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Sr. Ui Developer Resume

Jersey City, NY


  • 10+ years of professional experience in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, Implementation, Maintenance, Debugging, Reports, Testing, Deployment and Support of Software Applications in client server environment, mobile and Web based applications
  • Very strong programming experience in .NET 2.0,3.0,3.5,4.0 Framework (C#, VC++, LINQ to SQL, Multithreading, Reflection, Delegates, WCF, WPF, VB 6.0, COM+, ASP, VS )
  • Sound experience of UI programming using XAML, C#, AJAX, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Expert level skills in C#, XAML, socket programming, multithreading.
  • Good Experience with WPF, Silverlight 5.0/4.0/3.0/2.0 and knowledge of WP8.
  • Solid Debugging Techniques and Object - Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts.
  • Experience of creating Multilayered system, Service Oriented Architecture, System Architecture
  • Capable of designing and implement a highly efficiency system from ground zero.
  • Server-side coding and creating efficient and secure web services.
  • Good Knowledge of Relational and Non-Relational Database Management Systems, SQL, Store Procedures.
  • Capable of performing under minimal supervision, multi-tasking, meets deadlines as an individual contributor and a good team player.


Languages: C#, C, C++, VC++, VB.NET, VB6, Assembly, eVC.

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7/ Win 8, MS DOS, UNIX, Android

Technology: .NET 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0 , Silverlight 5/4/3/2, WCF, WPF, MFC, ATL, FLEX/AIR

Application Tools: VS, Xamarin Studio Eclipse, Tortoise SVN, Star Team, Install Shield, GIT, TFS, VSS

Silverlight/WPF Tools: Expression Blend, Red Gates & .NET Profiler, XPerf, fiddler, Reflector, Silverlight SPY, Snoop

Service Development: Windows Communication Foundation (WCF ), SOAP service, WebAPI, REST

Databases: SQL Server 2005/2008/2010 , Oracle 9/10i, MS Access, SSRS, SSIS, MongoDB, Cassandra


Confidential, Jersey City, NY

Sr. UI Developer


  • Lead UI development of DealTrax, Implement new layout features as per BRD
  • Understand business process related to Loan life cycle, Draw life cycle, Various Workflows associated with loan.
  • Actively resolve production issues faced by Bankers, TMG, LoanOps, Support Team other business members.
  • Add new functionality, Enhance, bug fix DealTrax UI using WPF/C# and Visual Studio 2012/2015.
  • Modify XAML style to match the application look, Create Custom controls.
  • Design user-friendly Views using appropriate UI standards, Optimize UI for various monitor size.
  • Use MVVM pattern to build scalable application.
  • Upgrade to latest version of Infragistics toolkit, Bug fix Enhance the grid control.
  • Take part in migrating to Confidential cloud services, micro services, Thick to thin client (Angular website)
  • Lead efforts to migrate to Jira, Bitbucket, Confidential atom toolbar.
  • Manage onboarding of offshore teams, provide guidance, document development, communicate with QA other teams, handle deployment.
  • Implement the next generation authoring platform using the latest technology
  • Evaluate new products that can help in enabling author anywhere using pone and tablets.
  • Develop UI using WPF/C# and using VS 2010
  • Improve the existing Authoring Word plugin for MS Word using VB.
  • Streamline the technology stack across the applications and removed tight-coupling of the applications

Environment: C#, WPF, XAML, Expression Blend, WPF, VS 2012/15, SVN, Bitbucket, WFC, REST, Angular JS, Eclipse, java, JavaScript, fiddler

Confidential, NY

Sr. UI Developer/Lead


  • Use Visual Studio and Silverlight to develop on Xbox and WPF/C# for internal application.
  • Implement design patterns like MVVM, MVC, and Single page architecture according to the device.
  • Implement Unit test and continuous integration to improve coding standards
  • Optimize performance by shifting business logic in appropriate middle tier or backend database.
  • Work with server team to implement new REST base API, design the data diagrams.
  • Lead projects from concept to maintenance phase, co-ordinate with different teams including the remote vendor, server team, database team.
  • Use Expression Blend to create custom UI controls, Create POC for a upcoming projects and provide an technical insight to the business team (pillars).
  • Evaluate the security concern on each platform and device strategies for known issues to protect content.
  • Implement Software patterns, performance enhancement techniques, UX best practices, federated identity.
  • Take part in approval of wireframe and work close with design team to help them understand functionalities and limitation of each platform.
  • Architect the application to allow network capturing using fiddler, httpscoop, wireshark, perfmon other tools.
  • Test driven approach and scrums, set weekly/monthly goals for each team, follow up, and remove impediments.
  • Create REST base API and tailor the API to server various devices and platform.
  • Objective-c/java to develop iPhone, android and user bright script, JavaScript to develop on other devices.
  • Take part in daily/weekly scrum, team meeting, evaluation and recruiting developers

Environment: C#, Silverlight, XAML, Expression Blend, WPF, VS 2010/12, TFS, SVN, Github, WFC, REST, LINQ, Win 8, Node JS, AWS, Xamarin, Eclipse, Java, JavaScript

Confidential, NJ

Sr. Developer/Analyst


  • Architect new web base trading platform using latest .NET technologies and modern UI language XAML.
  • Develop web base forex trading platform using Silverlightv4.0, maintain desktop application using WPF and C#
  • Implement a socket base class to get rate updates for subscribed pairs, change socket policy from TCP to http
  • Create server-side services to optimize and ensure maximum performance by reducing code execution time.
  • Create WCF service for data access, implement WCF header to carry authentication details.
  • Use Expression Blend to create various styles, modify the Templates of the build in controls to enhance the look and feel of a control. Create Silverlight controls from the backend use implicit styling.
  • Implement the smart dispatcher class so non-UI threads can access the UI controls.
  • Utilize Telerik controls like Dock panel to arrange the UI and the use can configure and save the layout.
  • Use data-binding, converters, dependency properties, attached properties.
  • Implement globalization in four language English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese.
  • Write Store Procedure and SQL queries in SQL server 2008/2010, use SQL server profile and cleartrace.
  • Created SQL Queries, Store Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Indexes and Views using SQL Server 2008/2005.
  • Optimize the XAP and reduce the size, deploy Silverlight application to QA and Dev environment.
  • Take part in evaluation WP7 (Windows Phone) application development in Silverlight.
  • Tools used during development: Silverlight spy, Expression Blend, Red gate memory and performance profiler, windbg, wcftestclient, Fiddler, Service Trace Viewer, Service Configuration Editor, XPerf, Reflector, SQLProfiler.
  • Create design document, update the requirement specifications, test case, change control documents, team meetings, and interact with business team.

Environment: C#, WPF, Silverlight 4.0, Win forms, WP7, ASP.NET, XAML, Expression Blend, SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting, VS 2010, TFS, XML, WCF, WPF, LINQ, Win 7, MS Office, Telerik controls

Confidential, NC

Sr. Developer/Analyst


  • Design and develop web base business application using the Silverlight 3.0.
  • Extensively used MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture including Relay Command, Message passing.
  • Create secure WCF services for data exchange, involved in security design for the LOB application and write code for user authentication and to secure the web services
  • Using Expression Blend to created objects and timeline, triggers, storyboards, custom controls.
  • Use XAML, ASP.NET, AJAX to create User Interface with a high performance
  • Implement various techniques to improve performance of the Silverlight application, modify existing data-grid class to improve the render time,
  • Redesign the web-services to increase efficiently use threading use compression techniques to reduce the Web-service xml data and thus increase server throughput.
  • Implement Dual data-binding and extensively used data-binding, converters, dependency properties, attached properties,
  • Modify the Templates of the build in controls to enhance the look and feel of a control
  • Create custom Silverlight user controls like wait animation, tooltip, tab control, data-grid, and layout panels.
  • Implement asp.net user control to be used around the organization to load installs scripts for Silverlight.
  • Modify the HTTP Module to perform various security checks before the user can get sensitive data.
  • Created SQL Queries, Store Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Indexes and Views.
  • Tools used during development: Silverlight spy, Expression Blend, wcftestclient, Fiddler, Service Trace Viewer, Service Configuration Editor, ghostdoc, XPerf, Reflector, SQL server Profiler.
  • Actively take part in deployment to DEV, UAT, PROD servers and provide solution for bugs in all environments.
  • Create presentations to demonstrate the capability of new technologies like Silverlight, knowledge transfer and teach Silverlight to other team members
  • Create design document, update the requirement specifications, test case, change control documents.
  • Take part in team meetings, discuss feedback with business, synchronize with off shore development

Environment: C#, XAML, Silver light 3.0/2.0, WPF, Expression Blend, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Server Reporting, VS 2008, VSS, XML, WCF, WPF, LINQ, ASP.NET, Windows XP, MS Office

Confidential, MO

Team Lead


  • Design and develop online business application using Silverlight 3.0/2.0
  • Microsoft SQL Server: Normalization, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Rules, Views, Indexes
  • Take part in the design of the various layers presentation, business and database.
  • Create and modify the XAML code of the Silverlight user controls and modal windows, use expression blend to edit the front end
  • Create WCF services for data exchange between clients and server.
  • Implement Drag and Drop functionality need on the landing page.
  • Involved in security design for the LOB application, Code for user authentication and to secure the web services
  • Extensive use of panels like stack and grid, inserting dynamic panels by using c# code.
  • Create interface for the web service class that performs data fetching operations form data server
  • Modify and Control Templates for various UI controls and use attached and dependency properties
  • Use the LINQ to SQL operations to accomplish DAL functionality.
  • Implement classes for data validation and to perform edit check on the data.
  • Write code to provide preview and printing functionality to the end user.
  • Create Stored Procedures, SQL Queries, and LINQ Queries for the data layer.
  • Develop SQL Reporting Services web apps, using .Net 3.5 principles.
  • Extensively used data-binding, converters, dependency properties, attached properties, Routed events and resources
  • Use Microsoft Health Common User Interface, study the design guidelines for the CUI toolkit and code various controls.
  • Evaluate 3d rendering engines for Silverlight like the Balder and make a proof of concept module.
  • Utilize ASP.Net and AJAX for efficient and interactive web applications.
  • Involved in bug fixing, enhancement, unit testing of business application.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, XAML, Silver light 3.0/2.0, Expression Blend, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Server Reporting 2005, Visual Studio 2005/2008, WinCVS, Windows Vista/ XP, XML, WCF, WPF, LINQ

Confidential, IL

Sr. Developer/Analyst


  • Migrate legacy code to .NET framework, major part of legacy coding is C++ and Win32.
  • Enhance the look and feel of the existing software by introducing new visual components.
  • Developed, Design and Maintain SQL Reports
  • Coded service in WCF and was involved in hosting, maintenance. Service was created to get some of the reference values that were part of the application and are standard among some of the client intranet projects.
  • Responsible for developing various user interfaces using asp.net
  • Convert Excel Reports to the SQL Reports.
  • Developing Web services using C#
  • Creating user controls and master pages using ASP.NET
  • Using AJAX to display tiff images on client browser
  • Socket Programming using the CSocket class provided in the MFC and using WinSoc
  • Create module to communicate with queue by using IBM MQ in .net environment.
  • Write custom applications to migrate database to SQL Server.
  • Implement Web Services and Service Clients
  • Created Various Stored Procedures, Views and Functions in SQL Server 2005
  • Using ASP.NET authentication to login user and grant access
  • Used AJAX Controls to enhance the user experience
  • Create ASP.NET web pages for web-based reports and web services.
  • Test the feasibility for migrating to web services to WCF
  • Create the front-end with XAML /WPF and implement queries using LINQ.
  • Document the change requests and modification and resolving bugs

Environment: C#, C++, ASP.NET, WCF, XAML, WPF, SQL Server, MFC, Oracle, SQL Server Reporting 2005, SQL Server Integration Service, Visual Studio 2005/2003, Windows 2000/ XP, IBM MQ, XML, WCF, WPF, LINQ

Confidential, TX

Sr. Developer/Analyst


  • Designed and develop a POC light client application that can be easily installed on customer's pc.
  • Implement advance database design and architecture dataflow system
  • Implement a SOAP client service to authenticate a promo-code and get a URL to upload files to the server.
  • Responsible for developing user interfaces using ASP.NET 2.0 using controls like Grid-view, Repeater, etc
  • Created WCF service which was used in the Application. Service was used to consume Confidential ’s business topologies.
  • Created Classes (API) in C#.NET 2.0 to implement the Business logic. Implemented features like Generic List, etc.
  • Was involved in implementing the Ajax Framework in the application. Pages like user registration and some admin pages are developed with AJAX
  • Developed of GUI using ASP.NET 2.0 and code behind logic using C#
  • Developed modules in sever to communicate to new business applications.
  • Enhance the existing software architecture to improve the performance and meet customer requirements.
  • Change the client code to that support the vista operating system.
  • Made use of Data-Grid and Repeater Controls to display data in a customized format in the ASP.NET web pages.
  • Create various reports using Crystal Reports, optimize queries and write store procedure.
  • Developed MS Office 2007 Plug-in to display application icon on various office products
  • Handle the Build process and change the Install Shield Scripts and Visual Build Scripts to support installation on Vista OS.
  • Design Use Case documents, maintain the change documents and flow the change request process.

Environment: C#, C++, Winforms, ASP.NET 2.0, Flex, Air, Java, SQL Server 2005, XML, Visual Studio 2005/2003, Crystal Reports, AJAX, WinCVS, Windows 2000/ XP /Vista, MSOffice/Excel 2000/2003/2007 , Install Shield 10.5 /12, Visual Build


Sr. Programmer/Analyst


  • Designed and developed GUI using OpenGL for new automation devices acquired from cutler-hammer.
  • Bug fixing and coding using the VC++ and MFC architecture.
  • Analyze the change request from the customer and make report of the changes need in respective modules of the code also create a feasibility report.
  • Used Windows SDK to develop dynamic link library files.
  • Involved in the analysis of designing the application using UML.
  • Tested the Dunda's Professional Class for Data display using the Data Grid and merge the class in the Confidential architecture and the MFC framework.
  • Documentation of the Code changes done and requirement modifications through the Star Team

Environment: C#, VC++, XML, MS Access, Visual Studio 2005, Windows SDK, OpenGL, Star Team, Windows 2000, Windows XP

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