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Lead Software Developer Resume

Seattle, WashingtoN


  • Experienced, driven and collaborative Lead Software Developer with 10+ years of extensive experience in delivering high quality enterprise level software applications.
  • Focused on delivering products and solutions that meet business objectives and able to effectively work cross - functionally. Capable of leading teams in an Agile environment.
  • Exceptional hands-on analytical and problem-solving skills. Ability to quickly learn new technologies.


  • C#
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • CSS
  • Web Services
  • Visual Studio
  • XML
  • Agile
  • SQL Server
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Scrum


Confidential, Seattle, Washington

Lead Software Developer

  • Delivered new applications and enhanced software usability
  • Led a four person team that designed, coded and implemented a company-wide web based approval process for any type of corporate expenditure that required different management levels of approval. This allowed for a single application to enforce company expenditure and approval policies instead of requiring individual systems to manage their own approval engines.
  • Lead developer on a team of seven developers (onshore and offshore) for a lifecycle asset management system that tracks and processes all the events of an asset’s lifetime. This was initially supported by a vendor but was brought in-house for support which saved the company over $2M in annual costs. With over 1M lines of code and tens of millions of Network Interface Cards (NIC) cards to track, the company trusted my development team to learn, maintain and enhance this extremely important application to the business.
  • Technical lead to help rewrite a client based application into a web based application. This required a complete understanding of the current system. Working closely with the business to understand new requirements and functionality that they wanted and writing the use cases for other members of the team.
  • Created developer tools
  • On my own initiative I created a website that allowed developers to view SQL Server databases using a browser. Developers could quickly view tables, views, functions, triggers and stored procedures without opening a DBMS tool. The website also allowed developers to compare stored procedures residing in different environments. Or, select a table and see all stored procedures that accessed a table. This website became a valuable tool in helping developers review databases in a more efficient manner and quickly view different database environments by changing a dropdown value.
  • Maintained and modified code for internal systems
  • Business partners used an Excel spreadsheet to enter data into a database using a website. This was fine for small amounts of information but very time consuming with large amounts of data. I was entrusted to create a solution to eliminate all manual input. I created an asynchronous and synchronous process for the business that read their Excel spreadsheets and automatically updated the database. This eliminated all manual input for the business but also allowing them the choice of instant execution or delayed execution.
  • Tasked to move four corporate web security applications residing on decommissioning Windows Server 2003 which required the applications to be updated and installed to run on Windows Server 2016. The developer who supported these applications left the company suddenly. I was tasked to immediately ramp up to speed to understand these applications and get them moved to the new servers before the current servers were decommissioned. All new servers were setup and the applications were successfully ported to meet the rapidly approaching deadline.


Software Developer

  • Some developers still worked on mainframes. I built a website that allowed developers to view any type of data in a browser without having to go through the long process of logging into each mainframe system. They could even submit jobs to run on the mainframe using their browser. This was widely acclaimed by mainframe developers by allowing them to quickly view data without the usual logging in procedures.
  • Developed an external facing website that allowed vendors to check the status of their invoices. Prior to this website, vendors would have to call or email the Accounts Payable (AP) department. This website increased the productivity of the AP staff by 80% allowing them to focus on important work instead of having to track down each vendors request for payment information.

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