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Sr. Software Developer Resume

Trevose, PA


  • Challenging full - time hands-on assignment in a stimulating environment to utilize my extensive experience in Microsoft development technologies, tools and products (Windows, .NET, SOA), while providing an opportunity for further professional growth as the information and software technologist and architect.
  • 20+ years in information technology servicing various verticals.
  • Experience in marketing/sales, manufacturing, e-commerce and entertainment environments.
  • Result-oriented, self-motivated, able to work independently and in a team, demanding of myself and co-workers with a positive professional attitude.
  • Commitment to quality, reliability and attention to detail are my highest priorities.
  • Proactive, always looking beyond immediate projects scopes.
  • Strong external and internal customer orientation, emphasis on usability, maintainability, scalability and expandability of the software products being designed and developed.
  • My recent interests have focused on cloud-based, object-oriented, aspect-oriented, pattern-based and service-oriented architectures as well as big data storage technologies.
  • Bilingual (+Russian).
  • US citizen.


  • In-depth practical experience in OOD and OOP, client-server, multi-tier, SOA and web portal architectures utilizing C#, VB.NET, legacy VB, C/C++, Fortran and more.
  • Distributed architecture based on WCF using HTTP, TCP, IPC and MSMQ, SMTP, publish/subscribe invocation, asynchronous execution, multithreading, as well as legacy MTS/COM+ and .NET remoting.
  • Windows services and web services using SOAP and REST. Integration with the third parties’ components and services using XML, JSON or custom binary serialization.
  • Resourceful use of design patterns, best practices and tools (GoF, CQRS, Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, TOAD, MS Enterprise Library, Unity, SQL Profiler, NAnt, NUnit, VSS, TFS, LDAP etc.). Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography.
  • Expertise in middle-tier and back-end component development, code and design reuse across applications and platforms, plug-in components, dependency injection, presentation layers usability, deployment and configuration automation and monitoring, code generation.
  • Legacy to .NET application migration.
  • MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, Non-SQL storage (Mongo DB, Cassandra) ODBC API.
  • Data modeling based on business requirements, database logical and physical design, normalization and referential integrity provisions, views, stored procedures and triggers, data transformation and migration from heterogeneous sources, performance optimization.
  • Template-based code generation.
  • Object-oriented data delivery and consuming applications (ADO.NET, ADO, DAO).
  • Non-SQL scalable data stores and data interaction provisions.
  • ASP.NET, some MVC.
  • HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, classic ASP, VBScript.
  • All office applications, VBA-managed automation and data exchange.
  • Integration with external ActiveX and .NET-based applications.


Confidential, Trevose, PA

Sr. Software Developer


  • Contributing to the enterprise core IT infrastructure based on Microsoft .NET (4.0, 4.5.1), C#, MS SQL Server (v. 2008 - 2012), NServiceBus, MSMQ, Asynchronous TCP Sockets, MS Entity Framework, MS Unity,Web services, Windows services, WinForm applications, integration with the third party tools and data etc.

Confidential, Langhorne, PA

Sr. Software Developer/Architect


  • Designed and developed custom communication framework based on generalized web services, remoting hosts and message queue listeners, coupled with content-driven dispatchers to common-interface business agents. Later refactored the solution to take advantages of WCF platform using HTTP, TCP, IPC and MSMQ channels. Developed user-friendly wrappers for routing synchronous, one-way and asynchronous requests. The framework architecture provided total decoupling of the business agents and improved testability allowing dependency injection using the Service Locator pattern. Utilized WCF duplex channels for publish/subscribe communication pattern.
  • Designed and implemented shared functional layers (ADO.NET provider-independent data access, integrated security provisions based on AD, exception handling and publishing, SMTP email automation, portal transaction logging to SQL data stores and MongoDB, symmetric and RSA cryptography for PCI compliance, custom serialization, XML, JSON, binary data transformation etc.)
  • Automated application deployment using Click-Once or MSI packages with auto-registering of Windows services and GAC assemblies.
  • Developed web portal services and business logic layer providing communication between the IVR telephony servers (Envox and FreeSwitch) and the back-end business logic and OLTP infrastructure.
  • Segregated business rules from the mainstream business implementations for pricing and promotion campaigns. Developed plain English language-enabled rule authoring and management tools. Developed and maintained MS SQL Server backed rule-driven pricing engine with flexible plug-in evaluation and inference agents for various business acquisition and retention models.
  • Designed and developed content service web portals (SOAP and REST) providing secure interactions with external content consumers and providers. Automated receiving and handling the web feeds using configurable singleton services for various providers with failover provisions.
  • Extended content service portal to provide API for the third party mobile web applications. Re-used the same API to provide interactions with internal MVC-based applications.
  • Developed numerous utilities for business processes automation, data visualization, unit-testing, quality assurance, deployment, configuration, version control logging, portal transactions monitoring, accounting helpers etc.
  • Participated in the TFS-based continuous integration initiative.
  • Contributed to resolving the front-end application responsiveness issues by optimizing the performance of the underlying business components using cached data repositories eliminating redundant roundtrips to the database and other sub-systems.
  • Mentored junior developers and provided guidance to QA and non-technical personnel on specifics of software component usage and recommended practices. Actively participated in troubleshooting, defect identification, assignment, correction and release processes.
  • Created and maintained thorough documentation of communication framework architecture, application and portal configurations, API descriptions, user manuals etc.

Confidential, Wayne, PA

Sr. Consultant


  • Consulting services to internal and external clients (Wilmington Trust, City of Philadelphia, AstroZeneca).

Confidential, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Sr. Software Developer/Architect


  • Provided scope analysis and reviewed technical requirements to enhance overall system functionality, adjusted data model and execution paths.
  • Designed, developed and/or refactored various middle-tier components, using best practices and commonly adopted design patterns.
  • Developed unified business operation request dispatching and execution framework based on totally decoupled immutable core components with configurable selection of facades: COM+, .NET remoting, queueing or web-service portal.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Application Blocks (exception management, data access, caching) and Enterprise Library.
  • Built MS MapPoint web service client, custom data uploading tools synchronized with enterprise data sources.
  • Developed NUnit test harness components for business operation handlers.
  • Developed unified data access layer components, custom data access adapters mapped to stored procedure, metadata and domain data maintenance utilities.
  • Developed Crystal Enterprise programmatic reports scheduling agent.
  • Provided assistance and mentoring to members of the development teams.

Confidential, Abington, PA

Sr. Software Developer/Architecture Consultant


  • Developed complex form designer, template generation and transformation tools and template-driven content management, storage and exchange application.
  • Developed proprietary format for datasheet templates, compact format for data interchange and interfaces for plug-in external components.
  • Developed data model and data interaction layer.
  • Designed and implemented the base element class hierarchy.
  • Developed WinForms user interface.
  • Engineered license enforcement and help subsystems.
  • Refactored and migrated legacy parts of the solution to .NET platform.

Confidential, Olean, NY

Sr. Software Development Engineer


  • Acted as a hands-on project manager, leading small groups of developers and coordinating development contributions from different teams.
  • Developed and implemented equipment selection application suite based on enterprise specifications repository and performance prediction and analysis.
  • Designed and developed equipment specifications centralized database, 3-tier data delivery and maintenance components and structured front-end data wrapper COM libraries.
  • Developed intranet-based inventory maintenance and trend analysis system.
  • Developed multi-tier engineering work request and project execution monitoring system.
  • Developed intranet-based imaging system request handler and 3-tier request processing application suite.


Application and Sales Engineer


  • Maintained contact with potential and existing customers.
  • Performed feasibility and technical requirements analysis.
  • Provided technical expertise for the contract negotiations.
  • Provided information technology support for customer accounts and technical specifications.


Assistant Professor, R&D Engineer


  • Various scientific and research projects, development and balancing mathematical models, numerical calculation methods, convergence analysis, multi-dimensional optimization.

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