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Chief Architect Resume



  • Serve as Chief Architect for 3 years, Lead Software Engineer for 7 years and have over 9 years of software engineering and development experience.
  • Possess working knowledge of C#, .net MVC, SQL Server, Entity Framework, html, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap, WPF, SOAP, REST, XML, multi - layer and event driven architect structure, e-Commerce, CRM, ERP, Xamarin, Mobile APP Development on Android, IOS and windows phone(UWP), Azure
  • Developed strong Project management skills, demonstrated firm leadership capability, able to prioritize and operate proactively, strongly committed to team-building and staff development. Self-motivated, hard-working individual.
  • Master in Physics at Illinois institute of Technology with some computer science courses taken.


Chief Architect

Confidential, IL

  • Manage the development department by guiding and training developers with training sessions, reviewing individuals code and pointing out issues and updating team with newest technology.
  • Ensure quality of hardware and software architecture and design of systems. Review all codes, fix bugs, perform optimization prior to deployment and train developers not to make the same mistakes. Distribute applications to multiple servers based on traffic, and involve new server purchasing when needed. Stand by 24-7 for urgent issues.
  • Assign projects to proper developers based on each person’s specialty and capability, manage projects by tracking status, provide guideline or instructions when developers have difficulty.
  • Review business features and technical specifications with customers and system vendors. Functionally decompose complex business problems into simple, straight-forward solutions and take system’s performance and integrity in consideration, and convert voice of customer into clear and useful technical directions and aspects which can be understood and fulfilled by developers.
  • Hands-on develop key projects, including all fundamental architect structure (e.g. session/access control, general validation engine, report engine, dynamic UI for web store, general lookup and autocomplete engine) and essential business modules (e.g. sales screens, supply chain, multi-layer pricing system).
  • Build CRM System on Android, IOS and windows phone with Xamarin technology, which can connect to live database to acquire real time data, users are able to freely build diverse types of charts (Pie, Bar, etc.) with multi-level expanding capability.
  • Build cloud based (Azure) applications, such as customer support system for customer to report issues, submit enhancement request and inquiry on system functions, internal management system for project tracking, prioritizing, assignment and deployment follow up.

Lead Software Engineer


  • Led a team to develop / maintain company’s main product - VibeNet, a full ERP solution with a powerful web store for office supply dealers. Implemented features and functions with .Net, MVC, jQuery, Microsoft SQL Service and Entity Framework in multi-layer and event driven structure.
  • Had VibeNet fully released online in 20 months. Reduced the number of supporting tickets down to less than 20%, increased the number of total customers by 200%, and reduced the total server counts to 50%, including 20% data server.
  • Designed unique dynamic / customizable UI engine, allowing user to fully customize web store looking to pixel level.
  • Had been working 60-80 hours a week in the first year to ensure development process be finished in the time sensitive requirement.

Software Engineer


  • Involved in system maintenance, and business-related software developing with asp.net, asp, VB COM+ database design
  • Individually handled some projects eg: VTrack - a delivery system for dealers to retrieve package information from wholesaler and delivery to consumers.

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