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Senior.net Developer Resume

Mellon, NY


  • Overall 8 years of experience in .NET Technologies.
  • Expert in the complete Software Development Life Cycle including Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Support.
  • Experience in designing, coding, and implementation of Internet/Intranet Applications using ASP.NET, VB.NET, and C #. NET, ADO.NET, LINQ, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Strong knowledge and expertise in Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET (Web Forms and MVC), .NET Framework and WCF/Web services.
  • Hands on experience in Developing Rich User Interface (UI) on web using Java Script, JQuery, Angular JS, Bootstrap, HTML, HTML5, Master pages and CSS.
  • Expertise in working with Web Server Controls, HTML Controls, User Controls, Custom Controls using C# and VB.NET.
  • Experience in design and implementation of services using WCF SOAP\REST, creating REST services using ASP.NET Web API.
  • Experience with all phases of SDLC in the Waterfall model and Agile (SCRUM) methodologies.
  • Experienced in utilizing the new integrated features of ASP.NET 4.5/3.5/3.0 versions like Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
  • Experience in creating Entity classes and relationships between entity classes.
  • Experience in utilizing RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT (RAD).
  • Experience in Data Modeling, Designing and Creating Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers against MS SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012/2008/2005, T - SQL 8 and Oracle 10g PL/SQL relational databases.
  • Experience in Agile software development, in particular scrum methodology and TDD frameworks.
  • Experience in developing & deploying Web API, Web Services & Windows Services in C# and VB.NET
  • Experience in Creating services, controllers and modules in Angular JS applications.
  • Experience in using report tools like Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Involved in the complete life cycle (SDLC) of the project, including (design, development, implementation, testing, support, and production maintenance)
  • Proficient in writing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers in MS SQL Server environment.
  • Used SSIS component of the MS SQL Server database software that can be used to perform a broad range of data migrated tasks.
  • Experience documenting the architecture and workflows based on wireframes.
  • Familiar with design and development of business reports using Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Familiar with several design patterns such as Iterator, Single Responsibility, Dependency Injection, etc.
  • Developed the UI panels using XHTML, CSS 3 and J Query.
  • Familiar with JavaScript libraries like Bootstrap templates and Backbone.js & Angular.js 8 framework.


Microsoft Technologies: .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.5/4.6, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5,LINQ, ADO.NET, Web Forms, Entity framework, Visual Studio 2015,SQL Server, Azure, VB Script, Agile, IIS, WPF, Entity Framework 4.1/4.3/5.0/6.0/6.1

Programming Languages: C#, VB.NET, C

Web Scripting Languages: JavaScript, Angular JS 1.2/1.3, CSS3, HTML5, DHTML, Bootstrap 2/3.

Database Technologies: SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014 (Stored Procedure, Triggers, User Defined Functions, Views), MS Access, T-SQL, PL/SQL, SSIS, SSRS.

Operating Systems: Windows 2000/NT, XP, Vista, 7.iOS

Development Tools: Visual Studio.NET 2008/2010/2012/2013

Modeling Tools: UML, Design Patterns, MVC

Version Control Tools:: Visual Source Safe (VSS), Team Foundation Server (TFS).


Confidential, Mellon, NY

Senior.Net Developer


  • Participated in meetings with Business users and designed HLD and DLD
  • Followed the N-Tier Pattern, using OOP concepts, SOLID Principles and design patterns and technologies like C#, WCF, ADO.net, LINQ for development.
  • Wrote various methods to manipulate HTML, CSS, Angular JS in Query as well as making a pages dynamic using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Developed User Interface using Asp.net, Java Script and J Query for the client side validation, browser detection.
  • Wrote SQL queries with Joins on multiple tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Indexes in SQL Server 2010
  • Wrote CSS and style sheets to achieve a standard and branded look of the entire web application.
  • Used XML serialization and de-serialization to provide data transportation functionality.
  • Incorporated user authentications and authorizations in Web Config (API) to make application more secure.
  • Developed Object Model and Data Access Model based on Prototype design pattern using C# and ADO .NET. Implemented bound columns in the Data Grid to display user information.
  • Analyze and design Web Site Navigation, Web Content Development & Management.
  • Develop functional flow charts with due consideration and implementation of Object Oriented Concepts.
  • Created distributed API’s for reusability purpose across firm which were distributed using WCF web services.
  • Configured and tested the UAT and Productions Servers.
  • Deployed the applications on UAT and Production servers and provided L3 support.

Confidential, IA

Senior. Net Developer


  • Involved in various levels of the development life cycle by Gathering Requirements, Analyzing, Design and Development.
  • Designed and Developed UI ASP.NET MVC 3 and with extensive use of J Query with Razor Views.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) as a version control tool in team.
  • Used Entity framework and LINQ for data retrieval and manipulations like CRUD operations.
  • Acted as a scrum member and followed Agile Scrum methodology for development of the project.
  • Worked on Angular JS Element, Attribute and CSS derivatives.
  • Worked on transactions for event logging and auditing in PL/SQL.
  • Worked on handling concurrency issue by using optimistic locking in Entity Framework.
  • Worked on accessing a WCF service hosted on IIS.
  • Worked on JavaScript Form Validation using regular expressions.
  • Used MVC 3 Razor-View Engine for re-using the individual user controls by not coupling them with underlying data elements.
  • Worked on tracing the code in PL/SQL for measuring code performance during the runtime.
  • Worked on creating VB.NET Class Library project, coping VBScript code into a VB.NET Class file, and referencing the VB.NET Class Library from C# application.
  • Worked on analyzing the Query plan, logical operators and logical reads in SQL Server.
  • Worked on deploying web application on IIS, creating virtual directories and setting permissions in IIS.
  • Worked on calling ASP.NET web service using JavaScript.
  • Worked on running VB script on server side using asp.net.
  • Worked on XML files binding with XML Document, XML Reader, Xml Node libraries.
  • Worked on J Query for client side validations.
  • Worked on implementing Entity framework at service level for performing database operations.
  • Worked on context and entity classes for database operations and connections in Entity framework.
  • Working on different types of event handlers in JQuery.
  • Worked on transforming XML into XHTML using XSLT.
  • Performed client side and server side validations in MVC Razor using JQuery and AJAX.
  • Worked on creating data binding in view to a variable on the scope object using Angular JS.
  • Implemented and Consumed WCF rest based and various web services for the application.
  • Used Restful service methods for create, read, update and delete form data.
  • Worked on C#, Designed and developed SOA using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for the data access for the Web application to consume.
  • Implemented exception handling, developed custom error pages and developed the back end layer for the work flow solution.
  • Implemented UI Screen using MVC Razor Engine, J Query and Bootstrap.

Confidential, Leonia, NJ

Senior Dot net Developer


  • Analyzed, Designed and Developed modules using ASP. Net, C#/ VB .Net
  • Gathered requirements from client and assisted architect in creating design document.
  • Worked on Agile methodology for project execution.
  • Used JavaScript, JQuery to selectively update the content in browser
  • Used ASP.NET input Validation controls and java script for client side validation.
  • Applied Themes and CSS styles for UI design of Webpage's and Used Ajax and JavaScript to minimize number of page Refresh.
  • Worked with WCF, Web Services and hosted them on IIS 5.0.
  • Worked on API to fetch data from third party data providers and syncing between various systems.
  • Used JavaScript, JQuery to selectively update the content in browser.
  • Written SQL queries using Joins on multiple tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Indexes using SQL Server Management Studio.

Confidential, KS

.NET Developer


  • Designing Data Access Layers, UI Layers, and Core Components for Enterprise ASP.NET 3.0 Application.
  • Used ASP.Net 3.0/3.5 for UI design and implemented and custom validation.
  • Developed web service component to access remote data and display them in a formatter manner.
  • Accessing the remote data using XML web services and other remote data accessing options.
  • Implemented Data access layer functions in ADO.NET for SQL database interactions were developed using SQL and Entire Server side development, which incorporates Multithreading to store data in a database.
  • Implemented SSRS and SSIS solutions for performance tuning at the Application and Database Layers.
  • Worked on AJAX to populate user interface controls such as drop down list and generate warning messages to enhance overall UI experience.
  • Extensively used the Grid View and Form View to display fetched data and to make some changes.
  • Involved in designing and executing the Unit Test Cases for DIT testing.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

.NET Developer


  • Key member of the Business Logic development team which was responsible for implementing the basic building blocks of the True OMF(Object Model Framework).
  • Development was done using Agile methodology with daily scrums, paired programming using TDD and continuous integration using the SDLC process.
  • Lead teams of developers using Agile techniques and XP concepts.
  • Involved in architecture, design and implementation stages of the project lifecycle.
  • Developed modules by applying Object Oriented Programming techniques using Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Inheritance.
  • Used Reflection API extensively to invoke methods on classes at runtime using late binding techniques due to the dynamic nature of the software.
  • Implemented Functional Objects which, with patterns, tools and packages which are encompassed in Solution Domains which can be combined to create MEF’s (Message Exchange Frameworks).
  • Worked with XML, XSD’s using serialization and deserialization techniques including writing custom classes for the same.
  • Created request and response XML schemas using Xml Spy 2005 Enterprise Edition.
  • Unit Tested and performed coverage tests using NUnit and debugging tools within .NET.
  • Develop and deliver dynamic reporting solutions using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Participated in meetings with the clients to gather business requirements and offer technical direction including creating component and detailed design documents.


.NET Developer


  • Requirements gathering, analysis and preparation of design document.
  • Applied Master Pages and CSS, Navigation controls, HTML, WPF for a consistent look and feel for page design.
  • Created User Controls, Web Forms for billing services modules using ASP.NET and C#.
  • Developed classes for most of the rates for Web Billing Information module.
  • Worked with WCF, Web Services and hosted them on IIS 6.0.
  • Used ASP.NET input Validation controls and java script for client side validation.
  • Coding and implementation of various utilities and data access classes using ADO.NET.
  • Greatly enhanced website adding customer search components created and implemented customer interfaces, Grid views, printing, error handling and validation as well as additional functionality.
  • Used Singleton Designed Pattern for Login Details.
  • Used XSLT for XML data transformation in the application and schema to check the validity of XML document at various stages.
  • Designed, developed and also involved in writing and maintaining complex SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers views and User defined function.
  • Responsible in developing SSIS packages to transform Insurance data.
  • Experienced in optimizing queries for performance by looking at Execution plan, creating
  • Used VSS for maintaining the component and for release and version management.
  • Involved in Unit Testing and running the test case to proper functioning.

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