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Software Developer Resume


Programming Skills:: Visual Studio, C#, VB - .Net, .Net Framework, Azure, MVC, Razor, ASP.Net, REST, SOAP, Node.js, DevOps, Entity Framework, Web Services, WebApi, XAML, IIS, Windows Team Foundation Server (TFS) - administration and customization, Github, Workflow, Xamarin (Android & iOS); VB 1.0 - VB 6.0, XML, PL/SQL, Microsoft Transaction Server, MTS/IIS Internet Development, Visual Basic SDK 6.0, 5.0, 4.0, 3.0, Visual Studio 6.0, Patterns & Architecture, Serialization, Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN), ADO, OLE DB VB Script, DLL's; Sockets, TCP/IP, Smart Cards, VC++, PVCS, AMS Momentum Interface, WML, HL7, JSON-LD

Database Skills:: SQL-Azure, ORACLE, SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) PL/SQL, T-SQL, DB2, Access, Sybase, Informix, 3M, ADO, OLE DB, Active Reports, Crystal Reports, ER-Win.

O/S:: Azure, Windows 2016, 2012, 10, 8, 7, 2008, 2003, 2000, iOS, Android

Other Skills:: Azure, DevOps, Appsight Black Box, Enosis, Cache (mumps-windows interface), WPF, WWF, WCF, Kea, CHCS, Corel, VMS, MVS/TSO, CMS, UNIX, DCL, Assembler, AHLTA, MACCS, REACCS, CHEMBASE, CHEMTALK, CHEMTEXT, FORTRAN, various editors, databases and compilers, etc.; IA (bringing applications through the DoD IA process), Experience interfacing and cabling, PC repair and maintenance.



Software Developer

  • Senior Developer on ExpAg/DocXP project. Modernized reporting system. Introduced DevOps Continuous Integration, TFS, automated deployments, etc. Developed reports and configured for automated deployments.
  • Senior Developer on Legacy Program Interface (LPI) project. Develop system to extract data and data-models from AHLTA and 3M-HDD system. Massage data into JSON-LD form for loading into MongoDB system and big-data analysis.
  • Senior Developer and Tech Lead for TATRC’s $2 million AHLTA Common Development Environment. This environment allows third parties to develop against AHLTA, a $6 billion DoD EHR. Design architect for various AHLTA projects. Completed first successful source code builds. Identified various missing components. Provide an understanding to other team members of application and data models. Train other staff members in AHLTA development. Successfully took projects through IA process. Senior developer for these high visibility projects:
  • AHLTA Web Print - Design and Deployment of a system to print out a patient’s (EHR) electronic health record (deployed, currently saving SSA/DoD approximately $8 million per year and eliminating backlogs of up to 9 months)
  • PAWS - Design and Deployment of a general web service to expose AHLTA data (deployed, as backbone for AHLTA Web Print). Other AHLTA related applications can now be easily created within DHA.
  • SAWS - a web service to load patient encounters into AHLTA using existing sync-manager infrastructure.
  • Synthetic Data - a project to import Synthetic Data into AHLTA allowing no-clearance developers access to the system.
  • Team Fitness Site - A fun MVC5/Razor/Oracle web application to track fitness and activity for teams.
  • AMP - a C# cross platform/mobile (iOS, Android, WP7, Silverlight) application for completing telcons in AHLTA.
  • VLER - VA’s and DoD’s virtual electronic health record.
  • NHIN Adaptor - an interface to exchange healthcare data between VA and DoD
  • Essentris Feed - a system to capture Essentris health records into AHLTA.
  • Estenda Feed - a system to capture Diabetic management data into AHLTA.
  • AERO - a system to share flight physical data with AHLTA
  • Synthetic Data Browser - web based data browser to allow analysts to search and view multiple Synthetic data instances and view the various data relationships.
  • Fitness Tracker - web based fitness tracker.
  • 7+ Years: Senior AHLTA Developer for Integic Corp. on .Net/VB6 Medical application consisting of over 250 dll’s. This is a huge multi-tiered application accessing Mumps, Oracle, SQL Server, Tuxedo back ends. Built and designed .Net web service framework for linking VB6 to Mumps system. Evaluated feasibility of migrating VB6 modules to .Net. Redesigned several high visibility modules of Medical app using .Net, VB6, 3M, Tuxedo, Oracle and SQL Server, improved performance, design and reliability. Coded health care prototypes for Clinical Informatics. Designed un-breakable continuous integration build system. Supported customer sites and successfully closed-out interim PGUI system at 35 sites, processing over 1.5 million patient records. Coded/Maintained Sync-Manager, the heart of the distributed AHLTA system. Modified builder app to accommodate VB6/.Net project mix. Built new charting module for Medical app.
  • 3 Years: Team Lead / VB Developer for USAID. Evaluated, planned, built tools and lead upgrade of VB 3.0 applications suite to VB 6.0. Designed and built Web applications incorporating SQL Server, MTS, and Visual Interdev. Designed OLE server architecture to wrap and in corporate AMS Momentum Interface API. Developed Palm applications. Provided customer new architecture platform, prototypes, connectivity, and DB enhancements to allow applications to operate worldwide across a satellite (VSAT) link. Incorporated MTS 2.0/IIS 4, VB 6.0, Oracle and Remote Data Services (RDS or ADC) for connectivity. Administered and Installed MTS/IIS and Source Safe 6.0. Developed Web applications with Visual Interdev and VB 6.0.

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