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Senior .net Developer Resume

Santa, ClaritA


Over 21 years of wide ranging experience including a strong knowledge of Internet and computer languages and systems combined with a background in Mechanical Engineering. Proven analytical and research capabilities. Substantial expertise gained in the .NET and database programming environment.


Confidential, Santa Clarita

Senior .NET Developer

  • Led team in .NET re - write of existing Hotel and Dining gratuity application for all vessels in the fleet using C#, ASP.NET Web Forms, JQuery, and Bootstrap. Also gained experience with MVC5 and Angular JS.
  • Utilized SQL scripting to create new database i.e. tables, constraints, triggers, stored procedures, views, functions and replication scripts to facilitate transfer of data from shore to ship and vice versa.
  • Assisted in creating SSRS based reports displaying pending work cards plus payroll breakdown for vessels.
  • Put in charge of coordinating off shore support team to troubleshoot production issues for both on shore and off shore applications. Used Jira to assign tasks and SharePoint to upload progress reports and display metrics with regard to production issues and their resolution etc.



  • Used the .NET framework to develop several programs to automatically read, parse, manipulate, and bulk copy patient and medical data to SQL Server from several different XLS and CSV workbooks received from Anthem Blue Cross on a daily basis. Solution provided flexibility and adaptability through use of configuration files.
  • Created a C# application to upload and update/insert records to an Oracle database using Oracle’s CRM Data Loader program by executing a batch file through a Windows shell process embedded within the program.
  • Assisted in providing a solution to modify a main SQL stored procedures which created an 835 EDI file to ensure the correct updating of several fields in a major table through the use of better SQL coding techniques.
  • Assisted in creating an MSI package in Visual Studio to enhance the functionality behind QNXT, a 3rd party Claims Processing software application in order to process medical claims more efficiently.
  • Assisted in the addition of fields and the presentation of data displayed on the company intranet website obtained by calls to several WCF services.

Confidential, Westlake Village


  • Utilized .NET technologies to develop Internet and Windows forms applications in Visual Studio 2012, 2010, and 2008. Obtained extensive knowledge of SQL Server 2012/2008/2005, Visual Source Safe, Web Services, XML, XSLT, JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, and SSIS.
  • Re-engineered company website from Coldfusion to .NET. Developed extensive client side and server side methodologies to check, capture, and transfer data to SQL Server database.
  • Developed reports using SQL Reporting services and Crystal Reports to create individual and combined invoices and company statistics related to business performance and revenue analysis.
  • Assisted in building upon and improving the in house program (KeyMEDS) used daily to capture, dissect, store, and save incoming patient information. Designed new forms and developed methods to better capture, parse, and match incoming data for payers, patients and doctors.
  • Experience with HL7 structure and data. Responsible for researching, implementing, and developing software to capture and parse 837 EDI medical data to SQL Server database and display data in KeyMEDS.
  • Helped increase the revenue and profitability of the company through increased automation of repetitive tasks.

Confidential, Pasadena

Programmer Analyst

  • Utilized and developed applications in Visual Studio 2003, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML, XSLT, DHTML, HTML, Visual Source Safe, IIS 6.0, VBScript, Active Server Pages, and JavaScript to assist, create, construct, and devise solutions for the different business units.
  • Devised solutions to resolve and improve the existing functionality of several applications by creating DLL and COM+ objects. Also created, designed, and used stored procedures, triggers and DTS packages to manipulate data in conjunction with websites using Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and SQL 2000.
  • Edited, re-designed, administered, and maintained an existing Generator application using ASP, XML, and XSLT together with JavaScript and XMLHTTP (simulating ASP.NET AJAX functionality to update information on the client via the DOM) to produce dynamic web pages based upon several templates.
  • Collaborated on the inception, design, and development of a Simple Construction Loan Application Program (SNAP) using ASP, JavaScript, XML, and XSLT technologies which allowed Brokers and Realtors to submit multiple construction loan applications on behalf of consumers.
  • Awarded the “Over the Top” award for the construction of the Quick Budget application for HCL.


Programmer Analyst
  • Assisted in the development and construction of the LRIS (Low Resolution Infrared Spectroscope) instrument for the Keck telescope using AutoCAD/Bentley Systems Modeler and finite element analysis.
  • Sought out and found method of transferring/converting wire mesh representation of LRIS to parametric solid form prior for finite element analysis in COSMOS via Bentley Systems Micro Station Modeler.
  • Investigated structural integrity of existing LRIS housing and carousel design prior to implementation. Established that source of image shift and deflection during rotation of instrument caused by internal instrument weaknesses; not by outer body deflection.

Confidential, Santa Ana, CA

Systems Software Engineer

  • Designed, formulated and implemented a Central Station Computer System using Gensym’s G2, GSI, GDA and GUIDE for the analysis of emissions from stationary sources under AQMD’s RECLAIM rules.
  • Developed macro algorithms in Visual Basic and EXCEL to monitor, obtain and analyze PLC data from third party applications to produce reports for South Corona and Las Virgenes Water District.
  • Designed Intelligent Data Acquisition systems for the Cities of Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena and LADWP for emission monitoring at utility power stations using US Data’s Factory Link, TCP/IP and X.25 packet switching software.
  • Provided a driver written in C for communicating with the LADWP digital interface display scanners.

Confidential, Glendale, CA

Ride Mechanical and Development Engineer

  • Investigated and modified routines in ACSL (Advanced Continuous Simulation Language) combined with AutoCAD in order to produce the first ever track layout showing animated vehicle motion.
  • Proposed reallocation of capital equipment for a major attraction utilizing simulation techniques. Proposal saved over $250,000 and ensured no disruption to project schedule.
  • Developed and built a portable data acquisition system to measure tri-axial accelerations on board ride vehicles for existing and future attractions.
  • Utilized AutoCAD and Pro-Engineer for vehicle, component and track design.

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