Dot Net Developer


  • Designed Class, Use Case, Sequence diagrams using MS Visio Involved in Design , Development and Testing of ASP.NET application using IIS , XML Dataset.
  • Worked with HTML , XML, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS and pure CSS layouts.
  • Developed the Web Application in ASP.NET using Master Pages, Themes & skins to maintain the consistent look and feel throughout the application.
  • Involved in developing Web Service classes using SOAP to communicate with legacy systems and deployed web services as per business requirement.
  • Developed web applications using ASP.NET and AJAX Extensions under MVC architecture.
  • Creating Database Connectivity using ADO.NET for different databases. Created Business Layer/Data Access Layer using C#, SQL Server, ADO.NET .

Environment: ASP.NET, MVC, C#, IIS 5.0, ADO.NET, HTML, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, SOAP, SQL Server, .NET Framework, LINQ, WCF.

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