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C# Developer Resume

Salt Lake City, UT


  • 7+ years of experience in systems analysis, design and development and testing of web applications using Microsoft .NET Technologies including .NET Framework C#,ASP.NET,VB.NET, ADO.NET Entity, WCF, WPF, AJAX, MVC, HTML, Windows services, Web Services, SQL, Oracle and node JS, React JS and Angular JS .
  • Experience in developing applications using ASP.NET MVC 3.0/4.0/4.5 Framework.
  • Strong in designing ASP.NET based Graphical User Interfaces with CSS, JavaScript, typescript, Multi - threading and HTML, Angular JS, React JS, and Power shell scripting.
  • Extensive experience in design and development of web applications using ASP.NET MVC, MVVM architecture.
  • Experience in creating and consuming Web Services, WCF and Web API.
  • Extensive experience in WCF bindings and J-Query/JSON for retrieving data.
  • Experience using AJAX to create interactive web applications, mainly focusing at increasing performance.
  • Extensive work experience and knowledge of LINQ and React JS.
  • Extensive experience in Database design, Modeling and Database maintenance in SQL Server environment.
  • Implemented Object Oriented Principles (OOPS) like Encapsulation, Abstraction, and Inheritance which are basic building blocks for Object Oriented Design.
  • Experienced in developing Windows desktop and WPF applications with Dynamic CRM.
  • Experience in implementing Business Process, Abstract factory as part of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Implemented N-Tier Architecture and integrated the UI with the data base for data retrieval and manipulation using ADO.NET data objects and ADO.NET Entity Framework.
  • Experience in designing Master Pages utilizing Server Controls, User Controls, Data Grid control, Form Validation controls, Custom controls and CSS.
  • Experience in designing and developing Restful as well as SOAP web services.
  • Experience in working with ASP.NET rich controls (Grid view, Form view, SQL Data Source, Object Data Source, Login controls, and Navigation controls).
  • Experience in reporting and analysis using Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) with the .net environment.
  • Extensively worked on Agile Scrum Methodology and actively participated in Sprint/Scrum meetings.
  • Experience in TFS (Team Foundation Server) for source code control, SourceSafe, GIT Hub project related document sharing and team collaboration.
  • Quick learner, strong capabilities in both verbal and written exceptional problem-solving and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Experience in Health domain, Banking Domain, Payment processing, insurance domain and Institutional Domain.


.NET Technologies: .NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5 , ASP.NET, Win Forms, WCF, WPF, Web Services, Windows services, SOAP, Restful, Silverlight, ADO.NET Entity Framework, XML, LINQ and MVC.

Languages: C#.NET, VB.NET, SQL, T-SQL.

Scripting Language: JavaScript, Ajax, VB Script, Type Script, jQuery, node JS, React JS and Angular JS

Markup Languages: XML, XAML, HTML, DHTML, XSL, XSLT, CSS.

IDE: Visual Studio 2008,2010,2012,2013 & 2015

Databases: SQL Server 2005/ 2008/2012/2014 , Oracle PL/SQL 9i/10g, MS Access, MySQL.

Operating Systems: Windows 98/2000/XP/ 2007/2008/2010

Version Control: Visual Source Safe, TFS.

Servers: IIS 5.0, IIS 6.0, IIS7.0

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, SSRS,SSIS


Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT

C# Developer


  • Developed and implemented the web page interfaces .
  • Created ASP.NET pages using C#.NET for middle-tier processing of client requests with ADO.NET interfaces for database and implemented stored procedures .
  • Used ADO.NET and data objects such as Data Adapter, Data Reader, Dataset, data table for consistent access to SQL data sources .
  • Developed the custom error pages and Error Handling .
  • Implemented appropriate WinForms error handlers so that user can experience user friendly messages for exceptions .
  • Designed developed and customized several web pages using HTML DHTML CSS and ASP.NET 4.0 and Java Script .
  • Developed Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Views in SQL Server 2012 for accessing the database .
  • Implemented Encrypting password feature using AES Encryption method adding Random string and removing from Decryption using C# cryptography.
  • Responsible for developing the Data Access Layer (Model) using ADO.NET Entity Framework Model, LINQ to Entities, UNIX, Linux and C#.
  • Implemented Rest Services using node JS and C# to serve the web application with JSON data.
  • Maintained technical documentation for all windows Server, and HP hardware related technologies that are used in the production server environment.
  • Extensively worked with Node JS, Grommet and React JS to grunt the run tasks and performing the modules.
  • Actively involved in Team meetings, scrum, release planning meetings and group discussions for project progress and project related issues using GIT HUB.

Environment: Visual Studio 2012, C#, VB.NET, .NET Framework 4.0, SQL Server, Oracle, ASP.NET, IIS 6.0, XML, AJAX, ADO.NET, HTML, LINQ, JavaScript, node JS, React JS, Windows services, Web Services, WCF, SQL Server 2014.

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • Azure Storage development and design utilizing Blobs, Queues, Tables and VM's .
  • Designed and Developed for an Azure Storage system .
  • Azure Library Framework development for an HPC System in a multi-tenant environment .
  • Library work involved designing classes to programmatic control of Azure .
  • Design and Development of an Azure Resource and Cost Tracking System .
  • Symmetric Encryption and Compression of data to and from Azure.
  • Worked on Views, Strongly typed views, sections, areas in Asp.Net MVC and created Razor syntax creating Asp.Net MVC to reducing the code aspect.
  • Involved in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from requirements gathering and performed Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) using UML and Object Relational Mapping(OMR)
  • Created Angular components like controllers, services, directives and forms to collect different user data and implemented form validation in Angular JS and React JS.
  • Debug and fix software, including difficult issues using a broad knowledge of technologies like ASP.NET, Entity framework, MVC, Web API, WCF, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, UNIX,JSON, Share point, Angular JS, Node JS, React JS and SQL 2012.
  • Worked on Web API and web services to Consuming the data and created the repositories for performing task modules.
  • Retrieved JSON data from RESTFUL web service by using AJAX to get resources from database and populated the data to client side.
  • Developed Rest Services using node JS and react JS and node modules to serve the web application with JSON data.
  • Used agile methodology during rewriting the application and adding new features to the application.
  • Used TFS (Team Foundation Server), Test Driven Development (TDD) project related document sharing and team collaboration.
  • Used Express Framework to set up middleware to respond to the HTTP requests with the help of React JS and angular JS.
  • Involved in unit testing and system testing for react components using JavaScript test utility.
  • Worked on Service now to get the Activations, updated software's and Used JIRA version one for task allotment.
  • Actively participated in Sprint /Scrum meetings/Release planning for project discussions and managed the time effectively.

Environment: Visual studio, C# 4.0, ASP.NET, ADO.NET Entity framework, MVC 5.0, HTML 5, WCF, Web API, CSS 3, React JS, SQL Server 2012, SOAP/Restful Web services, WPF, JavaScript, IIS, Angular JS and Agile Methodology .

Senior .Net Developer

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Analyzed requirements document and created detailed functional and Nonfunctional specifications
  • Designed and implemented the rich user interface using Asp.NET 4.5, MVC 5.2, HTML 5, CSS, XML, WCF, WPF, and Entity framework, JQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, React JS and Angular JS.
  • Designed and developed use cases, activity diagrams and sequence diagrams using UML.
  • Implemented CRUD functionality with Entity Framework with ASP.NET MVC and implemented sorting, filtering, and paging with entity framework in MVC and MVVM architecture.
  • Involved designing in web pages using HTML 5, XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS, React JS
  • Extensively used React JS to make site pages rendering quicker, instead of using ng-repeat in Angular JS used ng - React to accomplish the same.
  • Developed web application using Silverlight for rich interactivity and Client Validations using JQuery, JavaScript and AJAX.
  • Developed few search techniques in node.JS environment.
  • Developed complex MVC controllers, views, models linked to backend database and worked on Razor views and razor engine.
  • Worked on different WCF bindings for accessing the both windows and web application.
  • Used Basic Http Binding and WSHttpBinding to interact with other WCF services and Third party systems like QNXT, FACETS and UINIX, CAE etc .
  • Used various server controls like Multi View and Grid View with extensive data binding to display, page and sort multiple records.
  • Designed and developed WCF Web Services and configured our WCF Services with appropriate endpoints for consuming them in the web application.
  • Used React JS for data-intensive, real-time application that run across distributed devices
  • Developed SQL Store procedures, SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) and SSIS with crystal reports web applications using .Net 4.5.
  • Involved in Implement Forms Authentication Security and Involved in working with ADO.NET Entity Framework.
  • Created and consumed restful web API to retrieve the JSON messages using HTTP protocol.
  • Developed Restful web Services including JSON formats for client Requests.
  • Created Views by applying complex queries on multiple tables to create the virtual tables and implemented Cursors in Stored Procedures using RDBMS, SQL Server 2014, and Implemented Joins in Stored Procedures to get the desired data by joining multiple tables.
  • Extensively worked on automated Unit testing on Unit testing framework.
  • Familiar with Integration testing by using N coverage tool, VS automated unit testing framework and MS testing.
  • Extensively involved in code reviews, monitoring and knowledge sharing of team to ensure the delivery of high quality products.
  • Actively participated in agile Scrum meetings and group discussions for project progress and project related issues using Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Environment: .NET framework 4.5, Visual studio 2013, C# 4.0, VB.NET, ASP.NET, UML, AJAX, MVC5.0, HTML5, WCF, CSS3, LINQ, WPF, JavaScript, PL/SQL, IIS7.0, Xml, Restful, Power shell, node JS, React JS, Angular JS, Silverlight 4.0, Agile methodology and ADO.NET Entity.

Senior Application Developer

Confidential, Denver, CO


  • Involved in gathering information from clients, analyzed the information and provided with the best solutions, which meet client's requirements Involved in all phases of project lifecycle i.e. requirement gathering, analysis, design, application development and testing for the project.
  • Developed and designed web pages using ASP.NET HTML5, AJAX controls, JavaScript, CSS3, Angular JS, JQuery, Bootstrap, React JS, MVC and Angular UI.
  • Implemented ASP.NET MVC4.0 (Model View Controller) architecture for application development to render different views based on the category and simplify the testing process.
  • Implemented node JS, React JS, Angular JS frameworks in AJAX-driven websites using proxy to get the data from the back-end in the form of JSON to populate on the UI components.
  • Used Angular JS Http Request to read data from web servers and process JSON data to render UI.
  • Used Twitter Bootstrap for HTML components style definitions and user interface elements such as dialog boxes and toolkit.
  • Worked server side Asynchronous JavaScript, XML(AJAX) techniques to improve the performances.
  • Maintained and enhanced existing software by analyzing and identifying areas for optimization and refactoring. Investigated new technologies and techniques and researched ongoing industry developments using OOPs.
  • Extensively used Data Adapter, Data Set, Data Table, Data View, Data Grid, Data List, Data Repeater and Data Reader for binding data from database to the various web forms.
  • Wrote T-SQL queries, T-SQL Stored Procedures and Triggers, which will execute against a database in order to extract the appropriate data for each report.
  • Developed Asp.net MVC applications using code first Approach entity framework and Razor engine.
  • Responsible for creating crystal reports using SSIS and SSRS
  • Extensively worked on WCF bindings and WPF, ASMX to create services and involved using XML, SOAP and WSDL tool for creating proxy classes.
  • Used Java Script for Client side Validation on the data prior to being submitted to the database.
  • Fixed the Bugs and implemented Functionality changes in the existing Classic ASP pages that come from the Production Support Team for MIS Groups.
  • Developed Bootstrap responsive web application pages using react and Angular JS services, controllers and directives for front end UI and consumed Restful web service API.
  • Performed Unit testing using NUnit testing framework and TSS tool to implement test driven Development.
  • Validate the Https request and response of the REST API using Postman which are generated by the node JS, react JS and express JS.
  • Used Visual Source Safe for Version Control and branching and merging from development server to stage to stage to production servers.
  • Involved in application build debugging, deployment process and Release planning.

Environment: Visual Studio 2012, C#,VB.NET, .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET, MVC 4.0, IIS 6.0, XML, AJAX, ADO.NET, Visual Source Safe, HTML, LINQ, JavaScript, node JS, React JS, Angular JS, MVC, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Web Services, WCF, SQL Server 2008.

Application Developer

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • Involved in system study and initial requirement gathering and actively involved in analysis and detail design, development, bug fixing and agile methodology.
  • Developed 3 -Tier architecture web application using ASP.NET, VB.NET, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX and web services.
  • Worked in User Interface layer, Business Logic layer and also in the Data Access layer with the SQL Server.
  • Creating ASP.Net web pages using C#.NET, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JQuery for sorting and filtering.
  • Worked with Master Pages and Cascade style sheets (CSS), JavaScript, HTML for the web pages.
  • Used Visual source Safe(VSS) to manage changes to the source code
  • Worked on JavaScript for Client side Validation and Used Web Services to access data from the Remote Application.
  • Used Customized Exception handling class for the handling exceptions in each layer with event logging and experience in Creating .Net assemblies using C#.NET
  • Implemented OOPs concepts like Inheritance, abstraction and polymorphism to develop the secure modules.
  • Used Windows communication Foundation (WCF) to communicate with other backend systems.
  • Used Datasets, Data Adapters, Data Readers and Data Connections for retrieval of data from the database.
  • Developing Web forms and windows forms for concerned applications.
  • Referenced Microsoft SharePoint Assemblies such as Microsoft, SharePoint, Client.Runtime.dll and Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll to connect to C# code.
  • Programmed RDBMS SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Performed unit testing on each module developed and Participated in system integration testing.
  • Worked on deploying the application on to development, staging and production servers.
  • Used AJAX tool kit for better user experience in the web pages in the application.
  • Developed custom reports using Crystal Reports suing SSIS and SSRS.
  • Performed Unit Testing on every new version before sending it for User acceptance test
  • Actively involved with Team Meetings and testing team for the project testing for project related issues .

Environment: Visual Studio 2010, C#.NET, ASP.NET 4.0, VB.NET, JavaScript, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2008, T-SQL, Web Services, SOAP, AJAX, XML Schema, XSD, XSL and JavaScript.

Dot Net Programmer



  • Implemented extensive client/server validations using ASP. NET validation controls JavaScript for client side validations and Custom Control validators for server side validations .
  • Involved in application design based on MVC, Factory Design Pattern and OOPs concept .
  • Design and implement the GUI (ASP .NET), Webform controls and SQL Server 2005 used as the database .
  • Participated in architectural discussions and developed application software using proven agile development practices including Test-Driven Design/Development and Continuous Integration.
  • Created ASP. NET Web forms and server controls to display dynamic data obtained through the use of Microsoft ADO. NET and Data binding .
  • Wrote event based code in C# using server controls like Data grid and Data List.
  • Implemented XML, JavaScript, Web Services using C#.NET
  • Performed validations using Validation Controls and Interface developing by AJAX.
  • Coded and optimized ADO.NET for data access
  • Extensively used ASP.NET web server controls for the Presentation tier for data modifications.
  • Worked on Data Binding and Data Grid controls.
  • Generated Summer Review Reports using SQL Reporting Services 2008.
  • Used data grid controls for displaying the data.
  • Used Grid View control extensively for data display, dynamic generation of rows, and user input inside template columns. Used Edit Item Templates and Footer Templates extensively for editing and adding rows.
  • Actively participated in Team meetings and client meetings for development of the application
  • Participated in bug fixing and release planning meetings.

Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2008, .NET framework 3.5, C#, ASP.NET 3.5, JavaScript AJAX, ADO.NET 3.5, SQL Server 2008, Win 2000/2003/2007/XP.

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