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Vp, Solutions Architect, Enterprise Architecture Resume

Livingston New, JerseY


  • Microsoft Visual C# .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server / T - SQL
  • ASP.NET MVC / Razor / WebForms
  • Oracle 11g / PL/SQL / Toad
  • REST / WebApi / WCF / SOAP / Web Services
  • AngularJS 4-1 / jQuery / Javascript / Typescript
  • Entity Framework
  • HTML / CSS / Bootstrap / Material / Ionic
  • Lucene / ElasticSearch
  • WPF / XAML / WinForms
  • MongoDB
  • Agile / Scrum / TDD / DDD
  • Git / TFS / SVN / Jira / Jenkins nUnit / MS Test / Moq / SpecFlow
  • Log4net / Serilog / Seq
  • Autofac / Unity / Ninject
  • Telerik / Kendo / Infragistics
  • Akana Api Gateway
  • ELK Stack (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana)


Confidential, Livingston, New Jersey

VP, Solutions Architect, Enterprise Architecture

  • Led a small, agile team as architect, team-lead, and developer, to design and develop a client onboarding and screening system to capture customer details and to integrate with the third-party vendor Actimize, which exposes SOAP services to run background checks against organization and individual customer details.
  • These backend SOAP services are being proxied, mediated, and transformed through RESTful APIs on the Akana API Gateway platform, exposing them to numerous consumer applications. The client onboarding application consists of two C# ASP.NET Web APImicroservices solutions, one for the onboarding bounded context, the other for the screening bounded context, assimilated into a single-page (SPA) AngularJS, Material Design, Bootstrap, and Kendo UI application.
  • An Entity Framework code-first model is built on top of a SQL Server database, one for each bounded context. Other supporting tools include, Autofac, for dependency injection, and AutoMapper for domain and server view-model mapping, and Excel spreadsheet automation with EPPlus. Assisted in educating the business team and mentoring development team in Agile methodologies, domain driven design, and automated unit and integration testing. Regularly engaged stakeholders and product owner to deliver quality assurance and excellence.
  • Built a C# ASP.NET Web API for a mobile application for analyzing the risks of qualifying loans. Data was retrieved via internal WCFSOAP Services, mediated and transformed into JSON format and made secure with OAuth claims-based identity token.
  • Architect and sole developer of an enterprise-wide C# ASP.NET Web API semantic logging service using Serilog, MongoDB to ElasticSearch with the NEST client API. A user interface dashboard composed of various Google Charts, and SignalR for real-time application logging and analytics. This service was a solution to getting instant feedback on the health of an application, error details, and snapshots of object hierarchies at the time of an event, without relying on another support team to provide logs on production servers.
  • A member of the Enterprise Architecture group, participating in weekly review boards, application rationalization, microservices evangelization, CI/CD best practices, documenting standards, presentations, and tutorials and training. Evaluation and adoption of new products and tools, i.e., API Gateway, Azure Cloud, messaging and queueing technologies, containerization, etc…

Confidential, Jersey City, New Jersey

VP, Solutions Architect

  • Architect and lead developer of a small team in the design and development of an asset management system for service owners to decommission IT resources to cut costs. A C# ASP.NET Web API layer exposed asset data stored in multiple Oracle 11g databases and made available to a variety of C#ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForms applications.
  • A C# ASP.NET MVC web site was created to consume these APIs and made available to the entire organization to certify their assets on a quarterly basis, or otherwise request decommission.
  • Developed a multithreaded indexing application with Lucene for a large number of technology assets stored in an Oracle database and fronted by a C# ASP.NET MVC web application for intranet users to quickly search and request IT services.

Confidential, Eatontown, New Jersey

Senior Lead Developer

  • Technical lead in the design and development of a C# ASP.NET WebForms inventory tracking system accessed by several warehouses on military installations throughout the country and units deployed abroad, providing the United States Army with computer resources, such as, laptops, servers, mobile devices, and software, both domestically and internationally. The system uses a mixture of custom business entities and typed DataSets through the business tier for processing, then communicating changes to a single backend Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database.
  • The ASP.NET web application uses many of the ASP.NET AJAX controls from the Web.Extensions library and the AJAX Control Toolkit for optimal response times. The ASP.NET DevExpress Grid control offered a rich, intuitive user interface for displaying and organizing data in a clean and meaningful format. A custom hierarchical grid was created from the Repeater control with a fairly extensive amount of JavaScript generated dynamically on the server and made functional in the browser for controlling the grid.
  • The security of the system and integrity of the code had to meet very strict requirements to prevent various hacking attacks, and to block attempts at gaining sensitive data about the locations of command units deployed throughout the world. Scans are conducted for every new release, as well as bug fixes and patches, using Fortify 360. This tool is capable of detecting vulnerabilities in the code, particularly, SQL injection attacks and cross-site scripting attacks.

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