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Lead Front-end Engineer Resume

Culver City, CA


  • 10+ years of experience in designing and developing small to large scale web - based internet and intranet applications.
  • Comfortable with a range of technologies, programming languages and open source projects .
  • K nowledgeable in software architecture, front-end, middle-tier and back-end development.
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience, including information gathering, solution design, development planning and process, code review and merge, Quality Assurance ( QA), production release, maintenance planning, and documentation.
  • Experienced in v arious development methodologies, such as Agile ( SCRUM) and Waterfall.
  • Experienced in leading and managing development teams (onsite, remote, offshore) and providing direction.
  • Experienced in working with third-party vendors and components, such as Infragistic and Telerik.
  • Ability to take ownership of tasks with minimal supervision.
  • Familiar with project management.
  • Passionate about technology.


Notable Languages/Frameworks:

advanced: C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET/MVC, jQuery, knockout

proficient: Java, PHP, XML, SQL, LINQ

prior experience: C++, C, VB.NET, Python, Classic ASP among many others

Other Notables: node, Web Services, REST, CORS, SOAP, Bootstrap, AngularJS, ReactJS, VideoJS, WCF, Data Structures & algorithms.


Confidential, Culver City, CA

Lead Front-End Engineer

  • Architected and Developed the new Crackle.com website to be developed in collaboration with third-party vendors.
  • Developed an HTML5 video player based on VideoJS framework using Castlabs Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • Implemented Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) standards in order to take advantage of Single Page Application (SPA) architecture.
  • Enforced security best practices in order to prevent OWASP vulnerabilities, such as injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Created a script to optimize page load time of the Crackle.com website by minifying, uglifying, sprite creation and caching, which resulted in an average speed improvement of 2 seconds.
  • Devising a deployment script that takes the GitHub source code, packages it for various deployment environments and deploys it to Microsoft Azure Cloud Web App instances.
  • Collaborated with Akamai to ensure fast delivery of Crackle contents and assets.
  • Collaborated with Akamai and Prerender.io to implement SPA caching for Crackle.com to be crawled by search engines for the purpose of SEO .
  • Worked together with other internal teams to implement CMS content into Crackle.com.
  • Coordinated efforts with the QA team to effectively resolve bugs.
  • Managed a combined team of 6 developers, including off-shore development resources.
  • Interviewed incoming members of the team to ensure that the company’s proper technical needs and workplace culture fit are met.

Confidential Culver City, CA

Senior Front-End Engineer

  • Created a multilingual User Interface (UI) for the search box with an auto-complete dropdown list that is consumed by public end users at the top of all Crackle domestic and international websites (i.e., US, Brazil, Mexico, etc.).
  • Created a public Crackle Search API to be consumed by internal and third-party clients.
  • Collaborated with Crackle and ThinkAnalytics developers and project managers on transitioning to the ThinkAnalytics search and recommendations engine.
  • Connected the Crackle back-end to consume ThinkAnalytics search and recommendations engine data via API calls and developed a feed to be consumed by ThinkAnalytics engine via secure API calls.
  • Revamped the Crackle.com header to a slimmer more robust and mobile-friendly u ser i nterface, configurable through an admin interface.
  • Implemented the Adobe Analytics data collection and reporting suit, formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst, on all Crackle domestic and international websites.
  • Ensured the final delivery of project's quality assured product in a timely fashion.
  • Major and minor bug fixes.


Senior UI Consultant

  • Developed the public-facing UI components of the Sony’s Ci Media Cloud solution.
  • Brought business concepts into functional UI interfaces using ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, CSS and Knockout.
  • Gathered and enforced business requirements using SCRUM methodology.
  • Created a web service layer to consume REST API call within the application to achieve a distributed architecture.
  • Ensured the delivery of final products as intended by the original concepts in a timely manner.

Confidential Santa Monica, CA

Lead .NET Consultant

  • Provided a roadmap and architected a new internal company application on the UMG intranet.
  • Facilitated the smooth transfer of third-party developed and hosted applications to be brought in- house and available on t he company hosted intranet.
  • Developed UI concepts into working products using SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET MVC 4, jQuery, CSS and jQuery UI.

Confidential Los Angeles, CA

.NET Consultant

  • Managed the gathering of requirements and handling the communications between the middle tier and front-end developers.
  • Contributed to centralizing the development efforts and created a roadmap for future UI development cycle.
  • Provided direction and mentored junior developers.
  • Created functional UI components and interfaces using ASP.NET, jQuery, CSS and jQuery UI.
  • Created a web service layer to be consumed by the internal application.

Confidential Los Angeles, CA

Senior .NET Consultant

  • Created a Java single sign-on application to connect users between two disparate system, using LDAP and SSL handshake.
  • Improved and developed company’s internal web application using ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and AJAX.
  • Coordinated efforts with third-party vendors. Successfully installed and tested third-party products.
  • Worked under minimal supervision and ensured all deadlines were met.


Senior .NET Developer

  • Gathered Awards data from the publicly available published sites using C# Windows Forms.
  • Organized the data structure to be consumed by the internal and client-facing company products.
  • Architected and developed plans for a product conversion project from ColdFusion to ASP.NET MVC and jQuery.
  • Created an n-tier WCF data access layer to provide content from various databases to various applications.
  • Contributed to the conversion project using the aforementioned architecture.
  • Provided technical assistance and direction to other team members.

Confidential Hills, CA

Software Developer

  • As a Senior member of the Ad Monetization Team, I i mplemented and maintain ed various third-party advertisement services, such as Google AdX, GFeed, AFC, AFS and FAN (Fox Audience Network).
  • Implemented A/B testing on various portions of the site, including data-driven development in collaboration with Google engineers.
  • Developed Microsoft Web Slices for various verticals at Myspace.
  • Created a Monetization data access layer using various design patterns to be used throughout myspace.com.
  • R efactored legacy code to conform to company’s new coding standards.
  • Responded to day-to-day ad hoc requests and swiftly resolved issues using C#, ASP.NET, Javascript, XML, HTML, and CSS.
  • Created a nd embedded various internal and third-party beacons on many pages throughout the myspace.com.
  • Implemented logging for various modules in the code base.
  • Interviewed multiple candidates to fill in available positions on the team.
  • Mentored junior developers with software development methodologies and best practices.

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