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Senior .net Web Developer/security Developer/systems Architect Resume


Looking for a senior level Full Stack .NET developer position or a lead developer. Smaller teams are preferred.


Seasoned .NET Developer with 20 years experience in all stages of Software Development Life cycle. Background in web development, database development, web service development, and computer security.


Microsoft .NET and Windows Technologies: Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 4.6.2 , C# 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0 , Asp.net web forms, Asp.net MVC 5, Razor, MOQ, NUnit, Unity (Dependency Injection), Visual Studio 6.0 / / / /, Hangfire.IO, Telerik, WinForms, OWA (Office Web Apps), WOPI, Log4Net, LINQ, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Active Directory/Group Policy, PowerShell

Communication Technologies: WCF, SOAP, REST

Data Storage and Data Formatting Technologies: XML, JSON, EDI, MongoDB, SQL Server, OracleWeb and JavaScript Technologies:

HTML 5, CSS 3.0, AJAX, JavaScript, Angular.js 2.0, React.js, Backbone, Less.js, DataTables.js, JQuery, Bootstrap, Mustache.js, Cookies.js, Numeral.js, String.js, Dropzone.js, Node.js, NuGet, Gulp

Code Management & Project Management Tech: SVN, TFS, TortiseSVN, .Net Reactor, Atlassian Tools (JIRA, Bamboo, Confluence, Crucible)

Other Technologies: JAVA, C++, SSRS, Crystal Reports, x86 Assembly for Windows, IVR (Interactive Voice Response otherwise known as phone trees), Linux and Unix Shell Scripting, Windows Batch Files

Methodologies:: Waterfall, Agile/Scrum

Platforms:: Web Development, Windows Development, A little Linux, Unix, Android, and IOS.

Computer Science Concepts:: Design Patterns, OOP (Object Oriented Programming), Data Structures, Algorithms, Regex, Polymorphism

Development Lifecycle Concepts: Code Reviews, Software Testing (Testing Methodologies: Unit Testing/TDD, System Testing, Stress Testing/Load Testing, Code Coverage Analysis, User Acceptance Testing, Test Automation), Dependency Injection, Object Mocking, Multi - Threading Development, N-Tier Development, SOA(Service Oriented Architecture), ORM(Object Relational Mapping), Debugging, Reflection, Exception Management, Software Architecture Design, Technical Design Documentation, UML(Use cases, Sequence Diagram, Class Diagram) Process Flow Diagram, Data Flow Diagram, Database Design



Senior .NET Web Developer/Security Developer/Systems Architect


  • This position was for a Senior Level full stack .NET developer with JavaScript framework and MongoDB experience.
  • The team was small and the job encompassed the entire software development lifecycle.
  • The produce being produced was a redaction tool for Excel documents.
  • This was used in eDiscovery in lawsuits or other government processes.
  • The product could also be a plug in to Confidential.


Senior .NET Web Developer/Security Developer


  • This contract position was for a senior level .NET developer with full stack experience and security experience.
  • The position was with the UI team of the Confidential project.
  • This team was broken into different sub teams based on application subsystem.
  • The project delivered new public and private web application and batch processing systems for the Confidential agency.
  • The team used the waterfall methodology.


Senior .NET Web Developer/Database Developer/Security Dev


  • This contract involved updates and new features to the Confidential internal, externally facing mortgage management systems and a number of support systems.
  • The internal systems were used by Confidential employees and the external systems were used by client mortgage brokers.
  • The support systems did intake of paperwork and the creation and mailing of letters to borrowers.
  • The development group used a simplified SCRUM/Agile development methodology.


Senior .NET Web Developer/Lead Developer/SQL Server Developer


  • This position was a permanent position that required being the head of the development team.
  • The development team varied between 2 and 6 developers.
  • Signal was a company that managed the revenue to client drug rehab providers.
  • These providers had to meet data requirements defined by the state and local agencies providing grants.
  • Other requirements came from privately funded grants.
  • Signal systems ensured data cleanliness and timely arrival at required agencies.


Senior SQL Server Developer/Senior .NET Developer


  • This contract position was to update and implement database changes, create reports, and do systems integration between multiple accounting systems in the oil drilling business.

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