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Senior .net Solution Developer Resume



  • Over 22 years of professional experience in Software Analysis, Design, Development, Project Management, Testing, Documentation & Implementation of Health Care, Hospitality, Financial, Content Management Systems (CMS), Airline Automation, Telecommunications, VoIP, UX, Client/Server, Object Oriented Technology, Web applications, ERP, and PC/GUI applications for Embedded & Trading Systems.
  • Over 16 years of experience in various .NET Frameworks, C#, ASP.NET/MVC, Web API, VB.NET and ADO.NET.
  • 4 plus years’ experience in Backbone.JS/Angular JS and other related technologies.
  • Over 1 year experience in Health Care domain.
  • 6 years of proficiency in Telecommunications, VoIP/Soft Switch Integration (SSI) applications development/migration using C#, .Net Remoting, Web Services, SIP & various Broadworks Broadsoft versions.
  • 8 plus years’ good experience in developing Web API, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, MVC, Windows and Web Forms applications.
  • Over 9 years worked extensively with Visual C++, C++, C, Visual Basic, Custom Active X components, COM DLL’s, Oracle 10g/10i (PL/SQL), and SQL Server 2008 R2/2008 (T - SQL) environment.
  • Good experience in using Content Management Systems (CMS) like Kentico CMS.
  • Extensive experience in applying OOA, OOD, UML, Agile, Scrum, TDD, FDD Methodologies using RUP, Rational Rose and MS Visio.
  • Good experience in developing COM/DCOM and COM components in ATL Wizard in VC++ and in VB.
  • Proficient in Web Applications development using Backbone JS, Angular JS, ASP .NET and classic ASP.
  • Experienced in understanding and migrating various legacy applications to latest technology in Sabre, AA and Chase.
  • Over ten years of experience on Web Application Servers IIS, PWS, ATG Dynamo & Tomcat Apache.
  • Proficient in tools with Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio 6, Visual InterDev, Front-Page, Delphi & Eclipse.
  • Over 7 years of experience in reporting tools like SSRS, Crystal Reports, Actuate and Ramco Marshal Report Writer.
  • Experience in Java, JSP, Swing, Java Script and VB Script.
  • Excellent in developing XML applications, XSL, XSLT and CSS.
  • Operating Systems Windows 10/8/7/ Vista/ XP/ 2000/ Me/ NT/ 98/ 95/ 3.x, UNIX (Sun Solaris, Confidential -UX and Linux).


Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT 4.0/98/95, UNIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, & MS-DOS.

Programming Languages: C#, .NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C, C++, Visual C++, Win32API Programming, Java, SQL and PL/SQL.

GUI: MS Visual Studio 2015/2013/2012/2010/2008, DevExpress, Microsoft Visual Basic, MS Visual C++, Windows Forms, Web Forms, WPF, Eclipse, Delphi and Power Builder

Scripting Languages: jQuery, AngularJS, Angular 2, TypeScript, Backbone.JS, D3.JS, Require.JS, Node.JS, VB Script, Java Script, Perl, XML, XAML, XSL, XSLT, CSS, HTML 5 and DHTML.

Web Servers: Internet Information Server (IIS), Personal Web Server 4.0, ATG Dynamo & Apache

Tools: Utilities & Technologies: MVC, Web API, Broadsoft, SIP, .NET, MFC, COM / DCOM, ATL, ASP, JSP, ActiveX, ADO, & ODBC Visual Studio, Visual InterDev, FrontPage Editor, ERP, Web Services, .NET Remoting, WCF, OOA, OOD, UML, RUP and Rational Rose, SQL Server, SharePoint, Management Studio, SSIS, SSRS, Crystal Reports, Actuate, Chilkat Email .NET Component, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure

RDBMS/DBMS: MS-SQL Server 2014/2008, Oracle 11g,10g,10i,8i,6, PL/SQL, TOAD, SQL, NoSQL, SSIS and SSRS.

Miscellaneous: Kentico CMS, MTS, MSMQ, TFS, Visual Source Safe (VSS), Clear Case, SVN, MSI Installer, Install Shield, Windows Installer



Senior .NET Solution Developer


  • Re-Architecting to build extensible, reusable, and scalable distributed systems by applying industry standards and best practices.
  • Analyzed, Designed and Developed various Managers - lightweight business logic orchestration services that call Engines or Resource Access (RA). These are the only services exposed to clients.
  • Designed & Developed various Engines - core business logic service. These only can be called by Managers and is never exposed directly to clients.
  • Resource Access - responsible for accessing data from any resource (database, file system, 3rd party API, etc.). These can be called by Managers or Engines only and is never exposed directly to clients.
  • Utilities - functional services that contain no business logic. Utilities can be called by any service tier.
  • Designed & Developed/Enhanced various manager services like Itinerary, Profile, Products, Partner and Interaction Workflow using WCF/Web APIs.
  • Integrated with Control Center (CC), NGVA, NGBE and other Java services.

Environment: C#, .NET, Web API/WCF, ASP.NET/MVC 5, Altova XMLSpy 2018, AJAX, Visual Studio 2015/2017, Oracle 11.2, NHibernate, Couchbase, jQuery, SOAtest, Postman, HTML5, XML, MS Visio, LINQ, JavaScript, Amazon AWS, SVN, Rally, NLog, and NuGet.


Lead Developer


  • Worked closely with Engineering/Marketing and Business teams together to analyze business requirements and analytics.
  • Participated in Project Architecture and Design/Development.
  • Designed and developed various UIs in Overview, Usage, Operation, Performance, Diagnostic and Prognostic Analyses, Vibration Alerts/Details using .NET MVC, Backboke.JS.
  • Developed various graphs/charts using Data-Driven Documents (D3.JS)/Dimple JS and AM Charts
  • Provided Role based authorization and authentication to various users like Admins, Customers, Bell Employees, and Mechanics.
  • Enhanced system to provide Power Assurance, Import Data and Shared Data features by using Backbone.JS and ASP.MVC
  • Designed and Developed Customer Notifications and its management.

Environment: C#, .NET, Web API, ASP.NET/MVC 5, AJAX, Backbone JS, D3 JS Dimple JS and AM Charts, Require.JS, Moment JS, Visual Studio 2015/2013, SQL Server 2014/2008/PostgreSQL, jQuery, HTML5, XML, MS Visio, LINQ, JavaScript, DevExpress, Microsoft Azure, TFS, JIRA, NLog, and NuGet


Tech Lead/Architect


  • Worked closely with Business Analysts/Marketing team to gather, analyze business requirements for Aurora Seller.
  • Involved in Project Architecture and Design/Development.
  • Designed and developed various Models, Views, View Models, Partial Views and Controllers.
  • Worked on supporting multiple languages by using resource files.
  • Designed and developed mechanism to consume RESTful web services get the data from database (DB2) using JSON.
  • Implemented asynchronous calls to call the controller methods using AJAX, jQuery, and JSON.
  • Team mentoring and lead the team to deliver the project within the schedules.

Environment: C#, .NET, Web API, ASP.NET/MVC 5, AJAX, Visual Studio 2013, Angular JS, SQL Server 2008/DB2, RESTful Web Services, jQuery, HTML5, XML, MS Visio, LINQ, JavaScript, Microsoft Azure, TFS, JIRA, NLog, and NuGet


Tech Lead/Architect


  • Lead the effort of gathering, analyzing business requirements with Business Analysts, UI/UX team.
  • Designed and developed various modules and pages using .NET/Kentico CMS.
  • Designed and implemented various custom templates, web parts to enable easy UI to designers.
  • Incorporated various patterns and models for Content Editors.
  • Provided role based authentication and authorization.
  • Implemented elaborative Workflow steps and processes from Designers/Editors to Approvers/Admins.
  • Team mentoring and coordinating with various Dev teams in integration with other applications.
  • Coordinate and Plan various development activities and deployments.

Environment: C#, .NET, Kentico CMS, WCF, ASP.NET/MVC 3, AJAX, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2008, Web API, LINQ, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML5, XML, MS Visio, ADO.NET, Web Parts, JavaScript, Web Matrix, Microsoft Azure, TFS, JIRA, NuGet, and GitHub.


Tech Lead/Architect


  • Involved in gathering, analyzing business requirements required for development of the project.
  • Developed prototype to demo various clients.
  • Implemented various tables, stored procedures, and functions for individual provider contracts (Aetna, Cigna, and BCBS) with various plan types (PPO, POS, HMO) with various Payers / Hospitals/ Clinics (LIMA/Scottsdale).
  • Integrated with Audit Logix suite of Applications.
  • Implemented Web Service calls go retrieve Eligibility Criteria details from external payer services.
  • Added payment options and schedule payments.
  • Designed and Developed Doc Scan Manager.
  • Designed and Developed Charity Care module
  • Integrated with Medical Necessity (MN) and RegKiosk.
  • Physician Portal Design and Development using Kentico CMS.

Environment: .NET, WCF, WPF, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, AJAX, Windows/Web Forms, Visual Studio 2010/2008, SQL Server 2008 R2/2008, Web Services, jQuery, HTML, XAML, MS Visio, ADO.NET, VBScript/JavaScript, SSIS, SSRS, Dynamic Web TWAIN, TFS, Chilkat Email .NET Component


Senior Application Developer/Architect


  • Involved in gathering, analyzing existing classic ASP, ASP/.NET, VB.NET & C# Applications and its code to redesign common central framework.
  • Prepared list of various database objects and their dependencies for all applications and participated in re-design database to new platform
  • Implemented Disaster Recovery (DR) platform.
  • Re-Architect various classic applications to .NET Framework, OOA & OOD and SOA.
  • Enhanced Loss Recognition (LossRec) with multiple schedules automation & reports.
  • Designed and Developed SSIS packages and SSRS reports.

Environment: C#, .NET, WCF, WPF, Classic ASP/ASP.NET, MVC, VB.NET, AJAX, Silverlight, Windows/Web Forms, Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005, TOAD, Oracle 10g, Web Services, jQuery, HTML, XAML, XML/XSLT, MS Visio, ADO.NET, SharePoint, VBScript/JavaScript, Unit/Integration System Test, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O), SSIS, and SSRS


.NET Tech Lead


  • Involved in gathering, analyzing existing Delphi/Power Builder/VB6/ASP/.NET Applications and its code to redesign common central applications.
  • Designed & Developed Legacy Connector(LC) in .NET using existing legacy Java Service for Sabre access
  • Interacted with various business units to collect required data & achieve common framework
  • Developed various Encoders and Decoders to retrieve and process data from Sabre
  • Designed and Developed .NET WCF Services to harvest flights data & details from Airport Control Systems (ACS) using Multithreading

Environment: C#, .NET, WCF, WPF/Silverlight, Classic ASP, ASP.NET, Windows/Web Forms, Visual Studio 2008/2005, SQL Server 2008/2005, TOAD, Oracle 10i, AJAX, Sliver Light, Web Services, ASP, Delphi & VB 6, Power Builder, SharePoint, Sabre, SSIS, SSRS, Java, Tomcat, MySQL, Eclipse, Tomcat Apache, Visio, SVN, NHibernate, ADO.NET Entity Framework, Regular Expressions & Windows 7/Vista/XP, HTML, XAML, XML/XSLT, Visual C++/MFC, Multithreading, and log4net




  • Designed Directory Federation Service for aggregating various directory services from different LDAP servers for Central Repository
  • Integrated with various Presence and IM Services
  • Developed prototype application for Demo to show interaction between various services with Central Repository.
  • Designed User and Role based management system for various users for various system level accesses.
  • Designed Server and Client adapters to allows communication between central repository and various other business systems

Environment: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Radiant One, Windows/Web Forms, WCF, WPF, XAML, SQL Server 2008, Web Services, SIP/SIMPLE, XMPP, SharePoint, SSIS, SSRS, Windows Vista/XP, Java, VS 2008 and Eclipse


Senior Engineer/Tech Lead and Architect


  • Involved in Requirements gathering, Analysis & Design discussions/reviews, Development tracking, Test plan strategies and all other development activities as a Senior/Lead Developer
  • Designed and implemented Server side components to support IE/Outlook Tool Bars for call control/manage and notifications through BS CAP/CC II messages like Answer, Call Forward, Transfer to VM

Environment: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Windows/Web Forms, WCF, WPF, Visual C++/MFC, XAML, SIP, Broadsoft 13/14.0, SOAP, TCP/IP, SQL Server 2005, Web Services, .Net Remoting, MS Visio, Multithreading, SharePoint, CVS and Sun Solaris

  • Designed/developed and enhanced FiOS Voice (FV) - an innovative broadband phone service is Confidential ’s next-generation premium VoIP home phone service for FTTP customers. This is a feature rich voice service that will utilize Confidential ’s fiber optic network to deliver a high quality, cost-competitive, enhanced voice solution.

Environment: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Windows/Web Forms, HTTP, SOAP, TCP/IP, Broadsoft 14.0, SIP, SQL Server 2005, Web Services, .Net Remoting, Multithreading, MS Visio, SharePoint, and Clear Case

  • Designed and developed Voice Wing In House Management (VW-IHM 2.0) an IP Telephony service product that Confidential offering to residential customers and general public. This is planned to enhance and replace legacy VW 1.0, which is developed by using many third-party vendor applications like Delta Three and projected to reduce costs and reuse its internal networks and services.

Environment: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Windows Forms, Web Forms, HTTP, SOAP, TCP/IP, Broadsoft 13.0, SIP, SharePoint, SQL Server 2000, Web Services, .Net Remoting and Sun Solaris

  • Designed and developed Hosted IP - Confidential / Admin Console (AC) a Confidential service offering to the Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) customers with new hosted telephony Centrex-like service, which will deliver both traditional and next generation voice feature sets to the user over a converged access pipe with connectivity to both public IP (i.e. Internet) or private IP (i.e. Intranet or Extranet) networks.

Environment: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Windows Forms, Web Forms, Visual C++/MFC, HTTP, SOAP, SIP, Broadsoft 11.1, SQL Server 2000, Web Services, .Net Remoting, MSI Installer, Multithreading, SharePoint, and Altova MapForce

  • Enhanced and supported iobi for ESG 2.0 - a Telephone Call Process & Management System developed & enhanced is a breakthrough service of Confidential that gives its customers simple, seamless access to and control of their Confidential from any location, connecting multiple devices, such as PC, Laptop, and Phone.

Environment: C#, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Windows/Web Forms, UML, MS Visio, SIP, SOAP, Clear Case, GUI, SQL Server 2000, .Net Remoting, Web Services MSI Installer, Multithreading, SharePoint, and Broadsoft 10.0


Senior Member Technical/Team Lead

  • Redesigned and developed Control Center (CC) 2.0 - a PC based application to manage and configure multiple Digital Versatile Recorder (Divar) and Surveillance Security Cameras remotely from any PC.

Environment: C#, .NET Framework, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Visual C++, MFC, COM, ATL, Multi-threading, Windows Forms, Web Forms, GUI, InstallShield, CFC, Divar SDK, CLI, UML, and RUP.

  • Designed & developed Configuration Tool for Imaging Devices (CTFID) - a PC application to configure and manage Auto Dome/Dinion Pro surveillance security video cameras using the USB over the Coax Message IC (COMIC) protocol.

Environment: C#, .NET Framework, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Visual C++, VB, MFC, ATL, Windows Forms, Web Forms, USB IO, CFC, TCP/IP, Multi-threading, MS Access, InstallShield, UML, RUP, MS Access and XML.


Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead

  • Designed and developed Usage Reporting Services (URS) - application to check and configure various VISA business applications usage in the organizational (Banks, Financial Institutes etc.) level. This helps the organization to find out user’s level, application access, and get appropriate reports and can make decision to improve organizational services, process improvement and various business needs.

Environment: C#, .NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, GUI, Windows/Web Forms, Visio, & SQL Server 2000


  • A multi-platform/multilingual licensing and password management tools - Confidential OV AutoPass, was designed & developed for Windows and UNIX (Solaris, Confidential -UX and Linux). This is also localized to support for Japanese, French & German.

Environment: C++/VC++, MFC, VB, ASP, ATL, COM/DCOM, Java 1.2.2, XML, XSL, GUI, Windows, UNIX, SQL Server 2000, IIS, VB/Java Script, C#, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB.NET, Rational Rose, Win32API, Install Shield, and Windows Installer


  • Confidential - an e-commerce portal, developed to improve supply chain efficiencies . This portal includes Inquiries, Orders, Reports, Library, Utilities and Administration.

Environment: Java 1.2.2, ATG Dynamo, JHTML, DHTML, JSP, VB Script, Java Script, JDBC, XML, Oracle 8I and Sun Solaris, and MS Visio

Confidential, CA

  • Designed and developed IDOpen - Web based product development management system and integrated with IDweb, a project management tool similar to MS-Project . This product automates the development processes like Product Planning, Resource Management, Strategic Portfolio Management, Project Management, and Process Improvement.

Environment: Visual Basic 6.0, COM/DCOM, ASP, GUI, SQL Server 7.0, MTS, MSMQ, Actuate, & MS Visio


Analyst Programmer/Systems Analyst/Team Lead

  • Marshal Diagnostic Toolkit (MDT) 1.0 - was designed and developed for multi-level diagnosis tool used to check for correct server and client environments (configuration of network, ODBC drivers, RDBMS, etc.) before installing an integrated, distributed ERP package similar to SAP.

Environment: Visual C++ 5.0, SQL Server 6.5/7.0, ODBC, GUI, InstallShield, Multi-threading Win32API and MFC

  • Designed and Developed Marshal Installation Manager (MIM) 3.0 - an installation utility used to install Ramco Marshal 3.0. The system has 12 main modules and more than 40 sub modules.

Environment: Visual C++ 4.2, SQL Server 6.5/7.0, MFC, GUI, ODBC, Multi-threading, Win32API, & InstallShield.

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