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Senior .net Developer/programmer Analyst Resume

Manhattan, NY

(Senior ASP.Net Developer Expertise in C#/VB.Net/SQL Server Technology)


  • 7 years of experience in Microsoft Technologies in Designing, Developing and Implementing Intranet, Internet, client/server applications, web development, Object Oriented Programming in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0/3.5/2.0/1.1, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET.
  • Having extensive experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Architecture, Requirement analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Debugging, Testing, Documentation and Maintenance of Client/Server and web based applications.
  • Having good experience in OOPs, Caching, Authentication, Windows Services, User Controls (ascx) and Web Custom Controls.
  • Experience in creating Validation Controls for front-end validation.
  • Experience in development and usage of Web Services using WSDL, SOA, UDDI and SOAP.
  • Effectively used JQuery a concise JavaScript Library for traversing HTML document, event handling and AJAX interactions.
  • Experienced in the development of database applications using ADO.NET objects.
  • Experience in Database Analysis/Design/Normalization/Manipulation processes using SQL Server, MS Access, and Oracle. Extensively worked on stored procedures and user defined functions.
  • Strong knowledge in MS SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Database Design, Development, and Administration using MS SQL Server, MS Access & Oracle.
  • Strong knowledge in designing, developing reports using MS-Access, SQL Server 2000/2005 Reporting Services and Crystal Reports.
  • Experience in Creating Unit Testing applications and Unit Testing WITH NUnit.
  • Expertise in database applications involving complex Database Queries, stored procedures, triggers, (Data Transformation Services) DTS packages, design and implementation with MS SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008, Oracle 8i/9i/10g and Microsoft Access.
  • Strong Experience in Design & Development of Client-Server & Web applications using Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) methodologies.
  • Experience in creating, maintaining and designing database diagrams, setting table relationships and indexes.
  • Good Knowledge in building Silverlight applications using .Net.
  • Extensive experience in eCommerce.
  • Worked in a team environment and also coordinated with business/functional team.
  • Excellent interpersonal and oral/written communication skills.


Programming Languages: C#.Net, VB.Net, C, java and PL/SQL

Web Technologies: ASP.Net 4.0/3.5/2.0, javascript, jQuery, HTML, DHTML and CSS.

Databases: SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle 9i/10g

Development Tools: MS Visual Studio .NET 2005/2008/2010

Version Control: VSS, TFS and Tortoise SVN.

Web servers: IIS 5.0/6.0.

Methodologies: SDLC, UML, OOAD (Object-Oriented analysis and design)

Testing Tools: Quality center, Unit testing using N-Unit

Platforms: Windows 95/98, Windows XP/2000/NT, MS DOS, UNIX

Others: XML/XSLT, ODP .Net, Toad and SSRS.

EDUCATION & Certification:

  • Bachelors of Computer Science
  • Microsoft Certified in Technology specialist .Net Framework 2.0


Client: Confidential Manhattan, NY March 2011 Present

Role: Senior .Net Developer/Programmer Analyst


AKQA is a creative agency specializing in interactive marketing. Ebay is a client of AKQA, We are developing Tracking Platform infrastructure to support Internet Marketing led Ad Campaign tracking and Entry tracking into eBay sites and User behavior tracking on eBay sites.


  • Involved in analysis, design and development of the application
  • Involved in loading data from XML files to Database
  • Expert in handling Dataset and data tables
  • Used data grid to review and modify manipulated data
  • Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Reader, Dataset and Data Adapter, Data View for consistent access to SQL Server data sources
  • Developed web pages using C#, ASP.NET and Visual Studio .NET 2010
  • Used ASP.NET, HTML, to create dynamic web pages using ASP.NET Web Server Controls and user controls
  • Integrated with flash with the help of handlers in .net
  • Designed and Developed User Interfaces using ASP.NET.
  • Responsible for designing and developing ASP.NET web pages using ASP.NET, Java script, ADO.Net, SQL, HTML, CSS and AJAX Web services.
  • Developed Custom User Controls to reduce the Complexity in User Interface Coding and provide better look and feel.
  • Added functionality in business layer and Data access layer.
  • Good at import and export of data between XML file and datasets.
  • Used ADO.NET in connecting to Data Access management with SQL Server.
  • Designed and developed complex stored procedures in SQL Server 2008
  • Designed and developed the C# components for implementing business logic which is used to do the transactions on database in middle tier using ADO.NET.
  • Generated the required reports with the help of data grid.
  • Developed screens in ASP.NET AJAX-Enabled, C#, ADO.NET to display.
  • Development and Testing of Web Services (A middle tier application on IIS).
  • Used Tortoise SVN for version control.
  • Wrote business logic in C# and handled transactions from and to database using ADO.NET objects such as Datasets, Data Adapters, and Data Readers.
  • Experienced in Prepare, read, write and understand program specifications.

Environment: ASP.NET 4.0, C# 4.0, MVC 3.0, Html, JavaScript, jQuery, XML, XSLT, Ajax, TFS, VS.NET 2008, Sql Server 2008 and SSRS.

Client: Confidential Boston MA

Project: Automated Payment System(APS). Sep 2009- Mar 2011

Role: Senior ASP.Net Developer

Developed Claims Automated Payments Project for Progressive Insurance. This application enables the representative to do online claim tracking, make a payment for estimated payments and to allow the representative to view or find the payment. It provides the representative with details that can be used more intuitively and effectively to setup information to make payment, save it and return later.


  • Prototyped the system towards understanding the system requirements and involved the user community at all stages of the project and incorporated user feedback.
  • Developed GUI front end using Windows forms (Win Forms) in C#.
  • Involved in gathering requirements and designing software.
  • Designed user interface screens and implemented application logic under Microsoft .NET framework using C# to use .NET features powered with CLR.
  • Worked with Custom Controls, Validation Controls and rich controls like calendar control.
  • Generated a high-level function hierarchy through analysis of information needs.
  • Development of screens and report layouts
  • Used ADO.NET for Data accessing. Upgrading the modules into Microsoft .Net (C# .Net, ASP.NET) and created a web service.
  • Created Custom web parts using SharePoint Object Model and SharePoint web services. Used C# as the programming language.
  • Configured Web.Config file for the configuration of the entire Web Application.
  • Developed HTML and ASP.NET pages to meet the business requirements and also involved in replacing HTML pages with redesigned ASP.NET pages.
  • Developed Java Scripts for dynamic user interface and browser compatibility tests.
  • Worked on SSRS 2005 to generate about 30+ reports for various user groups and developer groups.
  • Developed Web Services in ASP.NET for much useful functionality.
  • Used Presentation Layer as CSS which allows customization of layout, color based on the user selection using XSLT, XML and CSS.
  • Written stored procedures and SQL statements to access data from SQL Server 2000 Database
  • Developed database stored procedures, functions, views and created DTS (Data Transformation Services) packages for data transfer from various files
  • Developed Stored Procedures using SQL for all the interaction with the database.
  • Integrated various reports into the application. The reports were created using Crystal Reports.

Environment: Visual Studio.NET 2008, C#.net, JavaScript, MVC, ASP.Net 3.5, ADO.Net, AJAX, XML, SQL Server2008, IIS5.0, SSRS, Windows Server 2003, Web Services, Entity Framework, Web Forms, CSS, WCF.

Client: Confidential Salt Lake City, UT.

Project: Patient financials. Aug, 2008- Sep 2009

Role: Senior ASP.Net Developer

The objective of this project is to develop Hospital Management System including Patient and General Financials using .NET UI and Client application using SQL Server. Hospital Management System is used to maintain and manage patient information and demographics helps to verify member insurance information.


  • Involved in preparation of User Interface Specification document.
  • Designed and developed User Interface for Patient Admission and Patient History, using C#.Net & ADO. Net on .NET 2.0 framework.
  • The application was developed on the 3 tier architecture.
  • Designed and developed User Interface for Creating and Monitoring the Prescriptions.
  • Designed and developed User Interface for Patient Billing and Collections.
  • Developed various database queries and Stored Procedures using SQL Server and T-SQL.
  • Designed and developed a Presentation layer, Business logic and Data layer for Patient, Provider and Validation List Item Lookup claims using ASP.NET 2.0, C# and SQL Server database.
  • Used case diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams and activity diagrams for pictorial representation of process using UML.
  • Implemented XML Web Services in C# based on SOAP protocols using XML and XSLT extensively for data transfers.
  • Developed and consumed the Web Services for Insurance Verification.
  • Configured the Form-Authentication features
  • Used several Validation controls provided by the .Net framework
  • Tested the application in the testing servers.
  • Fixed all the issues provided by the end users.

Environment: Windows XP, ASP.NET 2.0, C# .Net 2.0, ADO.Net, Web Service, Visual Studio.NET 2005, Sql Server 2005, HTML, XML, CSS.

Client: Confidential Ashburn, VA

Project: iQuote (Pricing Tool). May, 2006- Aug, 2008

Role: Software Developer/ System Analyst

This project is meant for suggesting new pricing to current customers. Application keeps track of personal information, corporate details and current billing rate. Application suggests customer to go for different package of Phone line depends upon previous billings.


  • Participated in architectural design of project.
  • Designing Data Access Layer.
  • Successfully coded Framework Layer, Data Access Layer, Business Logic Layer, Validation Layer and Presentation Layer.
  • Created physical design of the database.
  • Worked on the data loads using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Written stored procedures Triggers and jobs in SQLServer2005.
  • Created Custom User Controls and GridView control.
  • Created an Email component with rich text formatting.
  • Worked on Agile methodology.
  • Worked on configuration and web deployments into SIT, UAT and Production.
  • Worked on Black-Box and White-Box testing.
  • Implemented Unit Testing using VSTS.

Environment: C#, ASP.Net, ADO.NET, XML, Team Foundation Server, SQLServer2000, IIS6.0, Windows 2003 Server.

Client: Confidential Jacksonville, FL

Project: Mortgage Servicing Application Apr, 2005- May, 2006

Role: Software Developer

This Application helps to a make sure Mortgage brokers are regulated to ensure compliance with banking laws in the jurisdiction of the consumer. We developed two separate applications for Mortgage broker and loan officer. This application helps both Mortgage Brokers and loan officer to track day to day activities.


  • Involved in functional design and technical specification document for the project.
  • Migration of ASP Application to ASP.Net Application.
  • Designed & developed Screens for Mortgage broker and loan officer hierarchy and admin ASP.Net Pages using Visual Studio.NET.
  • Extensive use of the ADO.NET objects such as Data grids, Data Tables, Data Readers and Datasets for data retrieval and manipulation.
  • Developed Web Services for creating and consuming business components in ASP.NET
  • Developed DHTML behaviors to enhance the Data Grid functionality and for better appearance.
  • Used Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for achieving uniformity through all the web pages.
  • Developed several COM components for the application using ASP.net.
  • Written Stored procedures for complex logics
  • Code Review done for the developers and VSS Usage, Unit Test Cases also written
  • Ensuring coding standards and practices are met in regards to coding and documentation.

Environment: Visual Studio.Net, ASP.NET 1.1, C#, ADO.NET, IIS 5.0, XML, XSL, Visual Source Safe, Crystal Reports, Windows XP and SQL Server 2000

Client: Confidential Parsippany NJ

Project: Smart Form Oct, 2004- Apr, 2005

Role: Junior .NET Developer.

Developed smart Forms for Commerce Bank that enables efficient collection of information through online forms and processing of requests in accordance with defined business procedures and workflows. The workflow or path that a form takes may involve interaction with multiple people (e.g. the banker, the bankers Administrative Assistant, Business Manager). Pre-Trade Clearance: This part of smart form application provides an interface for bankers to request approvals to buy/sell equities or securities from their managers. Market Data Request: This part of smart form application provides an interface to feed in the details about companies obtained from agencies.


  • Involved in Analysis, design, and developed the Application in C# .Net.
  • Created Data access classes, which were used to connect to the database using Microsoft ADO.NET and Data binding concepts where objects such as Data Adapter, Dataset, and Data Readers were used.
  • Used ASP.NET for building dynamic web pages.
  • Designed User Interface using ASP.NET Web Form controls.
  • Used ASP.NET Validation controls for Input validation.
  • Used Java Script for Client Side validation.
  • Developed the Assemblies in C#. Net.
  • Extensively used Data Grid for sorting, paging, and editing data Created Custom web parts using SharePoint Object Model and SharePoint web services. Used C# as the programming language.
  • Implemented Application security using Forms authentication mode.
  • Developed XSLT for transforming XML into HTML.
  • Extensively used Page Fragments (User Controls) that require high server resources.
  • Developed Stored Procedures, Functions and Views.
  • Used ADO.NET Object Model to interact with SQL database.
  • Designed GUI web page using HTML, DHTML and front-page.
  • Used ADO.NET Dataset object to Cache frequently accessed data, reducing round trips to the database and boost performance.
  • Used SharePoint API and ASP.NET to build custom Web Parts and Tool Parts to implement additional business requirements from and within the SharePoint site.
  • Utilized InfoPath Form services to convert forms into web based forms to allow corporate users to easily fill out form data within the SharePoint form library.
  • Handled Run Time Errors & Design Time Errors by implementing appropriate Error Handlers.
  • Undertook testing of the above code using test case.
  • Handled scalability and performance issues and provided support for deliverables.

Environment: .Net Framework, ASP.NET, SharePoint, AJAX,ADO.NET, C#, Visual Studio.NET 2008, JavaScript, XML, T-SQL, SQL Server2008.

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