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Sr. Software Developer Resume



To translate complex business scenarios and process flows into simple and flexible technical solution and implementation. To learn, design, lead implementation and celebrate success.


Recently used: .Net 4.6/Core 1.2, ASP.Net MVC, Web API, C#, Boo, Dapper, EF, nHibernate, Fluent nHibernate, FluentValidation, IoC (Structure Map, Autofac), Spark view engine, Django, HTML5, AJAX, jQuery, json, knockoutjs, AngularJS, Bootstrap, client side template, UnitTests (nUnit), UML, CI (Jenkins), NuGet packaging, Sybase DBMS, dynamic sql, Web Services, XML/XSD, web app security (SSO, SAML, signed xml, security tokens, etc), MS SQL Server, Sybase ASE DBMS, MS Reporting Services, FileNET CE API, RightFax FCL, etc.

Industries: healthcare / insurance, e - commerce (mainly office products), supply chain, delivery tracking, manufacturing.

Other: Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, MQTT for IoT, Python, C++, CodeDOM, EnvDTE, Oracle DBMS, Borland C++ Builder/Delphi, Quick Report, Visual InterDev, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP, VB, .Net Remoting, Serviced Components, MTS/COM/DCOM/COM+, MAPI, WinAPI, Windows NT/2000


Confidential, IL

Sr. Software Developer


  • Reverse engineering and documenting current system modules, data structures, integration points and overall legacy architecture. Defining bounded contexts and candidates for the future domains.
  • Working on the future technology strategy and SaaS architecture which is going to be highly customizable message/service driven platform supporting multiple clients, extensible services adoptable to business architecture and capabilities customization.
  • Considering time to market and agile development process (.Net 4.6/Core/Web API/json/Angular stack, domain driven design, exposing domain and application services as RESTful SOA oriented components, SQL Server 2014 TFS as SCM and RM)

Confidential, IL

Technical Architect

  • Was responsible for technology strategy and architecture for the new initiatives. Worked with product owners, project managers on scope definition, requirements gathering, gap analysis, estimates and development tasks assignments. Defined and produced conceptual and logical architecture to meet business, technology and financial objectives through documentation of the systems, architecture and process flows.
  • Produced technical design specifications using UML static and dynamic diagrams. Facilitated multiple development meeting to review and promote future architecture, technical design and vision in general.
  • Defined build and deployment processes, environments management and governance. Promoted best practices and agile project management, developed proper set of documentation including architecture and technical design, versioning, dependencies management and deployment procedures.
  • Defined and executed strategy for the new application development. Lead the team of five developers through the implementation phase, providing technical directions and resolving issues if necessary. Leveraging domain driven design architecture and .Net Core features, built new generation of services to support additional business needs. Defined integration schemas and integrated new capabilities into the current system.
  • Built highly customizable web forms engine, leveraging modern frameworks and microservices approach. New capabilities were exposed to the current web and mobile solutions using html and api interfaces (latest .Net stack, AngularJS, Telerik UI, MVC and WebAPI implementation using “standard” set of open source capabilities to support rapid development, SqlServer, TFS builds, UML, xunit, etc)

Confidential, IL

Sr. Systems Architect

  • Defined logical and physical architecture, recommended strategy for the future legacy integration. Built high throughput, secure and scalable contact center solution, designed core components as loosely coupled domain services, exposed pubic interfaces and positioning them for the future mediation and instrumentation level. Prototyped Apache Camel layer as ESB message routing and underlying service orchestration.
  • Was accountable for technical design and implementation of employees visit tracking and compliance system. Core components, including mobile solution, integrated using reliable message driven approach. Worked with a two offshore teams, defined technical design and provided directions on the ongoing development.
  • Built and extended batch and realtime visit tracking integration with national EVV providers, including CellTrak, CareWatch, HealthStar and Sandata.
  • Main technologies/practices used - domain driven design, CQRS/event sourcing approach, .Net C#, StructureMap and other .net stack, SqlServer using Entity Framework layer, Apache ActiveMQ, MQTT protocol for IoT communications, Android/iOS AngularJS based implementation with a PhoneGap help. Worked with Apperian based mobile software distribution and continuous integration.

Confidential,Deerfield, IL

Developer Advisor / Application Architect


  • Sophisticated high throughput SPA application to support frequently changing business needs. It was developed as a plug-in module ready to be injected into legacy ASP.Net and MVC based applications. Interface based integration components fallback to legacy implementation of domain and infrastructure components like security, session, state, reporting and other if needed. (html, AngularJS, CoffeeScript, Web API, multiple open source frameworks to support ORM, state management, unit testing, IoC, WCF services, SOA design for the new components, fully automated NuGet and CI to streamline development and deployment);
  • Integration with Wolters Kluwer’s Health Language platform to support clinical terminology management including ICD9, ICD10, SNOMED, provider friendly terminology searches;
  • Integration with AppliedPathways business rule engine to support custom workflows and medical rules built by the AIM Specialty Health doctors;
  • Integration with internal InRule BRE to support variety of client specific rules;
  • Integration with internal IBM ECM to retrieve custom content provided by AIM Specialty Health doctors;
  • Translation of AIM Specialty Health clinical appropriateness guidelines into machine executable algorithms.
  • Defined solutions and architecture standards, recommended new technologies, maintained logical, physical TOGAF based architecture diagrams and supporting documentation using UML based diagrams;
  • Managed the team of 10 plus developers and two application architects;
  • Was actively involved in the leadership business meetings, providing visibility on the project to the senior management and vice versa - providing management feedbacks and project roadmap back to the technical leads and developers on the project;
  • Worked with the project managers on work estimates, dependencies management, projects and iterations planning;
  • Worked with BAs on requirements gathering sessions and definitions;
  • To achieve high quality of work acted as a bridge between two core and variety of dependent teams, including non-technical staff;
  • Stayed aligned with enterprise application integration, enterprise application architecture, GoF, SOLID practices and patterns;
  • To align with the enterprise strategy and minimize technical debt performed technical design and code reviews.
  • Enterprise Architecture group - to define and approve long time strategies and solutions;
  • Third party vendors - to provide technical and business specific use cases, work on ongoing design and systems enhancements to achieve desired behavior;
  • Internal release teams - to define build/deploy strategy, the best options for HA environment;
  • Load test team - to simulate peak production load and resolve code and configuration issues.

Confidential, IL


  • Designed and created base classes to support future complex web application, implemented object oriented base on each level of distributed application, including data-access factories, business objects persistence, caching, entity objects generation, object oriented crud, UI factories and interaction with business classes (.Net Framework 2.0, SQL Server 2000).
  • Implemented Asp.Net 2.0 based CRM application to manage prospects, appointments and dashboards (C#, Asp.Net 2.0, SqlServer 2000 )
  • Developed reports and report processing logic using MS Reporting Services, created Asp.Net application to generate interactive UI based on reports metadata (C#, Asp.Net, Reporting Services, SQL Server 2000, Stored Procedures)
  • Created fully automated B2B supply chain to order products from different warehouses / vendors based on predetermined business rules and customers setup (C#, WebServices, VB, COM+, EDI, FTP, HTTP, XML, SQL Server, Stored Procedures)
  • Designed and created components to communicate with different kinds of EDI, exchange and process the data (VB, COM+, EDI, FTP, HTTP, XML, XSL, SQL Server 2000)
  • Created delivery tracking subsystem to allow customers track current orders delivery (VB, COM+, EDI, FTP, HTTP, XML, XSL, SQL Server)
  • Enhanced and improved existing Web/Desktop e-commerce/business management application including procurement, sales, financials, inventory, automated supply chain (VB, COM+, ASP, XML, XSL, SOAP,SQL Server, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Triggers, DTS)

Confidential, MN

Software Developer

  • Designed and developed reusable data retrieving and updating components, business logic objects of the golf club management application. Extended standard .Net WinForms components, created components for communication between user interface and business logic. Created stored procedures to process data and interact with data layer (C#.Net, ADO.Net, .Net Remoting, WinForms.Net, OOD/OOP, XML, DOM, SQL Server, T-SQL, Stored Procedures).


Senior Developer, SQL Server DBA

  • Designed and developed application using Microsoft .Net technology for analysis and dispatching production process data and fulfilling headquarter orders by branches of company around the World. Developed data access and business logic layers components, thin desktop/web clients and user interface logic, Web Services for updating and retrieving production data through Internet (C#.Net, ADO.Net, .Net Remoting, ASP.Net, Web Services, SQL Server, T-SQL).
  • Designed and developed database and COM components for data replication, export-import of production orders and reports between headquarter SQL Server based system of manufacturing company and its branches around the World based on SQL Server and MS Access databases (VC++, ADO, SQL Server, MS Access, FTP).
  • Designed and created database, developed core business components, data retrieving and updating components of Factory Office application that based on client order and contracts creates production schedules for factory departments, prints barcodes for required subsequent operations, dispatches fulfillments of schedules by departments, reschedules tasks if there are any changes in production plans and produce all necessary reports and charts for factory management (Borland C++, SQL Server, Triggers, Stored Procedures and other database objects, DCOM/MTS/COM+).
  • Developed brokerage system to maintain vendors’ product catalogs in database, creating e-mails with sales offers for clients mailing lists, gathering response and creating and emailing orders for vendors (Borland C++, Visual Basic, MySQL, MS Excel, MAPI).


Software Developer

  • Developed user forms and components for Billing System of JS Company “ Confidential Gas” that calculates amount of payments for gas consumers based on monthly measurements and market prices, creates billing and payments information in accountant system, prints bills for mailing them to customer (Borland Delphi, Oracle 7, PL/SQL).
  • Created classes for export data from FoxPro database and import to Oracle database (Borland Delphi, Oracle 7, PL/SQL, FoxPro).
  • Developed application for entering time-board information into customer company payroll system (Borland Delphi, Oracle 7, PL/SQL).

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