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Short Term Contract Developer Resume

Pasadena, CA


  • ASP.NET Development
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • Visual Studio 2015 and 2017
  • WCF
  • WPF
  • Webforms
  • Transact SQL
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • MySQL Workbench
  • Web Services
  • JSON
  • SOAP
  • Web API
  • AJAX jQuery
  • XML
  • SOAP
  • JavaScript
  • MVC
  • AngularJS
  • IIS
  • Access
  • Classic ASP
  • COM
  • Project Management.


Confidential, Pasadena, CA

Short Term Contract Developer


  • Developed Intranet Admin Pages to simplify some tasks for the IT help Desk, using C#, ASP.net, AJAX and AngularJS.
  • Improved efficiency of MySQL queries supporting a search engine.
  • Eliminated potential SQL Injection problems.

Confidential, Torrance, CA

Sr. Full Stack.NET Developer/Lead


  • Developing CRM for CMIT using ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server 2012, WebAPI and AngularJS.
  • Configured a cloud server and set up a SQL Server database for Seurat Group, a data mining company under contract to Vitamin Shoppe.
  • Database was used for ad hoc queries of large data for analysis purposes.
  • Designed tables and indexes for optimum performance, so customer could do analysis using all of its data instead of small subsets. (SQL Server 2012, Intermedia Cloud Servers.)
  • Diagnosed and repaired a crashed ASP.net web site for Genesis Credit Management.
  • Crash was due to missing data. Made subsequent small changes to the web site as the customer requested. (Visual Studio 2015, ASP.net 4.5, C#.net console application, SQL Server 2012 and Sybase.)
  • Developed web services, and functions to consume web services, for Oakwood Worldwide a corporate relocation company.
  • Used Visual Studio 2015 and Fiddler. (ASP.NET 4.5)
  • Involved Design, development and implementation of Internet, multi - tier client/server applications and Intranet applications using .
  • Net framework and its components including ASP.NET,, C#, Web forms, Web services, SQL Server, Web Server,WCF, Entity Framework, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, LINQ and AJAX
  • Diagnosed and repaired an ASP Classic web site.
  • Most of the repairs consisted of IIS configuration changes. IIS 6.0

Confidential Compton, CA

Sr. Full Stack.NET Developer


  • Lead the effort to develop a Content Management System (CMS) in ASP.net that provided a modern user-friendly interface to a dated e-commerce platform.
  • The CMS included a routing system and a drag and drop interface.
  • The result was a streamlined process for bring new products to the web site. (ASP.net 3.5, Ajax, jQuery, SQL Server 2008, HTML, JavaScript, .NET Desktop App)
  • Managed, and wrote most of the code for, the development of an RMA (returned items) processing application in ASP.Net that interfaced with the Belkin Oracle ERP system.
  • The application generated an estimated $50K/month cost savings. (ASP.net 3.5, Ajax, jQuery, SQL Server 2008, HTML, javascript, C#.net)
  • Hired new programmers to boost the quality of work in the Belkin e-commerce department.
  • Developed a site traffic monitoring system to help determine our most and least popular pages as well as most popular paths through the site, and what search engines are directing traffic to our site. (C++, ISAPI, ASP classic, asp.net, SQL Server)
  • Redesigned the Belkin web site’s credit card processing system to reduce fraud.
  • Redesign resulted in a substantial cost savings. (ASP.net 3.5, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap, SQL Server 2008, HTML, JavaScript, C#.net)
  • Headed the development of the Belkin Configurators which enable a customer to easily determine exactly what products he/she needs.
  • Designed an infrastructure for the configurator that enable Belkin channel partners to use the wizards on their web sites in a seamless way. (ASP.net 3.5, Ajax, jQuery, SQL Server 2008, HTML, JavaScript, C#.net, C++)
  • Developed “Wizard” web pages for Belkin Components E-Commerce Site using ASP 3.0 with VBScript, SQL Server 7.0, HTML, JavaScript and a proprietary language from InterWorld. The purpose of the wizards is to enable a customer to determine which Belkin products are best suited to his/her needs. Development tools consist of Visual InterDev 6.0 and Dreamweaver 3.0

Environment: s: ASP.NET Development, C#, VB.NET, MVC, AngularJS, WCF, WPF, Webforms, Transact SQL, SQL Server, Web Services, AJAX, jQuery, XML, SOAP, JavaScript, IIS, Access, Classic ASP, COM, ISAPI, Project Management

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