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Software Developer Resume

Kent, WA


  • Over 15 years in the computer industry with extensive experience in Application development.
  • Experience producing detailed design specifications, utilizing design patterns in support of OOP design and development, resulting in efficient, functional code.
  • Worked extensively with C#, ASP.NET and various .NET Windows applications.
  • While at Confidential I was one of 3 developers to release ITM 5.0. (Instant Travel Machine).
  • Developed the "Airport Of The Future" application that was very successful, making the evening news and local newspapers.
  • Successfully developed the Virtual Sign in System for Compass Marketing, several hundred copies have been sold in US and Canada.
  • Created, architected, developed and launched a standalone gift card system, AGCS Affordable Gift Card System and a web based gift/loyalty card system.
  • Re - designed Confidential ’s “Extreme Research” teams “White Spaces” .NET app to support multiple Countries
  • Converted 7 complex MS Access databases used for recovery of millions to using an SQL Server DB
  • Converted one of Confidential ’s revenue collections applications from MS Access to an ASP.NET app
  • Possess an extreme passion to continue learning new technologies I’m currently building a web site using MVC5, EF6, bootstrap, HTML5, SQL Server 2014, during my free time, focusing on Code first and Database first. Using JQuery, Angular, Dependency Injection and design patterns where applicable. Additionally learning and using Git & Bitbucket for this project. Also working with Web API / OAuth and other proprietary security methods.


  • VS2010 / VS2012 / VS2013 / VS2015
  • C#
  • .NET
  • C++
  • C
  • SQL Server 2008/2012/2014
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS
  • Ajax
  • VbScript
  • Web Services
  • WCF
  • SOAP
  • MVC4
  • Oracle
  • Azure
  • Git bitbucket
  • Angular bootstrap web api



Senior Software Engineer

  • Design, develop, debug, and modify components & UI features of our enterprise web site. Assist with technical direction at the application/product level for small to mid-sized features. Design, spec, schedule and provide quality implementation of a component or feature (typically 1 week to several months in duration). Provide alternative solutions to a given problem. Resolve problems and roadblocks, with management assistance if required. Follow through on details and drive issues to closure. Complete documentation and procedures for installation and maintenance. Actively participate in group technology reviews to critique work of self and others.
  • Work collaboratively with all members of technical staff. Collaborate with program management and testing peers in the development of assigned components. Participate in and provide input to requirement definitions.


.Net Developer

  • Full Confidential stack development. Assisting with solving complex software design and code issues. Working in SQL Server 2014, VS2015, C#, JQuery, Jquery UI, knockoutJS, JavaScript, CSS, Web API, TFS. Adding new features to and working in all three tiers of a large legacy application. Working in an agile development environment with a team of 8.


.Net Developer

  • Assisting with solving complex software design and code issues.
  • Working in SQL Server 2012, .NET 2013, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, TFS, in all three tiers of existing and new web applications.
  • Adding new features to an internal web site to assist in resolving and correcting extremely complex system and data issues and to validate constantly changing complex issues, ultimately enabling multi-million dollar payments out to Carriers.
  • When I’m not working data I’m adding new features to the web site with ownership of all three tiers.


.Net Developer

  • Project owner and main developer of a .NET web site using C#/Oracle/JQuery/JavaScript technologies. Responsible for the entire site, all 3 tiers including preparation and deployment to UAT and Production.
  • Previous project, Conversion of 7 complex Access Database applications to use SQL Server.
  • Heavy development in converting over 600 Access queries to SQL Server SPROCS & VIEWS to utilize the new SQL Server tables.
  • Access DB’s converted to use Pass-through queries and Linked Tables for Phase-1 of this project.
  • Phase-2 of the project will convert the Access DB UI to a .NET web UI.
  • Re-Architected Access VBA code to a WCF middle tier business and data access layer with a true OOP design in C#.
  • Utilizing TFS for source control. Utilized SSMA to migrate data from Access DB’s to SQL Server.
  • Working in a highly motivated agile environment, utilizing Rally with strict Scrum practices held daily.
  • Working with 3 week sprints. Attend story card grooming sessions.
  • Responsible for adding, monitoring and updating tasks in Rally Story Cards.
  • Additionally relied upon for Project Manager and Lead developer tasks.
  • Holding technical and business meetings to gather tribal information with intentions to ultimately provide a much more stable, reliable and scalable product moving forward.


Architect / Software Engineer / .Net Developer

  • Owner / Architect / Developer of and automated texting application for a University to use it for their research with other Universities. Using the latest technologies, VS2010, .NET Web Forms, SQL Server 2008, C#.
  • The application requires bi-directional communication of API’s on other Web Servers with scripts on my Web Server.
  • My scripts communicate with my SQL Server; sending and receiving data to the API’s based on users cell phone input.
  • My skill set is at a level of trust in that they have me working from home to design and build the entire application.


Software Engineer II / .Net Developer

  • Owner / Architect of a complete re-write / conversion of an existing Internal AR Collections utility.
  • This internal ARC application for (Accounts Receivable) enabled multi-million dollar payments.
  • Converting it from Access to 100% Web based application, using ASP.NET, WCF & SQL Server 2008.
  • Working on Front End, Middle Tier and Backend. Multitasking, Daily Scrums, Bi-weekly Sprints.

Technologies: VS2010, SQL Server 2008, C#, Subversion


.Net Developer

  • Redesign of existing Internal complex web sites with heavy usage of CSS, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Working on Front end, Middle Tier and Backend projects of very complex nature.
  • Required to work efficiently in a fast paced environment, multitasking, many projects at any given time.
  • SCRUMS Daily with Bi-weekly Sprint practices.

Technologies: VS2010, SQL Server 2005, 2008, C#, JavaScript


Software / Database Engineer

  • Working with the Research Team on the whitespaces project, some of the latest technology from Confidential .
  • Support queries for countries outside the US. A geo-location query for another country returns a valid list of TV white spaces.
  • In a very short time, learned the existing database, code and UI.
  • Created new database and new OOP design to make support of additional countries possible.
  • Navigated through thousands of lines of existing, extremely complex algorithmic code.
  • Needed a fast understanding of existing design and code in order to integrate new code, and make existing design scalable.
  • Added support in the UI and code for international TV channels, supporting several more countries.
  • Modified the database schemas to support entries from different countries, which are all in different formats.
  • The data for each country required highly sophisticated parser code designs and complex conversion algorithms.
  • Modified and updated the existing tcp/ip client/server portion of the whitespaces system.
  • Gained an understanding of terrain data and incorporated it for various countries added to the system.

Technologies: C#, VS2010, SQL Server 2008, Bing Maps, SharePoint & Confidential ’s proprietary applications.


Consultant / Senior .Net Developer / Architect

  • Developed many backroom apps and powerful proprietary utilities required to support Confidential ’s applications and web sites.
  • Designed and developed AGCS, a Windows gift card system along with a proprietary database. It was sold to customers across the U.S. and at 4 B2B Costco’s (WA, CA & AZ) for a 90 day trial period.
  • Designed and developed NetGCS, a web based version of the gift / reward card system: www.netgcs.com
  • Developed an efficient automated Invoicing system for NetGCS, eliminating manual invoicing.
  • While many copies were sold early on, AGCS and NetGcs were eventually taken over by the giant POS System Companies who built gift card capability into their systems.
  • As co-owner of Xiu Xian Tea, LLC along with my wife, I worked overtime and weekends to assist in running the company, building the company’s main ecommerce web site: www.xiuxiantea.com
  • Handled all the project management & customer technical support for 80% of the applications. I was the Lead Architect and developer for 100% of all applications and web sites developed by Confidential .
  • Implemented RTWare into the www.xiuxiantea.com shopping cart. Including a robust, secure inventory backend along with a web based internal UI that allows an infinite amount of products.
  • Architected / Designed and Developed a robust data driven backend system that supported the front end ecommerce site. Utilizing the Web Service of this system I started to build a web based POS system, ended up with to many projects and decided to shelve this one.
  • Architected / Designed and Developed and entire secure web based payroll system for Xiu Xian Tea, still in use today and complies with all tax-codes.
  • Collaborate closely with others to design, develop, architect and analyze to create best possible solutions for new ideas making them a reality for customers. Make sure that any given project is developed using the most efficient technologies and software architecture to meet that specific projects requirements. See projects through from beginning to end. Working with Sales and Customers to be sure their product works better than they anticipated.

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, Web Services, HTML, Object Oriented Practices, JavaScript & SQL Server.


Software Developer

  • Working with the Flight Operations and Ground Support Team, supporting over 300 complex applications.
  • Previously worked with a team of 3 programmers I assisted in two very successful projects.
  • ITM (Instant Travel Machine) software that you will see running on Kiosks at Alaska Airline Airports.
  • BDA (Bag Drop Application) software that you may have seen on the evening news as the "Airport of the Future".
  • Responsible for carrying out complex analysis and development tasks as assigned.
  • Ability to work with project leads and customer personnel in defining system specifications, developing project work plans and carrying out projects.
  • Assisted project leads in the analysis of customer requests at a project or system level and design structured maintainable project or system solutions.
  • Successfully developed and tested system tested and implement complex project and system solutions.
  • FOGS Team - Flight Operations and Ground Support
  • This team is very dynamic & fast paced, multiple program languages and multitasking was a must C++, VB, ASP, SQL, Informix, C#, .NET.
  • Working on over 300 critical, complex applications in support of the airline systems, one must be extremely versatile and possess a wealth of knowledge and trouble shooting skills to survive, Multi-tasking was vital to survive on this team.
  • Position includes a rotating On-Call in support of all the Flight Op Apps. The applications run on a multitude of servers, and server farms and required lots of logging and monitoring. Systems support the entire airline and all airports that Confidential uses.
  • Working closely with a dedicated Architecture team, prepared complete documentation and Visio diagrams in support of architecture reviews for all major projects.
  • Inherited Agile processes and when possible utilized design patterns in whatever language the project required.

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