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Consultant / Architect Resume

Cleveland, OhiO


  • A .NET Developer with over 15 years of experience in application design and implementation within the Microsoft technology stack.
  • Has experience working in all phases of the software development life cycle including business requirements gathering, prototyping, design, development, testing, implementation, and support.
  • Expertise includes developing web, mobile, and win - based applications. Additional experience within full webstack, middle-tier solutions, JavaScript frameworks, and framework architecture while applying Microsoft Preferred practices and designing/implementing software patterns.
  • Has experience using Object Oriented Design when appropriate to clarify functional baselines using the .NET Framework, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and XML with Oracle and SQL Server relational databases.
  • Has demonstrated the ability to analyze business processes and develop solutions and to apply an appropriate level of technology. Is an effective communicator and has a history of leading and growing teams.


Server OS: Windows NT 4.0/3.51, 2000, 2003

Desktop OS: Windows 8, WINDOWS 7, MS-Windows XP Pro, MS-Windows 2000, Windows Workstation and Server, MS-Windows 95/98, Windows 3.x, Management SMS, Working knowledge of UNIX



Tools: Performance Monitor, Web Trends

LANGUAGES: VB.NET, C# 2.0, C# 4.0 ASP.NET, MS-Visual Basic, MS-Visual C++, Visual FoxPro

Scripts: VBScript, Windows Scripting and batch processing, XML (XPATH, XSLT, Xquery), JavaScript, modernizr, HTML, DHTML. PHP, WebServices (SOAP, WSDL, REST)

DATABASES: Microsoft SQL Server V6.5/7.x/ 2000/2005/2008/2012, MSAccess, SybaseV10, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Oracle9i, DB2, Mongo, HaDoop (Pig, Pig Latin, and MapReduce )

TOOLS: AND FRAMEWORKS: .NET Framework 4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.1, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Asp.net MVC 5.0/4.0/3.0, Devarts dotconnect, AutoMapper, MS-Visual Studio.NET 2015;3;Core/ 2013/2012/2010/2008, Rational Rose, Microsoft Visual Modeler, Visual Source Safe, Visio, MS-Visual Studio V4-6, Mere Mortals, DotNetNuke, Infragistics, knockoutJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS, MarionetteJS, Telerik Studio, Kendo-UI, DexExpress tool, M-Spec, Watin, Mashery Cloud, Staccato, NodeJS, Babel, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Shared Access Signatures.Blend.JSON.NewtonSoft.

REPORTING TOOLS: Crystal Reports, Chart FX, SQL Reporting, Dundas, Sql Reporting services

Desktop SOFTWARE: Microsoft Office 2000/2003/2007, MS Outlook, Netscape 4.x/3.x, IE 7/6/5.x, Norton Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Visual Modeler, Toad, ERWin, PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro



Consultant / Architect

  • Supplementary Staffing Tasked to do SQL to PostGRES conversion, VB.net WebForm modifications of internal software applications using VB.net, html5, JQuery, Ajax, Javascript, BootStrap and BootStrap table, WCF Services and a home grown entityframework app. Also involved in helping to path the way for Future TECH and to help champion Technology decisions.
  • New applications designs and development using Microsoft Best Practices combined with TDD and tools like Dapper, Dapper Extensions, Lambda, Fluent, MVC6, ReactJS with Babble and WebPack. Current internal application is an RMS for the medical community.
  • New applications are being designed using Solid Design Principals, tools used KendoUI, Boilerplate MVC Scaffolding, Telerik, DataGrip, SQLServer 2008r2 and SQLServer 2005, POSTGRES, VS2015 update3 w/core with AZURE deployments, MVC6, WebForms, JQuery, JSON and Javascript, Html5, CSS3, C#, ASP.net. Additionals Tasks included redesigning of internal app that used OWIN Authentication to do internal processing using google api’s and OATH.

Confidential, Cleveland, Ohio

Consultant / Senior Developer

  • Part of the Delivery team of Bennett Adelson, our goal as a team was to support existing info structure and design and implement a new extension to an VS2010 internal mortgage application deemed ‘Gemstone’.
  • Our team was responsible for the creation and extension of MortgageCommon, MortgageSecurity, DocumentCenter, and an MSMQ developed app known as PostBack.
  • This required development with asmx webservices, modification and creation of components with asp.net including custom controls in VS2010. In VS2012 the creation of web-api services, c# for controllers, services, business components, models, and dto’s within asp.net MVC to support an oracle backend.
  • Key points to this position required being flexible and willing to dive in and support and modify older technologies such as soap services, webforms, xml as well as internal applications. It also required the ability to design and implement with no or little direction.
  • This was an agile based development that included poker style estimating, and retrospectives. Unit test were done with Microsoft fakes and shims, and integrated tests were done with internal utilities. The core development tools were VS2010, VS2012, Harvest, TFS, MSMQ, MSTest and Microsoft Fakes and Shim Resharper and Oracle.

Confidential, Elyria, Ohio

Solutions Architect / Consultant

  • Review existing Medical Imaging Application known as Z-Scope and make technical assessments and suggest and implement improvements.
  • Role was to code review existing WPF application and create report that would list suggestions to improve the stability of the application. Improvements taken, in corporate the use of TPL ( Task Programming Language ) for Async and Parallel programming and implement a core execution model and custom task scheduling. Condense and refactor code using lambda’s, base and abstracts to make maintainability easier, performance better, and redundancy reduced.
  • Add Error Handling and logging using Log4net and add unit tests with MSTest. Existing application was a WPF application written in c# using VS2010, .NET framework 4, firmware used for video capture was written in C++ and made use of 3rd party Intel IPP libraries ( LibVer 7.0 build 205.51 ).
  • Also had responsibilities to design and implement additional WPF screens for new demographics functionality, concerns were issues of pixelation, reduced dynamic range, bit-shifting and demosaicing errors.

Confidential, Akron, Ohio

Senior Developer, Consultant

  • Rebuild existing ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) application using more preferred patterns and practices.
  • Role was to create models, views and supporting controllers to duplicate existing functionality.Its used 3rd party excel tool (NPOI) to generate excel spreadsheets used for reporting, Telerik Kendo UI toolset for grids and inputs, jquery combined with razor syntax,Nject DI, log4net, knockoutJS and MVC Helper.
  • This application was built using Asp.net MVC4, twitter bootstrap, toaster.js, kendo.MVC, EntityFramework in a CF mode, Telerik’s Kendo UI toolset. Visual Studio VS2012/VS2013, SQLServer 2012. The primary purpose of this application was to monitor a RISK,and to make determinations on that risk.

Confidential, Indianapolis, Indiana

Application Architect / MT Lead

  • These duties included maintenance of an existing n-tier asp.net application written in VS2008, combined with a Dot Net Nuke CRM, implementation of Health-Check and HeartBeat, other enhancements such as IP blacklist and word search, Implementation of TinyMCE spellchecker, and other customization. Many others module enhancements to DNN. Deployment of new modules to production environment. Trouble-shooting and repair on an as needed basis.
  • On the MT side we used Agile methodology, and retrospectives. Our restful services used Open Rasta and Nancy Rest FX with an http protocol handling json, and xml messaging. In our connected system architecture we combined Nodejs, and a MasheryCloud. Our programming language was c# within Visual Studio 2010 combined with BackboneJS, MarionetteJS used as an abstraction ontop of Backbone, BootStrap, Html5 in the front-end, combined with Jquery, FuelUX. We used both IIS 6.0 and 7.0. Visual Studio TFS, Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools were used for our source-code needs, and we used Jira for bug handling and Agile processes.
  • Creation of MT infostructure, we applied the concept of ‘connected systems’ across domains that used several design patterns. We used both interface and base abstract programming where applicable. We wrote our entities as poco classes, separating our Dal from our business objects and logic. We used generics including func and action, linq, custom error handling, exception logging, our development language was c#, combined with Microsoft framework 4.0.
  • This application would allow a user with no or little knowledge of how to build a webpage or landing pages for a web and/or mobile environment, build a very dynamic presence on the web. Our application allowed the dynamic build of relationships through drag n drop. It provided the user the ability to design their own navigation. We also allowed a dynamic preview of your design on different platforms and devices, using responsive design. We allowed multiple levels of publish. We used the Backbone library and Marionette as an abstraction on top of BackboneJS. We applied these as MVVM as well as MVP ( presenter pattern ). We used models, collections, views and templating to extend controls that were internal to ExactTarget. We used routes combined with c# controllers to make calls to rest services written with both NancyFX and OpenRasta. With Marionette we took advantage of view abstractions, regions, layouts, collection views and item views and behaviors. We used janrain for authentication into social networks. We provided out of the box integration into social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and google analytics We built our application to use ( plug n play internal gears ) which were based on interface guidelines. Allowing the customer to extend our framework and design their own gears that would integrate into social networks like Facebook via API’s, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Using restful design, our application used fuel2 internal framework which was coupled with a Mashery cloud, on the UI side it used Stackato, Moustashe, Curl, BackBoneJS, MarionetteJS, FuelUX ( internal controls to ExactTarget ).
  • In my role I was involved in requirement gathering, technical design and analysis, the management of a small team including overseas coordination. Recommendations to upper management about concepts and technologies, Code reviews, refactoring, and problem solving, support, and integration with other internal and external teams.

Confidential, Akron, Ohio

Application Architect / Senior Developer

  • Role was to perform coverage and support for an existing Healthcare application.
  • These duties included maintenance of an existing n-tier asp.net application written in VS2008 which used HL7 messages and internal transformations.
  • It also included several upgrades and modifications, which included design of user controls and implementation.
  • Creation of asp.net web pages in a vb.net 3.5 framework, CSS, Integration of jquery and jquery-ui, json in a master-page architecture. This included all layers of the application, from the UI through the service layers.
  • Also was involved in merging the service tiers and splitting out the services into logical groupings based on functional areas.
  • Additional duties included creation and modification of new and existing WCF services, modification and creation of new and existing database tables, stored procedures, views and functions in Microsoft Sql Server V2008 R2. As well as the Refactoring the Data Access Layer to remove bloated DataTable and DataSet usage architecture and replace with a more object driven presence.
  • Other items of responsibility were review of business requirements, code review and audits, the creation of a configuration based test harness that was used to test the WCF services both for the Data and security sides, for unit testing. This test harness included confirming the services were up as well as calling the individual methods on a given service and confirming that request’s and responses were as expected. Source control was handled through TFS infrastructure.

Confidential, Erie, PA

Application Architect / Senior Developer

  • Role in this application was to be the ‘Anchor’ or lead on the development for individual components (such as property service, payplan, templates, rating). Being a lead included mentoring and or training other developers in a pairing environment as well as core development of the UI, middle-tier, and backend which could include Sql scripts and CI builds.
  • A Daily tasks might include such things as reviewing requirement documents, discussions with Business, Q/A, and UX members, iteration planning and or meetings, discussions with peers about architecture, implementation of services such as WSE, and WCF. Writing unit tests, step definitions, feature files and or acceptance tests. It also may include point assignments, and estimates as well as actual coding and reviews of that coding and other peers. These reviews could be in a peer group and are known as 3 amigos and or show n tells with our prospective business partners.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Application Architect for State Government

  • Initial Responsibilities were the backfill of the architecture / lead position with the treasury IT department.
  • Multiple applications were worked on during this short assignment, Wireboard, Vehicle Requisition system, and Positivepay Reconciliation system, and Women for Money Website. This environment is a SCRUM AGILE environment, with RAPID development part of the philosophy of the IT team, which is composed of just a small team of developers and operations staff.
  • Tools used are Visual Studio 2010 Team Systems, NUNIT, DataObjects.Net (ORM) version 3.5.9, Resharper, WPF using an (mvvm) pattern. The backend that the treasury uses is either a MS SQL 2008, or DB2 and access to the DB2 was performed using both ADO and OLEDB and IBM iSeries Navigator. The primary control set used at the treasury department is Telerik RAD Controls.

Confidential, Bloomfield, CT

Senior Developer/Architect

  • Responsible for developing application architecture, code standards, code reviews, assignment and reviews of junior developers.
  • Part of a team that was tasked with the redesign and implementation of a very visible application in the Insurance Industry.
  • This application was designed using n-tier architecture and utilized a customized extended membership model for security, EntLib 4.1. This application made use of SAML, WebSeal architectures in addition to WCF, WMI, SqlServer 2005, and Oracle.
  • The role of team was to build out the necessary components, conversions for HL7 messages and transformation, setup testing guidelines, provide protypes and utilities for offshore developers.
  • As a secondary role team was tasked with development of batch utilities, design and implementation of administrative utilities to build out encryption components, performance enhancements of the application for backend and data access, manual deployments to necessary environments.
  • This application was built using Agile methodologies, Visual Studio 2005, 3.0 Extensions, Framework 3.5, c# and asp.net, Enterprise Lib 4.1, and the asp.net membership model. The web environment followed the (MVC) model view controller pattern, for creational patterns used singletons, prototype, and abstract factory. For structural patterns used facade, bridge, composite and decorator. For behavior patterns used Interpretor, State, Observer, Template and Strategy. Linq to entities as well as Linq to sql was used in conjunction with sql2005 for access to our MSSQL repository. This role was one of many hats,
  • Also was written a POC using PostgresSQL and devarts dotconnect, to see if opensource could be a contender against Microsoft license’s compliance strategy.
  • Was responsible to setup coding standards, to do code reviews, to review the code that was received from onshore and offshore and make improvements and or suggestions, to bring to the team technology assessments.
  • Additional responsibilities were to perform unit tests that followed not only the ‘Happy Path’ but also included Edge case testing.
  • Also required was the design of individual components, development of prototypes and utilities, and mentoring of junior developers.

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

Senior Developer/Control Developer

  • Responsible for developing custom controls and middle-tier components for a .NET Budget Reporting system for the Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Application was an n-tier solution with a Custom Webfront end. Application was written in VB.net and C# with the backend being a SQL SERVER 2005 Database. Controls were Custom Controls and Composites no third party controls where used. These controls used the concepts of inheritace and polymorphism, CSS, overrides and JavaScript where also used. All access to the database where controlled via stored procedures. Application was built using MS VS2005 and framework 2.0.
  • Responsibilities also included mentoring of junior members.

Confidential, Strongsville, OH

Senior .Net Developer

  • Responsible for developing framework level components for a .NET provider-based scheduling system. This application was n-tier and used Microsoft preferred practices throughout. The application concepts and origination was based off the Microsoft Scheduler for MS-SQL Server, with a provider-based implementation that used the concept of rules, actions, and calendars. This application was written using Visual Studio 2008 and the language of choice was C#. The presentation was written in C# (ASP.NET, using custom controls, webforms, Ajax, HTML).
  • Designed, implemented, and developed the C# class objects that would need to be serialized and deserialized.
  • Utilized Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to work with a WSE-enabled Web Service.
  • Co-Led the team whenever necessary and make sure requirements were met on a timely fashion.
  • Collaborated with other company programmers and teams.
  • Mentored junior developers and got answers from the BI group for unseen design changes and or ramifications to minimize Scope Creep.
  • Used Agile (scrum) development methods.
  • Created the framework, base classes, and interfaces necessary to make this application scalable.
  • Used Microsoft preferred practices and accepted patterns for ease of development and code-reuse.
  • Used OOP where appropriate and necessary.
  • Wrote and test stored procedures to help with the design and development of the SQL Server backend database.
  • Wrote debug and test the providers that would be used, using Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Wrote the first test job that would be used as a template for new jobs and inherit from ActionBase and make the appropriate and necessary calls, to in corporate a DAL layer using an Object/Manager like pattern for DTO.
  • Created a proxy for WSE level integration of a pass-through Web Service leaving the security at the broker layer and allowing WSE to do the authentication not at the entry point as in a usual design but by calling another Web Service that was completely WSE enabled thereby allowing the caller to pass a mail object or pull an mail object directly from HTTP.
  • Developed utility classes, test-harnesses that used polymorphism for easy loading of the rule, and action based providers.
  • Created snippets, functions, and tools to speed up development for junior developers and other team members.
  • Helped develop coding standards and documentation.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Lead Developer

  • Responsible for creating an order entry C# Web Application that enhanced the existing Classic ASP application.
  • Mentored and transferred knowledge to junior developers.
  • Used C# custom controls and .NET wizard.
  • Utilized XML combined with C# objects to validate contents of form elements since this form had no security associated with it.
  • Designed and developed web GUI, middle tier, and framework.
  • Performed code reviews, mockups, and prototype for BI.
  • Utilized Web Services, (Oracle PL/SQL) to push data into the Oracle Backend.
  • Administered Ajax (atlas), JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, and XML for presentations.
  • Executed Agile (scrum) development methods.

Confidential, Akron, OH

Senior Consultant / Lead Developer / Architect

  • Responsible for mentoring and leading an internal team of internal C#, ASP.NET developers. The application is a Real-Time WIN application used for inspections of produce for large distributor (HEB). This application also includes ASP.NET Administrative Portal.
  • Used ADSI for authentication; it makes uses of MS-SQL Server 2005 and MS-SQL Express databases, OpenVMS.
  • Used entity objects, entity list, generics as well as predicates and indexers, and other C# programming concepts.
  • Designed the application using multiple design patterns.
  • Simulated mockups and testing using VMWARE and VMWARE Server.

Confidential, Akron, OH

Senior Developer

  • Responsible for middle tier and GUI development of Real-Time Web Reservation System used in the hotel industry.
  • Used MS-SQL Server as a backend for the application.
  • Also wrote a POC using MySQL
  • Evaluated and redesigned several aspects of this application to include the use of Web Services, ASPX files, CSS, Several Design patterns, Custom Controls, JavaScript, OOP and C#.

Confidential, Akron, OH

Consultant / Developer

  • Responsible for coming up with a plug-n-play design to the existing internal ASP D2DLink application. The new application was a .NET 1.1 tabular user control written in C# with Ajax hooks using AJAXPro open source.
  • Utilized Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for creating service and data for Web Services.
  • Built a new framework on .NET 3.0 using an Agile process.
  • Created bridging architectures and implementations which utilized existing classic ASP applications that included JavaScript HTC’s files and XLS files into a more .NET-based solution. The repositories included MS-SQL Server V2000 & 2005.
  • Maintained the source control through Team Systems in MS-Visual Studio.NET 2005.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Senior Developer / Architect

  • Phase I of the project included the ShowSupport Program. The purpose and objectives of the ShowSupport program was to act as a catalog inventory system. It included maintenance and administrative screens as well as a Web UI for cataloging functionality.
  • Built the program on the Rocky Lhotka CSLA 2.0 frameworks
  • Used a smart client/no touch deployment design for the program maintenance screens.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

.NET Architect / Developer

  • Phase I and Phase II of the project included the Job Scheduler Program. The purpose and objectives of the Job Scheduler program was to establish a shop floor execution plan that ensures on-time shipping through order sequencing. This program extends the MACPAC order planning by estimating the required start-time for a particular manufacturing order (MO). It also assembles orders into groups or SUPERJOBS to gain raw material utilization and order fulfillment.
  • Wrote the Windows application in C# and received data feeds from a DB2, Oracle, and MSACCESS databases as well as flat files from 3rd party ERP and MRP (OPS) sub-systems.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

.NET Architect / Developer

  • This application is a web-based application for statistical computations used in the ranking of professional players in the baseball industry.
  • Wrote the application in C# and used MS-Visual Studio.NET 2003 and .NET Framework 1.1. This application uses user-controls that are derived from CCS for its context, header and footer.

Confidential, Sharon, PA

.NET Architect / Developer

  • Responsible for the translation of the existing Delphi code into workable C# components. This refined process included the creation of all technical documents.
  • Member of the Interface development team for 'EMPOWER' a Commercial grade financial software for the Mortgage Industry.
  • Responsibilities included the translation of existing Delphi code into workable c# components. This refined process included the creation of all technical documents.
  • Involvement in Code reviews, UI Reviews, and participation in JAD like sessions, Bug fixes and completion of SCR's. Use of Nunit and Memory Profiler for component level testing.
  • Worked with 3rd party vendors to provide a generic interface method(s) to proprietary Unix and windows based platforms and some legacy repositories. Xml, Http protocol, threading, serializable objects were passed between methods, Avanade frameworks (ACA) and web services were applied for sending and receiving responses and requests. Oracle and SQL Server repositories were used for backend storage



  • Converted the data from the Legacy system.
  • Performed testing and debugging.
  • Designed the database and Stored Procedures (SQL and PL/SQL).
  • Utilized the following development tools: Oracle 7.2, Designer 2000, and Crystal Reports 7.0.


Application Programmer / Network Admin

  • Performed web design, testing and debugging.
  • Designed and Implemented the databases
  • Developed of UNIX Scripting and VB programming as well as FileIO and Winsock, TCP/IP.
  • Designed UI (User Interface) and administered the network (user accounts and security).

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