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Applications Lead Resume

Louisville, KY


  • Highly Experienced Senior .NET Lead with over 11 years’ experience in developing software applications. Projects include applications in call center management, accounting, petroleum pricing, statistical analysis, custom email messaging clients, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning/ artificial intelligence (AI), public health information systems, medical imaging and telephony. More than fifteen years’ experience developing intranet/internet applications. Roles include project management, programming and consulting.
  • Statistics/ Numerical Analysis. Extensive math background with graduate (MS) specialization in engineering math and computer science. Strong analytical skills with ten years of experience in development of research design and statistical analysis in the health and social sciences.
  • Speech Recognition/ Artificial Intelligence. Small projects over the past 5 years in automatic speech recognition (primarily Microsoft technologies) and conversational agents/ personal assistants; AI topic in pattern recognition as part of MS thesis.


C#, ASP.NET, WCF, Web API, ASP, JavaScript, jQuery, VBScript, CSLA, Visual C++ (MFC/ATL/STL), C, Silverlight, Visual Basic, DB2, DB2/2, MS SQL Server, SAS, SPSS, MS Access, FoxPro, Crystal Reports, Powerhouse (Cognos) languages, Paradox (DOS), Lisp, Prolog, CLIPS, JSON, CSS, XML, XSLT. Experience includes web services, COM (VB/C++), Active X dll/exe (VB/C++), transaction management under MTS, COM+ in MS DNA/ MS SQL Server environment. Experienced in relational database design and SQL in a variety of implementations (MS SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Cognos). Familiar OS/NOS environments include Windows 2008 Advanced Server, Novell Netware, Windows XP/9x, DOS, OS/2 (WARP), UNIX. IDEs include Visual Studio, Visual InterDev. Code management tools: TFS, Subversion, Visual SourceSafe, PVCS. Familiar with the development of telephony applications using C++ in conjunction with Dialogic cards/API. Experienced in the use of statistical 4GLs: SPSS (10+ yrs) and SAS (2 yrs) in a variety of environments including DEC 10, IBM 370, HP 3000 and PC. Developed middle tier components for generation of PDFs utilizing Adobe Document Server. Familiar with assistive technologies (e.g. JAWS) and the development of rich internet applications using relevant guidelines (e.g., WAI - ARIA).


Confidential, LOUISVILLE, KY

Applications Lead


  • Confidential is a division of Confidential Incorporated responsible for serving the needs of approximately 6 million beneficiaries. I am responsible for leveraging technology to streamline and improve the execution of Confidential services and business strategies. In this role I work with business leads and associates to identify requirements, design software solutions within the enterprise infrastructure as well as identifying risks and mitigations. Other responsibilities included thought-leadership on development best practices and mentoring of software development staff. Recent projects include the following:
  • Design and development of web information portal for use by Confidential call centers, government and partner affiliates. Portal integrates beneficiary data from diverse sources for current plan, enrollment, demographics, claims, medical referrals/authorizations, contact history, instant messaging (online chat), self-service transactions, emails and other communications. System is n-tiered and distributed across internal and external (DMZ) web farms. Middle tier utilizes (MS) MVC which integrates data from web services (WCF), SQL Server and DB2 as well as services from partner companies. Front end is rich internet application compatible with all major browsers and assistive technology (e.g., JAWS) utilizing HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Lead architect responsible for transitioning all web applications and web services for the enterprise from Windows Server 2003 to 2008 r2. Applications migrated from current server farms to new topology of 50+ web and application servers. Migration involved several hundred applications: legacy asp, .NET (framework 1.1 - 4.5), IBM WebSphere, old style (asmx) services, WCF services, MTS/COM+. Responsibilities included working through compatibility/upgrade issues with teams of Confidential developers and assigning/ coordinating the work of various infrastructure groups for network routing/firewall, IIS 7.x configuration and security.
  • Design/ development of approach for real-time exchange of data among geographically separated call centers. Web applications utilized in Louisville, KY and San Antonio, TX needed to share data with business partner in South Carolina. Developed design for web services, middle-tier and data related components as well as interfaces to legacy applications. Architecture is n-tier utilizing .NET and Component Scalable Logical Architecture (CSLA).
  • Design/ re-engineering of credit card billing applications for compliance with recent PCI industry standard. Legacy web-based (.Net 1.x/ .asp) and batch oriented (VB6) applications in use by call center representatives were redesigned to use common object model, n-tier architecture and SOA.
  • Requirements analysis/ redesign of suite of applications (CMS) used by call center. CMS consists of several applications, as well as different versions of the same applications developed for different groups of users. Applications were developed over a period of several years with technology spanning “classic” ASP, COM+, VBScript, JavaScript, and VB6, to ASP.NET using C# (1.x). Analysis documented business requirements toward a specification of features which could be integrated into single application. I developed design concepts for a unified user interface, preliminary enumeration of domain business objects and overall project architecture.
  • Infrastructure improvements. Developed concepts/ procedures for versioning of internal code, third party components and coding standards for error handling in web applications; developed analysis comparing features of smart-client applications to web-based applications for consideration as possible direction for future development; developed business case for implementing session state in distributed caching topology.

Confidential, LOUISVILLE, KY

Technology/Applications Consultant


  • In my role as Applications Consultant I was responsible for understanding the needs of the organization and translating those needs into technological solutions. This included working with business initiative leaders, subject matter experts and analysts to develop requirements, design specifications, as well as with software developers and vendors to implement a solution. Projects included:
  • Agent Portal/Workbench. Web application to provide core tools for (approx 20,000) independent agents to quote and manage prospective business for the HumanaOne line of products. I served in lead role with primary responsibility for design, development and implementation of project. Software uses Microsoft C#, .NET, ADO.NET and SQL Server. Architecture is highly distributed over several IIS, application and database servers utilizing both remoting and web services technologies.
  • ESignature. I served in design, developer and project lead roles. This system is used to generate and securely transmit documents for HumanaOne individual life/health products over the internet. The system complies with state department of insurance mandated requirements in the 15 states in which it is implemented. When applicants are authenticated through VeriSign and electronically sign, documents meet legal standards as documents of record. The System was developed to work within corporate network infrastructure using a combination of MSSOAP (required for legacy interfaces) and .NET web services to encapsulate and integrate the Confidential One web site, call centers, VeriSign and the document generation server. The core web site runs on a cluster of 9 load balanced servers, 3 SQL servers, call center web and job servers. The document generation components run on a failover cluster. This configuration has been extremely reliable with 9.9999 uptime 24 X 7 since inception in 8/2004. The system was developed using ASP, ASP.NET, C#, Vbscript, JavaScript (2 dialects: MS, Adobe), Visual Basic (6), C++, SQL Server and Adobe Document Server.
  • SOEASI. Developed enhancements and provided code support for the Confidential One quoting/application system. This system supports these functions for independent insurance agents, consumers applying over the internet, as well as call centers in 2 states (approximately 400 concurrent users). In addition, it has interfaces to EHealth and HealthInsurance.com. This system is a combination of classic ASP (500+ asp pages), ASP.NET, C#, Vbscript, JavaScript and SQL Server.

Confidential, LOUISVILLE, KY

System Specialist/ Internet Development Team Lead


  • Initially contracted as consultant for applications development and support for projects involving EDI (ANSI 12 standard) and related systems. After the completion of several projects, was offered position as lead programmer for the IntelliOrder project, a web-based system for procurement of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. IntelliOrder is used by several high-profile clients including Walgreen’s pharmacies and Fresenius Medical Care.
  • Re-designed architecture of IntelliOrder system to increase performance and scalability. Optimized database configuration, SQL and modified Visual Basic components running under COM+ to increase concurrency by eliminating blocking/locking and deadlocking problems. Introduced use of MSMQ to queue processing of purchase orders, requisitions and pick tickets to smooth utilization requirements during periods of peak demand.
  • Managed team of 5 developers in optimizing and extending the functionality and scalability of the IntelliOrder system. Responsible for tracking project status, coordinating work, change control policies, software versioning and release schedules.
  • Responsible for installation, configuration and maintenance of web and database servers. Served as DBA for IntelliOrder related databases.
  • Designed database and developed architecture for billing system. Developed front-end, middle-tier components and stored procedures.

Environment: Visual Basic, ASP, VBScript, SQL Server, JavaScript, MSMQ, ADO, COM+, XML, HTML, Windows 2000, IIS, MS DOM, Crystal reports, Visual SourceSafe.

Confidential, LOUISVILLE, KY

Software Developer


  • Web developer for internet start-up. Developed front-end and middle-tier components for web-based applications in the Microsoft DNA environment.
  • Served as team lead for development of new web-based strategic product offering that serves as a decision support system for petroleum retailers to obtain optimum pricing in national markets. Met with business sponsors and domain experts to define product requirements. Developed requirements, software specifications and project plan. Designed and programmed middle-tier COM layer using VC++ (MFC/ATL/STL).
  • Developed VC++ component for scanning FTP directories, decompressing ZIP, and TAR files, parsing and aggregating contents into transactional units of work consisting of XML descriptions of their contents. The component is used 24 X 7, processing approximately 1500 files/day, 5000 transactions for 2800 retail locations
  • Developed web interface for configuring supply points in supply chain management system application.

Environment: Visual C++ (MFC/ATL/STL), COM+, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, ADO, SQL Server, MS DOM, Visual SourceSafe.

Confidential, BLOOMINGTON, IN

Manager of Information Services/ Senior Developer


  • Managed IS operations and served as senior developer. Responsibilities included planning, hiring/supervision of staff and development of software for internal use. Software development was directed toward customer account management (650,000 customers/ approximately $4.2 million/year) and support of a customer call center.
  • Supported and enhanced accounts receivable and call center support systems. Developed applications to price/tax long distance calls, invoice customers, post payments, configure long distance services and accounts.
  • Developed an application to monitor point awards to 500,000+ Premiere WorldLink and AMEX customers. Points were awarded as incentive to increase long distance call utilization and could be exchanged for airline tickets.
  • Developed voice response unit (VRU) to provide first line support for a customer service call center. The VRU provides information automatically to customers on account status, payments, invoices and general company information and operates 24 X 7 servicing 16 voice lines (using 4 servers). The VRU was developed using Visual C++ and the Dialogic API.
  • Developed real-time/ near real-time set of applications for processing credit card payments for a customer service call center. Credit cards included VISA, MasterCard and five other types of cards. Applications linked the accounts receivable system to a clearinghouse through a secure intra-net IP gateway.
  • Developed applications to format, upload and prepare materials for bulk mailings. Applications were used to address, barcode and print plastic account cards for 80,000 - 100,000 mail pieces each year (1997 - 99) and 750,000 in 2000.

Environment: Visual C++, Visual Basic, FoxPro, DAO, ODBC, ADO, SQL Server, MS Access Dialogic API, Novell, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Visual SourceSafe.

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