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.net Developer Resume

Springfield, IL


  • 5 Years of professional Microsoft .NET Framework experience on Full Stack - Design & Development of various applications based on Object Oriented Programming, N-tier architecture, Client/Server-side coding, Web Services and Internet Information services and Technologies.
  • Good Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and Experience in all Phases I.e. Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Testing and User Training of Enterprise Web-Applications, Stand alone and Distributed applications.
  • Experience in developing web applications with C# using MVC5 and Web API framework.
  • Experience with client requirements, design and development of Web/Windows based application using .Net Framework with the use of ASP.Net, ADO.Net, on the Web Forms.
  • Worked on Webservices Like building Restful SERVICES with Web API.
  • Worked with Authentication and Authorization providing limited View access to the Users and All Views to the Admin User.
  • Played with the Master pages and the web forms with it.
  • Worked on Data binding controls and Two-Way Data Binding using ng model like Data Tables, Grid View, Data List, Repeater, List View, Text Box and Drop-down List with bootstrap Fields etc.
  • Worked with Entity Frameworks with code-first Migrations and database first Migrations.
  • Worked extensively with Data Adapter, Dataset, Data Table and Data Reader as a part of ADO.NET (ActiveX Data Object) to access and update database.
  • Extensive Experience in writing Stored Procedures, Sub-Queries, Functions, Views, Joins, user defined data types, operations and another Complex Queries using SQL, T-SQL with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Hands on experience in developing the projects using .Net framework, Visual Studio, TypeScript, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Efficient to Understand the functional requirements, define technical requirements and develop application designs and supporting documentation.
  • Experience in Integration testing, creating test cases in N Unit Testing, Test plans, generating Test scripts, Bug analysis and fixes.
  • Strong Analytical and Communication Skills with experience in interfacing effectively with various local and cross-geographic teams to develop requirements, functional specifications, design documents and solving complex problems.


Programming Languages: C#, MVC, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, JAVA, Angular.

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, XML, AJAX, JSON, SOAP, Bootstrap Controls.

Scripting Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript, jQuery.

Application Frameworks: .Net Framework, Entity Framework, GIT, TFS and JIRA.

Data base Technologies: TSQL, SQL SERVER, SSRS, Azure, MS Access.

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX and Linux.


Confidential, Springfield, IL

.Net Developer


  • Designed and implemented the service layer using the custom HTTP handler which supports both XML and JSON for request/response .
  • Implemented Model View Controller (MVC) Pattern in the application development. Provide guideline and code samples to improve system performance, using Visual Studio 2015, Visual studio Code and SQL Server.
  • Designed and developed web-based UI/UX in Single page application using components and navigated with in the components for different Views.
  • Worked with the Light weight data objects which is JSON on entire UI.
  • Worked on Two-way Data binding with both event binding and property binding for the fast reaction of the data to UI using Ng model
  • Worked with the form and controls in the form for updating the data.
  • Extensively worked in developing Stored Procedures and Functions in MS SQL.
  • Developed MVC web API Application with AJAX and worked on the CRUD operations.
  • Worked and Hosted API Services and used Help pages to make it look on the UI to Know what all the services are available for client’s application.
  • Implemented Security features using form authentication on MVC and Validation controls on both Server-side validations and client-side validations based on the user’s browser.
  • Worked on IHTTP Action Result and HTTP Post for Adding a new entity.
  • Interacted with Business Analyst to understand the Business Requirement Document (BRD).
  • Experience with the jQuery on the views and JavaScript framework.
  • Worked closely with product managers and customers to define, layout, and style various HTML and CSS user interfaces. User-interface coding using HTML bootstrap controls, jQuery, AJAX, and simple object.
  • Used Entity Framework and Package Manager with Code First Migrations to get the list of data objects from the SQL Database to bind with the jQuery Data Table for consistent access by passing the parameters to SQL data sources with the searching sorting and pagination for large records of data.
  • Developed SQL Queries and stored Procedures for storage and retrieval of data in SQL Server.
  • Worked on Stored Procedures by getting the more number Parameters to the procedures and developed with the loop functions on condition parameters.
  • Published the API and application with setting up the configuration to connect the Database in the server.
  • Updated the Internet Information services with the latest tools in it like URL rewrites and application to the server like node and Typescript
  • Deployed the application on the server under the default web sites and directed the application on API.
  • Used GIT for Version Control.
  • Fixing bugs reported by QA and worked with the DOM and elements for optimization and quality of the Application.
  • Utilized the GIT source control software to keep track of new and past versions of code written in my application.

Environment: Angular 2, TypeScript, Web API, C#, JSON, Visual Studio 2015, Entity Framework, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap controls, Azure, MS-Excel.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

.NET Developer


  • Involved in understanding and analyzing the client’s business, requirements for the system.
  • Implemented enhancements in all N layered architecture and comfortably programmed on all the tiers in the application.
  • Worked on major enhancements to the application and gained good expertise in working with product Inventory configuration that integrated with the external enterprise ERP system.
  • Implemented complex functionalities in the application using RESTful services and consumed services to communicate with external systems and implemented multi-threading for scaling up the execution of external web service calls.
  • Worked on Collaboration in writing new modules using ASP.NET MVC, HTML, JSON, CSS, jQuery & AJAX.
  • Designed and developed several user controls and custom controls that are used in the entire application and logic with C#. worked on configuring and help pages for the services that are providing by Web API Services.
  • Worked Entity Framework in data migration and code first work flow for interacting with Databases and performing all kind of operations on the information. Have used Enterprise Library, implemented applications blocks like logging, Data Access, Caching.
  • Worked on the Authentication by sign in the users and Authorization of limited controllers and the views associated with it
  • Configured the entire applications using the IIS 7.5.
  • Done Unit testing to verify functional, performance, and reliability requirements in place.
  • Assisted team in trouble shooting the issues related to technology and business of the application as well by managing the team.
  • Evaluated and validated solution interfaces, integration points and dependencies for .NET application development.
  • Handled production issues and as per the requirements enhanced user interface.

Environment:: C#, .Net framework, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, jQuery, RESTful services, Entity Framework, Windows Services-IIS, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, HTML 5, SSRS, Visual Studio 2013.

Confidential - Columbus, OH

.Net Developer


  • Actively involved in the analysis, design and development of the application using .NET Framework 4.5.
  • Used C# to define and implement a secure data service layer.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) for version control, updating task and bug tracking.
  • Involved in designing UI/UX with ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript & JQuery .
  • Make use of latest JavaScript libraries in project to make it friendlier to the user and to reduce latency time of the project.
  • Extensive use of HTML, and CSS for making responsive design for front end UI.
  • Designed web pages using MVC with Razor View Engine.
  • Developed MVC partial views and used Ajax feature to develop highly responsive UI and rich interactive application.
  • Worked with AJAX script manager, timer and update progress controls for periodic updating of site content with dynamic & faster response and alerting customers and scheduling appointments.
  • Developed PL/SQL Stored Procedures, functions, and Views in SQL Server for this application.
  • Worked on Windows Forms, Web Forms, Windows Services, SQL Queries and function.
  • Created and consumed a web services widely, using secured binding with SOAP.
  • Extensively worked on XML content for translating business data into different structures based on the XSDs defined.
  • Used User Controls extensively within Win Forms.
  • Implemented data access layer using Entity Framework to connect and retrieve or manipulate database for enhancements.
  • Experience in creating Validation Controls for Client-side validation.
  • Developed custom validation attributes to work with complex data structures by creating a Models.

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio, C#.net, ASP.NET MVC 4 Razor, Entity Framework, SQL Server, .NET Framework, Web API, XML, CSS, JavaScript and TFS.


.Net Developer


  • Built N-tier architecture for presentation layer, the Business and Data Access Layers and were coded Developed application using C#.
  • Written Parameterized Stored procedures, Views, complex queries, functions, for data manipulation and querying data and Worked with Entity Framework.
  • Worked intensely on the User Interface and Business logic.
  • Developed Views using C#, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Involved in unit testing and bug fixing of the project, wrote test cases using N unit within Visual studio.
  • Used AJAX Property to work with API data tables extended controls for better user experience and to achieve desired functionality.
  • Worked on Cascading Style Sheets and XML.
  • Developed and Build a RESTful service with ASP.NET Web API
  • Used XPath, XML Node to access files and XML Data Document to synchronize with Datasets.
  • Compared the XML files sent by the Clients with XML Schemas for creating users by Admin.
  • Scheduled monthly reports for Business analyst various categories and regions based on business needs using SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS).
  • Used cookies and sessions for security and proper navigation.
  • Extensively used Grid Views sorting and paging, generated PDF Implemented Template Columns for Custom Nested Grid Views
  • Worked on the entire project from development to deployment.

Environment: Visual Studio, .NET, C#, Oracle Server, SSRS, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, XML, jQuery, CSS, JavaScript.


.Net developer


  • Participated in Systems Study, Requirements Gathering and Analysis with Architect.
  • Used Agile Methodology for software development and Attended Daily Scrum Meetings.
  • Developed UI using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JavaScript validations and jQuery Libraries.
  • Involved in Design, Coding, Implementation and Testing of the module.
  • Involved in development of the web applications using webforms with ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, XML and CSS.
  • Created a master pages and web forms for over all look and feel of the website
  • Implemented PayPal payment gateway interface which notifies the website administrator automatically whenever a payment is made.
  • Implemented N Layered architecture and generated Business Logic classes, Data Access classes and Data Domain Object classes.
  • Extensively involved in developing components for Business and Data tier using C#, ADO.NET, LINQ
  • Created a Model classes and defining the properties for the data access from SQL same a table rows
  • Involved in designing and developing the logic for both Client website and admin control panel.
  • Used a data access layer to communicate with database continuously from the application.
  • State management was achieved using Sessions, View State, and Query String.
  • Extensively used ASP.NET AJAX components for rich user interface in Client-side and admin panel websites.
  • Designed Use case documentation, test cases.
  • Worked Unit testing on the application.
  • Worked on JIRA to fix bugs. Fixed issues and reported it to the testers and project manager through JIRA .

Environment: ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, C#, SQL Server, AJAX, XML, JavaScript, Windows Server, Internet Information Services, JIRA, Visual Studio.

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