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Senior Software Development Engineer Resume

Austin, TX


Experienced .NET Applications Developer with strong OO and Database Design skills. Creative, abstract thinker who excels at identifying patterns and leveraging OO principles to produce quality reusable code. High attention to detail; emphasis placed on usability and maintainability. Talents utilized at the Framework, Service and UI levels. Experienced SQL query and report designer, specializing in highly intuitive design and data visualization techniques.


Primary Languages: C#, SQL, Silverlight/XAML, XML, Regular Expressions (RegEx)

Other Languages: C/C++/Managed C++/Java, HTML5, Javascript, ASP.NET, VB.NET

Concepts and Paradigms: Domain Driven Design (DDD), Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) and Design (OOD), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), N - tier Architecture, Distributed Systems, Confidential Business Objects, Design Patterns, SOLID principles, MVC and MVVM patterns

Development Environments: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio Code

APIs and Frameworks: Microsoft .NET Frameworks, ADO.NET, WPF, WCF, WF, ODBC, Microsoft Office, Confidential Business Object Framework, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), iTextSharp, Adobe Acrobat 8, Win32, Intuit QuickBooks, Sybase ADS .NET, CUDA, ATI Stream, WIBU, Telerik controls, Ozeki

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Sybase Advantage Database Server (ADS), MySQL

Reports: DevExpress, Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Reporting

Productivity Software: Resharper, Microsoft Office Suite, Open Office, Paint.NET

Natural Languages: Native English, Basic French


Senior Software Development Engineer

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Used expertise in C# and Confidential to correct major performance issues in company’s Billing and Dispatch application for EMTs and billing companies.
  • Wrote integrations with Confidential ’s Confidential product and 3rd party PayorLogic to assist billers in insurance and demographic discovery, leading to increased revenue recovery with less effort.
  • Ported back-end of existing Admin product away from Silverlight and implemented API for HTML front-end in ServiceStack, hosted in Azure.
  • Principle back-end engineer for new version of Quality Management (QM) product using Web.Api and Entity Framework 6, also hosted in Azure. Support for sharded databases to improve scalability of system. Leveraged Azure Service Bus to connect disparate cloud applications.
  • Assisted management of product build tools in Bamboo and Octopus Deploy and performed tech screenings for job candidates.

Senior Software Developer

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Developer on Confidential ’s new Enterprise edition restaurant back-office software, servicing restaurant chains larger than 100 stores - both foreign and domestic, using Amazon Web Services. Currently in use by over 500 stores across multiple chains.
  • Using existing C#/.Net and design skills to help fix or enhance the MVVM Silverlight GUI, Confidential implementation and SQL objects. Self-directed task selection for current sprint based on business concerns and end-user impact.
  • Collaborated with team members and end-users to better assess the customer’s needs for features to ensure satisfaction, balancing complexity away from the user and streamlining their workflows.
  • Sharpened SQL skills and knowledge, especially with respect to high availability. Contributed to the maintenance and growth of the suite of class and database unit tests.
  • Migration of Silverlight GUI to HTML5/Angular.js with Bootstrap and node.js to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace.

Senior Software Architect / Engineer

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Using C# and Silverlight (XAML) in VS2010 and leveraging WCF for inter-module communication, designed and implemented version 8 as a distributed, N-Tier solution to support any conceivable deployment or licensing scenario for a broad range of customer support.
  • Leveraged the Entity Framework to provide support for many data storage mediums with SQLCE as the included data store.
  • SOLID principles and Agile/Scrum used to design and develop framework and patterns for use.
  • Emphasis placed on reusable, maintainable code.
  • Employed the Confidential Business Object framework to encapsulate business rules and provide an easy portal for CRUD operations in a “floating” business layer.
  • Designed and implemented licensing scheme using WIBU’s CodeMeter and AxProtector utilities and API.
  • Interfaced with disparate SCADA packages, normalized the alarm data and acted upon the alarms as specified in the user-defined workflows. Allowed two-way communication to acknowledge and request alarms and reports.
  • Mentored and managed the work of junior employees. Participated in interviews, hiring decisions for developer positions.
  • Substituted for project lead in times of absence, advising QA, delivering department status updates in morning meetings and managing tasks in TFS.

Junior Software Developer

Confidential, Baton Rouge, LA


  • Worked development contract between Confidential and the Confidential ; trusted with access to Medicaid/Medicare Private Health Information for the entire region.
  • Supported the development of and enforced uniformity among custom data types for use in Business Objects; serialization into, de-serialization from Databases.
  • Identified current and future business needs; designed, developed and supported objects to address anticipated needs such as a fast TIFF reader/writer/information class based on the TIFF 6.0 specification and a file content verification utility.
  • Assisted development of system for electronic document storage and retrieval for the planned obsolescence of most paper filing cabinets.
  • Pitched concepts of EDS to customers and gathered user requirements to assess need and suggest solutions.
  • Developed User Interface framework and a selection of modular readers to display varying electronic documents.
  • Authored user documentation, including a highly-touted walkthrough.
  • Re-factored and implemented Data Brokering system for data migration between disparate systems.
  • Created profiling tests for external system to both monitor and track health and to profile the systems’ capabilities using custom Windows and Web Services.
  • Performed ongoing QA to verify continued validity of data transformation and migration.
  • Developed utilities to simplify primary analysis of services, streamlining bug location in legacy brokering systems.
  • Analytical skills frequently leveraged for emergency diagnosis and correction of unfamiliar projects.
  • Developed patterns to simplify trace logging and to ensure consistency across services.
  • Developed hybrid manual/automated unit tests to allow pseudo-automatic testing of processes whose results are not easily verified programmatically.
  • Generated professional documents:
  • Full Project lifecycle documentation.
  • Technical Discussions, high level System Diagrams, User Documents and Data Reports.
  • Natural language skills utilized often by peers for document reviews.

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