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Data Architect Resume

Indianapolis, IN


Exceptional senior .NET developer/architect with 20 years of IT success. Profound knowledge of .NET technology solutions. History of designing and building progressively more complex programs.


Programming: MS Visual Studio C#/C++/VB.NET, Object - Oriented Programming, ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, ASP.NET Core, WinForms, NUnit, JQuery, JQuery UI, SOA, WCF, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Angular, Node.js, Knockout JS, Bootstrap, REST/SOAP, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, WSDL, COM, DCOM

Architect: Production setup, support, and update, TFS Administration/Migration, Web Server Administration/Upgrade. Multi-tier Web App, SDLC, IIS, Service-Oriented Architecture, JIRA Administration, JIRA Rest API, Visual SourceSafe, UML, Design Patterns, Dependency Injection, Data Repository, Unit Test

System Development Methodology: Scrum, Waterfall

RDBMS: Oracle 12c/11g/10g, MS SQL Server

Database Interfaces: ODP.NET, ADO.NET, OLEDB, ODBC, ADO, DAO, EntityFramework

Tools: Toad for Oracle, PL/SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio, MS Visio, Crystal Report XI/9.0/8.5/7.0, Erwin, Wise Installation

Third Party Components: Telerik Fiddler, Telerik UI for ASP.NET, Active Report, Fluent Validation, jqGrid, Simple Injector, Bootstrap, ComponentOne Controls, LLBLGen Data Layer, Infragistics controls.

Graphics: AutoCAD 2008/2006/2002/2000 i/R14, 2D/3D Graphics, ObjectARX, .Net ARX, Ray Tracing


Data Architect

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

  • Designed and implemented the Gateway Help Center to be used for all the Gateway applications. The Gateway Help Center was created with Visual Studio 2015 C#. It allows the Gateway users to create tickets through the Gateway applications. The Gateway Help Center is a JIRA front end. All tickets of the Help Center are stored in the JIRA system through JIRA REST APIs. The backend of the JIRA system is Oracle 12c.
  • Designed and implemented the Gateway Web API service with ASP.net Web API to replace the old IDSCoreAPI.dll, set standard for agency to integrate agency’s web applications with the Gateway single sign-on. The Gateway Web API service is created with Visual Studio 2013 C#, and the database backend is Oracle 11g. Maintaining and adding functionalities and features based on agency’s applications need.
  • As Confidential agency’s Gateway administrator, overseeing and maintaining the agency’s Gateway system running on Windows server 2012 IIS 8.0 that hosts more than 60 web applications and services with 23 thousand active users. Guided and assisted developers to integrate their applications with the Gateway Single Sign-on. Supporting and testing new .NET technologies for the Gateway applications. Upgraded the Gateway Single Sign-on to newer .Net Framework, and implemented new features and functionalities with Visual Studio 2012 C#.
  • As Confidential agency’s JIRA administrator, setup and configured agency’s JIRA system on the Windows server 2012, including JIRA Service Desk and JIRA Software. Oracle 12c is used as the backend database for the JIRA system.
  • As Confidential agency’s TFS (Team Foundation Server) administrator, set up and configured Confidential TFS 2012 on Windows server 2008. Worked on migrating and centralizing source code to the new TFS 2012. Migrated source code from IOT TFS 2010/2012 to the new Confidential TFS 2012. Migrated agency’s source code from various version controls and formats to the TFS 2012. Working on regular maintenance, performance checking, monitoring issues, schedule backups, and troubleshoot on issues with developers. Created collections and team projects based on the agency’s organization structure. Managed and administrated agency’s developers access to their source code in the TFS.
  • Migrated the Gateway system from Windows server 2003 with IIS 6.0 to Windows server 2012 with IIS 8.0. Designed and implemented the agency’s new portal environments to support the old and new applications running on different version of servers parallel. Analyzed and implemented standard procedures to move web applications and services to the new portal environment. The new portal environment allows the old applications and services to be upgraded and migrated to the new server smoothly. The new portal environment is what our agency has been wanted for years.
  • As Confidential agency’s data steward, working on IOT Big Data analytics project, make the project run smoothly, analyze and gather requirements, integrate with IOT Big Data project to insure the data is defined, secured, and flowing,

Application System Analyst/Specialist

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

  • Worked on re-writing Confidential Web application with VS2012 C# ASP.NET MVC4 on .Net framework 4.5. jQuery is used for client side user interface interactive. Confidential is a web-based Indiana Tax Center that gives businesses immediate access to file and pay various business tax types. This is multi-tier web application. Dependency Injection and data repository patterns are used for lose coupling dependency. Web API is used as web service model. Backend is Oracle database. Scrum methodology is being used to develop this project.
  • Invested requirement, analyzed, re-designed and developed INtaxPay interface batch jobs and INtaxPay Batch Monitor to transfer INtaxPay data to Return Processing System. Batch Monitor is an ASP.NET MVC style intranet IIS7 web project to monitor and run batch interface jobs manually, and batch interface jobs are run as scheduled tasks as well. The project is using C#, JQuery and backend is Oracle 11g.
  • Re-designed and developed INtaxPay upgrade (www.intaxpay.in.gov) project to upgrade the old project to .net framework 4.0 from 1.1, by using C#, JQuery, MVC3, WCF, and Oracle database.
  • Analyzed requirement, designed and implemented Return Dashboard project to track returns that processed by Confidential . Setup and deployed test and production web site of the project to IIS web services on Windows server 2008. The project provides a dashboard allowing management to view the flow of returns through the various submission channels. This Dashboard project is an ASP.NET project created with MS Visual C# and backend is SQL Server 2008. Charts are created with GDI+.
  • Added more tax types into Confidential web application and maintained the website. Confidential is a free online tax filling program from Confidential, and it allows business to file and pay taxes through the internet. Analyzed and implemented to add Type II Gaming, Wireless Prepay tax, and credit card portal fee features into Confidential . Confidential is an ASP.NET web project, which was created with C# as programming language on .NET framework 1.1 and Oracle as backend database.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Carmel, IN

  • Designed, developed, and deployed AutoCAD 2006 utility to automatically convert AutoCAD dwg file to dwf file by using MS Visual C# and ObjectArx. The backend database is MS SQL 2005. When an AutoCad drawing file is updated, the utility will find the file updated and automatically convert the drawing file to a dwf file to let user view the updated dwf file over a web application Spiral (www.carsonspiral.com).
  • Developed www.warehousefacts.comweb site with MS Visual C# asp.net. The backend database is MS SQL Server 2000. WarehouseFACTS is a web based online warehouse management system.
  • Worked in a team as the tech lead, design and developed AutoCAD application for PRATT with MS Visual C#, AutoCAD ObjectArx and Oracle 9i database. This application is an AutoCAD utility that allows user to insert signs into AutoCad drawing.
  • Analyzed, designed, and developed Linear-Chart ASP.NET project for www.icorn.comweb site with MS Visual C# for analyzing seed yield and moisture results. Backend database is MS SQL Server 2000. A third part control, WebChart (.net version) from ComponetOne is used to generate web chart image. ADO.NET is used to get data from MS SQL Server 2000 database, and XML is used to store data and feed WebChart control to generate chart.
  • Analyzed, designed and developed Bid Package Cost Estimate project for Carson Design to create package and get quotes from different bidders. This cost estimating project wsa developed with MS C# to build front-end user interface and data layer objects, and MS SQL Server 2000 as backend database. ADO.NET was used to access database. Quote reports were created with Crystal Report 9.0. Customized controls were built for calculation.
  • Designed and developed LawlerView project for Lawler - a furniture company, to view dwf files. This project had two parts. The first part was to create a dwf file viewer with MS VB.NET and AutoDesk VoloView control. The second part was to create ARX object with MS Visual C++ 6.0 and AutoDesk ObjectARX to convert AutoCad dwg files to dwf files. Reports were Created with Crystal Report 9.0. Installation was created with Wise Installation.
  • Designed and developed SpaceFACTS ARX object for our company. This is one of our company’s products. This ARX object was created with MS Visual C++ 6.0 and AutoCAD ObjectARX, and run inside AutoCAD 2002 environment. Backend was a MS SQL Server 2000 warehouse database. For AutoCAD designer, running this object inside AutoCAD can make each drawing object intelligently linked with the warehouse database.
  • Worked in a team as the team lead, designed and developed MoveMatrix project for Conseco and Lincoln to move and manage employee and company assets. The user interfaces were created with MS Visual Basic 6.0. The backend database was SQL Server 2000. Reports were created with Crystal Report 8.5.
  • Created ARX for EquipmentFACTS project with Visual C++ 6.0 under Windows NT 4.0. This project is a utility software worked with AutoCAD R14.There were two parts for this project. The other part of this project was a VB application project. This one was created with Visual Basic 6.0 under Windows NT 4.0 on the front end, and the database backend was SQL Server 7.0. This ARX component wrap a VB DLL created with VB 6.0 through COM interface and connects with SQL Server 7.0 to make equipments intelligently tagged in the AutoCAD drawing.
  • Designed and developed VCC (Victim Crime Compensation) multi-user client-server system for Crime Justice Institute department, Confidential . Implemented the whole life cycle under Windows NT 4.0 environment, design with ERWin 3.0, developed with VB 6, VBA and MS-Access 97, distributed with Wise Installation 6.0, and created help files with RoboHelp 7/2000. Also, created functions to do data conversion, data scrubbing, data archiving, mail-merge, created security objects and search functions.

Consulting Analyst

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

  • Developed an automatic phone testing software with Visual Basic 5.0 on Windows 95. Main skills used are ActiveX DLL, MS-Access 97 and GUI implementation. This software allowed PC connect to a popular phone testing system 3600D with serial communication port RS232 and made the whole phone testing procedure controlled by one PC with Windows bits) operating system.
  • Implemented on an ActiveX Control component project with Visual C++ 5.0 on Windows 95. This project will be used to zoom-in and zoom-out curves for testing fiberoptic filters and analyzing the curves for quality control.



  • Developed a simulating program for automatic production line of pressure cooker (demonstrate the procedure, give an alarm when error occurs, and check parameters) with C on UNIX machine (HP-UX).
  • Performed computer system and network setup, server maintenance for clients.
  • As a team leader designed and established an INFORMIX-based database management system on Linux machine for Nantong Environmental Inspection Center. Linked C libraries by using GNU C compiler - GCC to overcome the calculation limitations of INFORMIX. And after that, tested, provided technical support and maintained this database system.

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