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Rpa Automation Developer (ui Path) Resume

Houston, TX


  • Around 7 years of experience in Information Technology Field, which includes 2+ years experience as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Consultant with good knowledge in robotic process automation.
  • Hands on experience in developing BOTS using Blue Prism and managing robot’s workloads using Blue Prism Work Queues.
  • Automated Web Based, Java Based, Mainframe, Desktop based applications using automation tool Blue Prism.
  • Working knowledge of UI Path and UI Path Studio for developing front office and back office robots.
  • Implemented End to End Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for 8 processes in commercial banking sector using Automation Anywhere .
  • Working on Queue Configurations, Monitoring, Internal Blue Prism Work Queue Actions, Exception handling, efficient use of stages, blocks, data types, session and environmental variables for processing of Business Process diagrams and Process flow charts using RPA tools
  • Experience in Microsoft .Net Technologies (.NET Framework, MS Visual Studio .NET, ADO .NET, ASP.NET, C#, XML and WCF).
  • Familiar with UI Path Components, feature, methods of automating business process.
  • Innovatively integrated the advanced features of automation tools like OCR, web recorder for existing robots and improved the performance to the internal and vendor application of the organization.
  • Worked closely with Process SME's to prepare Process Definition Document (PDD) & Solution Design Document (SDD) and educated SME's to work with Bots in production.
  • Strong in Object Orientated Programming and great proficiency in using Visual Studio 2015/2013/2012/2010/2008.
  • Established expertise in creating web - based applications using technologies like ASP.NET, Java Script, Bootstrap, SVG, Node JS, HTML and DHTML.
  • Extensively used Blue prism’s process studio and object studio to develop and test the robot based on given business process model.
  • Experience in designing and developing Databases in SQL Server 2005/2008 which includes the development of functions, stored procedures, views, joins and triggers using T-SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Experience in Agile, Waterfall model Software Development process.


RPA TOOLS: Blue Prism, UI Path, Automation Anywhere 10.0,10.3.5,11.0

SDLC Methodologies: Agile/Scrum, Waterfall

Programming Languages: Core Java, VB.NET, JQuery, JSON, JavaScript, SQL, Python

Scripting Languages: JavaScript

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AJAX Control Toolkit, XML

Microsoft: SQL Server 2014, 2012 Oracle10g, Microsoft Azure Emulator 4.2

IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015

Frameworks: Bootstrap,ASP .Net MVC 5.0/ 4.0/3.0, ASP .NET 4.5.2/4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0

Version Control Tools: Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual Source Safe, Subversion, GIT.


Confidential -Houston TX

RPA Automation Developer (UI Path)


  • End to end process automation using UI Path.
  • Working on Robotic Process Automation using Blue Prism.
  • Identified opportunity to automate manual tasks using Robotics Process Automation (RPA). technology and established Commercial-wide RPA program to deliver the first software bot in production.
  • Worked on Image comparison using Image recognition in UIpath studio.
  • Experience in staging and deploying the automation solution into test and live environments and efficiently.
  • Implemented Automation Anywhere Control room with defining user roles and security in User Console and Security Management.
  • Experience in Automation Anywhere (Control Room, Client, Task Boot and Meta Boot).
  • Experience in Automation Anywhere to automate web applications, desktop application, maintaining excel using Object Cloning, Image Recognition, PDF integration, OCR etc.
  • Handled monitoring and troubleshooting the Blue Prism environment through Control room.
  • Implemented new reporting techniques and facilitated the presentations to the clients.
  • Communicating with UI-Path product team on software related issues, suggested improvements and participating with other users in the UI-Path community.
  • Performed Automation Anywhere control room installation with clustered approach along with disaster recovery setup.
  • Executed SQL Queries to check the data table updates after test execution using MySQL.
  • Experienced in managing robot’s workloads using UI Path Work Queues.
  • Well Versed with UIpath studio, UIpath robot, UIpath Orachestrator.
  • Experienced in managing robot’s workloads using UI Path Work Queues.
  • Experience in staging and deploying the automation solution into test and live environments and efficiently handled monitoring and troubleshooting the Blue Prism environment through Control room.
  • Created RPA Bots to Screen scrape WEB and Mainframe data (Blue Prism).
  • Managed a team of developers in an agile environment.
  • Creation, development and maintenance of automated MI Reporting of UI Path processes in MS Access and Excel, also looking into running this in MS SQL Server using MS Access front-end.

Environment: RPA Blue Prism, UI path SQL Server 2014, XML, HTML, Java Script, CSS.

Confidential, Ohio

RPA Developer (Blue Prism)


  • Involved in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) from requirements gathering, solution designing, coding, testing, debugging, documentation and implementation on different tools like Blue prism, Automation Anywhere.
  • Interacted with a window based application, and interacted with a mainframe based application Versed with Browser applications.
  • Using Excel VBO object to perform operations in excel sheet while taking excel sheet data as input.
  • Used various actions like Conditions and Loops, User prompts, Error Logging and commands like Object Cloning, OCR, Key Strokes etc., for coding the automation process.
  • In-depth knowledge about Design and architect web-based solutions.
  • Created database connections to fetch the data and automated the process to arrange data with Blue Prism.
  • Well Versed with Object Studio, Control Room, and Release BP Files.
  • Worked on getting all the remote machines errors and information to the main system through the Blue Prism.
  • Worked on task migration process from development to production systems through Control room.
  • Experience on spying elements on mainframe application while automating a custodian form.
  • Automated tasks using web recorder and Scheduled tasks to repeat as per requirements.
  • Worked on getting all the remote machines errors and information to the main system through the Blue Prism.
  • Browser automation, Windows Automation and Mainframe Automation.
  • Worked on using Excel and CSV commands with Blue Prism.
  • Prepared Process Design Document (PDD) and Solution Design Document (SDD) for the workflow.

Environment: RPA Blue Prim, SQL Server 2014, XML, HTML, Java Script, CSS.


.Net Developer


  • Interacting with the business analyst personal, requirement gathering and analysis.
  • Front-end design, coding database design and creating stored procedure.
  • Developed solutions for diverse programming scenarios in C#, employing object-oriented Programming (OOP) concepts.
  • Developed Web based GUI using C# 3.5, HTML, DHTML and CSS.
  • Created User Controls using C# .Net 4.0 for web pages.
  • Client-side validations with JavaScript and Server side validations with ASP.Net 3.5.
  • Used Win form controls and Custom User Controls to provide standard interactive User Interface.
  • Utilized Data Grid and Data List to display and manipulation of records.
  • Deployed and maintained ASP.NET applications running at IIS 7.0.
  • Used Agile Methodologies like Scrum which has leadership philosophy that encourage stream work, self-organization and accountability.
  • Worked with ADO.NET to interact with the SQL/Server Database 2012 (i.e., retrieving, updating and inserting data into the tables) for Alerts.
  • Used Microsoft Visual Source Safe(VSS) and Team Foundation Server(TFS) for integration, maintenance and Security of code.
  • Implemented controls to parse XML files and validate them using XSLT & different file formats.
  • Used Agile which is a set of engineering best practices that allow for rapid delivery of high quality software, and a business approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goal.
  • Writing Queries using TSQL Statements, views, user defined functions, stored procedures for Inserting/Updating/Deleting the data into the relational tables.
  • Experience in using JavaScript for client-side validations.
  • Extensively used XML, XSLT and XSD for data transfer across different systems.
  • Involved in Deployment and Troubleshooting issues in the application.
  • Knowledge on handling Hive queries using Spark SQL that integrate with Spark environment.
  • Used SBT to develop spark applications to submit Spark jobs.
  • Created Spark SQLContextto load data from Parquet, JSON files and perform SQL queries.
  • Created data frames out of text files to execute SparkSQL queries.

Environment: Visual Studio .Net (C#.Net, ASP.Net, WinForms, WCF, LINQ, VSS, TFS, XML Web Services, IIS7.0, SOAP, MVC4.0, Agile, SOAP, ADO.Net


Java Developer


  • Involved in architecting various Business Layer and Data Management components of multitier web-based system over J2EE architecture.
  • Responsible for JAVA, J2EE coding /development.
  • Actively designed, developed and integrated the Metrics module with all other components. Used Scrum for managing product development.
  • Development using Java, JSP and Servlets on WSAD.
  • Developed the functionality for communicating between the modules mostly involved in VIEW and CONTROLLER section of MVC pattern for CMS project, it includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX which were used for UI development.
  • Developed Struts Action and Form classes to access Java Beans and UI.
  • Wrote MySQL, SQL stored procedures and functions to manage data, MySQL queries for necessary requirements, and MySQL triggers for data automation.
  • Used Hibernate to access database and perform database updating.
  • Implemented various complex SQL queries and Stored Procedures.
  • Used Spring Core for middle tier development to achieve inversion of control.
  • Wrote SQL queries and stored procedures over server databases using SQL Server and HTML files.
  • Wrote complex queries and mapped database views using DAO in java.
  • Developed Use Cases, UML diagrams such as Sequence Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, and Class Diagrams, for my application modules (Metrics).
  • Developed Web Services using XML messages that use SOAP. Developed Web Services for Payment Transaction and Payment Release.
  • Developed the application using RAD as methodology and used Eclipse’s features for editing, debugging, compiling, formatting, build automation and version control (CVS).
  • Wrote test cases in JUnit for unit testing of classes and implemented the logging using Log4j.
  • Retrieving code from the repository and deploying in Production using ANT.

Environment: Java1.6/1.7, JSP, Eclipse, Servlets, Git, HTML, XML, DHTML, Log4j, Ant, Web Sphere, Oracle, Windows, JSF, JBPM, Scrum, JDBC, Rational Software Architect, Web Services (SOAP/WSDL and REST), JUnit.

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