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Senior Interactive Developer Resume


Continued dedication towards acquiring a greater understanding of communication through digital media and innovation in interactive application development


Unity: (C# / Strange IoC / Vuforia AR / GearVR / FMOD)

IOS: (Obj - C / Cocos2D / Xcode / Texture Packer)

Flash: / Flex (AIR / Flex / AS2 + AS3 / FDT / Intelli-J / Cairngorm / PureMVC / RobotLegs)

Web: (Html5 / JS / Processing)

Server: (PHP / MySQL / AMFPHP / MAMP / Charles)

Version-control: (GIT / Subversion / Perforce)

Build Tools: (ANT / Maven)

Audio Tools: (Audacity / Live / Renoise)

Graphic Tools: (Photoshop / Gimp)



Senior Interactive Developer

  • Played a lead role in an effort to revitalize the front-end architecture for an existing Flex-based online CMS, which lead to significant improvements in areas such as application load (& response) times, memory footprint, decoupled runtime styling, & asynchronous download capability using batched service calls to a REST-based .NET backend
  • Utilized Adobe Air to build various touch-based mobile video applications (primarily targeted for iPad) which created heightened interest during kiosk-like promotional efforts of clients stemming from the highly-regulated Pharma sector
  • Using C#, took part in Unity & Oculus Rift development for various projects, which included a trade-show presentation projected on a 55'' display, allowing the user to navigate specific cells from a microscopic vantage, and a beta desktop prototype highlighting medical lab equipment


Flash / iOS / Unity Developer

  • Assisted in the development of various social gaming products (Lucky Bingo, King of Slots, Beat Repeat, M&D) to be distributed via both Facebook & mobile platforms
  • Primarily serving as flash developer, secondary efforts were spent as sole / assisting developer targeting iOS (iPad / iPhone), which included r&d efforts for potential Unity (C#) deployment
  • Lead efforts in performance optimization, asset implementation, & flash-based coding standards
  • Took an active part in product incubation / release by attending daily SCRUM sessions, working closely with Design / Backend / QA / Product Management staff, while ensuring professional standards


Flash Developer

  • Worked as front-end developer (promoted to Lead Flash Developer) for related products in the casino gaming market
  • Had extensive use of such tools as FDT (Eclipse), Flash Builder, Flash Professional, Photoshop, Illustrator, and version-control systems (SVN / GIT)
  • Operated via an informal MVC-based architecture utilizing OO / Design Patterns to address dynamic design and technical specifications
  • Assisted in the hiring of new staff, led investigations into new deployment options in multi-platform mobile gaming, and worked closely with the backend team to address subsequent challenges (e.g. tightening observable game performance in Long-Polling vs. Pub-Sub, refactoring display list instantiation call times, etc)
  • Maintained a positive relationship with all staff to ensure deliverables arrived on time, and in conjunction with growing department / industry standards


Flash Developer

  • Contract role to develop Actioncript prototype for demo to international markets
  • Utilized proprietary codebase to interface with in-house backend (RNG / security) application protocols


Flex / Flash Developer

  • Served in a high-level Actionscript development role, aiding in numerous high-profile web campaigns, including Hockey Night in Canada, Battle of the Blades, FIFA 2010, The Suzuki Diaries, etc.
  • Assisted in the creation of inter-department media tools; often requiring synchronized efforts with both front / back-end development teams
  • Utilized proper OOP-based methodologies in the creation of a public-facing high-traffic Audio / Video media player requiring page & video-tracking implementations (Double-Click, Omniture)
  • Responded to an in-house ticketing system to address Flash-related bugs / enhancements for content groups and outside vendors
  • Attended numerous educational workshops on subjects ranging from developing for the growing mobile market, database maintenance / efficient query construction, to recent developments in the Flash platform


Flex / Flash Developer

  • Created a working prototype of an online Flex-based “dj mixing” application geared towards the youth market and the subsequent purchase of digital music downloads
  • Utilized additional software tools (Flash CS3, Photoshop, Audition) to allow for user interaction with the client's initially supplied static assets
  • Researched and responded to numerous client inquiries on subjects ranging from the newly-acquired capabilities of Flash Player 10 to that of RTMP streaming via Red5 Media Server, Flash Interactive Media Server, and Blaze DS
  • Used Flex Builder 3 to develop the application via the use of the Cairngorm framework and OOP-based design patterns
  • Implemented Subversion SVN to warehouse both existing client information & subsequent project data


Flex / Flash Developer / Webmaster

  • Responsible for the creation of a online search application to facilitate the marketing of independent music for use in the film & television market
  • Implemented an AS3 / Flex based front-end that communicates with a PHP / MySQL backend via the use of AMFPHP in order to implement an efficient means of data transfer between the application tiers
  • Served as technical lead, assisting a Poland-based designer in the migration of a public facing html site showcasing the companies services and current client base
  • Worked closely with the company's owner to respond to numerous technical hurdles including long-term scalability, a custom Paypal checkout front-end, and supplements to current administrative practices

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