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Software Engineer Resume


A software developer since 2000, I have enjoyed working across multiple technologies and languages to provide solutions to handle clients’ desires and overcome challenges. As I relocate to Arizona, I seek the next challenge in a collaborative, forward - thinking environment that empowers learning and innovation. I look forward to developing the solutions to both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.


  • C/C++, C++/CLI, C#, HTML, CSS, JS for daily work
  • VB.NET, VB6, PowerShell, Java for side projects (mainly with third-party partners)
  • Web services and APIs developed ASP.NET MVC 5 WebAPIs to receive requests for user data and send responses through our web app consume third-party REST services (NetPricer NetPak, Harrison CINX) to integrate item/pricing data
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (6 through 2017), TFS/VSTS
  • CI/CD (using Octopus Deploy and TFS/VSTS)
  • MS SQL Server (2005 through 2017)


Software Engineer



  • Developed and maintained desktop application suite for construction estimating design, coding, testing, built on C++, C++/CLI, and C# authored InstallShield installation packages for installs, upgrades, and patches integrated with third-party web services and developed embedded browsers for third-party site integration meetings with technical support, product management, stakeholders, and clients (using WebEx)
  • Developed and maintained web application designed to connect our clients with their suppliers to facilitate quote requests design, coding, testing, deployment using ASP.NET MVC 5, jQuery, EF 6, MS SQL Server 2014, IIS appointed technical lead/liaison during initial development set up internal site testing environment (virtual machine running IIS) set up Visual Studio/VSTS integration with Octopus Deploy for CI/CD (to testing, staging, and production)
  • Chaired the Coding guidelines committee (2015-2016) introduced ReSharper, syntax conventions for C#/T-SQL/JS (Crockford), and patterns
  • My teams worked under Scrum (and Kanban for a short time)

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