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.net Architect Resume


  • Open to all level positions (Entry to Senior).
  • Java (2 years), .Net (2.5 years), Android developer (1 year)
  • Open
  • Open to relocation anywhere in the United States, relocation assistance required.
  • Immediate


OO Languages: Java, .Net C#, .Net VB


Databases: tSQL, mySQL

Tools: Eclipse, Microsoft SQL Server Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2015

Web Development: .Net ASP

Collaboration:: CVS, SVN, Github

Patterns: Singleton, Facade, Factory, MVC

Databases: Oracle, MongoDB

ORM: Hibernate

Frameworks: LINQ, ADO, REGEX, .Net, J2SE, J2EE (Servlets), WPF, WSE, jQuery, GWT, PhoneGap

Web Development: CSS 3, HTML 5. JavaScript, JSP, XAML, PHP

Platforms: Windows 98/2000/XP/7, Android

Testing: Junit, Nunit

Patterns: MVP, DAO



.Net Architect


  • Maintaining legacy .Net ASP/VB warehouse management applications while developing new enhancements for more modern applications using .Net VB, ASP, C# and MVC.
  • Includes new design and revamping old designs for easier maintenance and efficiency.
  • Maintaining and creating background services that export and import data to various applications.
  • Includes REST API calls to Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Leading and training two developers in .Net, SQL, clean coding, OO, and Agile practices, etc.

Environment : Visual Studio 2015, .Net VB, .Net C#, CSV, XML, WPF, SQL, Agile

Video/Audio Editor



  • Performing various audio and video editing tasks according to client needs.
  • Audio extraction, noise reduction, insertion, removal, and cleanup.
  • Raw video data rendering (Lossless compression).
  • Handling video transitions, subtitles, closed captioning, visual effects, etc.

Environment: Movavi Suite, Camtasia Studio, Audacity


Consultant (.Net)


  • Currently developing and deploying desktop applications in .Net for clients based off of specification sheets.
  • Developed Applications performed data transformation from csv files to various formats.
  • More complex applications involve data imports from a FTP server to a MS SQL database using TSQL.
  • Data is then displayed in a desktop application using WPF, complete with full table maintenance functionality and basic user security/administration.

Environment : Visual Studio 2015, .Net VB, .Net C#, CSV, XML, WPF, SQL

Confidential, Clarence, NY

Associate Programmer Analyst


  • Helped bring a project to meet a targeted deadline - A trade web application built in JSP, hosted by Tomcat.
  • Corrected several database connectivity inefficiencies with code and query optimizations.
  • Cleaned code, fixed bugs, and properly redesigned JSP pages.
  • Added various functionality enhancements and fixed improperly implemented ones.

Environment : Tomcat, Java, SVN, Oracle, JSP , HTML, CSS, Javascript

Confidential, Westminster, CO

Software Engineer


  • Contracted for Rsc Solutions - Located in Wyomissing, PA.
  • Primarily working on a financial ratings web application that uses HTML for the front end and Java/MongoDB for the backend.
  • Handling backend functionality enhancements defined by Business Analysts.
  • Handling defects logged in JIRA.
  • Includes analyzing, fixing, and testing.
  • Building out a small suite of tools for basic office management.
  • Uses Java Swing and a MS SQL database., stored in a local SVN.
  • Works off a modular design, with easy integration of data.
  • Currently contains an Inventory module that enables easy search, addition, removal, and updates for office equipment and software.
  • Handles import/export to MS Excel spreadsheets.
  • Handles data driven business rules to create alerts. (IE: Former Employee that still has equipment assigned)

Environment: : MongoDB , Jboss, Java, Entites (Java), GitHub, JIRA

Methodologies: Agile (Sprints, Morning Meetings, Iterative Development)

Confidential, Fort Washington, PA

Software Engineer


  • Assisted in development of a major asset management product.
  • Performed various testing and bug fixing.
  • Developed Administration section for an asset management product.
  • Handled User Management
  • Handled Modular Development
  • Includes customization of types, attributes, permissions, tasks, work orders, permits, etc.
  • Helped normalize the MS SQL database for table reuse, cleanup, and flexibility.

Environment: : SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, .Net ASP, .Net C#, Telerik UI/ORM, Kendo UI, JQuery

Methodologies: Agile

Confidential, South Plainfield, NJ

ServiceNow Developer (Production Support)


  • Developed various parts of ServiceNow (Sandbox → Dev → UAT → Production)
  • Handled tickets from Users.
  • Researched and debugged issues or developed enhancement requests.
  • Developed and tested in Sandbox/Dev, uploaded to UAT in an update set afterwords, then pushed into production after it cleared the UAT team.
  • Developed UI Policies, Data Policies, Client Scripts, and UI Actions.
  • Created new forms, altered business rules/ui behavior, etc.

Environment: : SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, ServiceNow, LotusNotes, Snaggit

Methodologies: UAT Testing, Agile

Confidential, Princeton Junction, NJ

Independent Contractor


  • Performed manual testing, debugging, and functionality enhancement on a new web application.
  • The application was built using Java and GWT (Google Web Toolkit) and hosted with Tomcat.
  • Testing comprised of UI testing and database queries for verification.
  • Debugged the application as a locally hosted GWT web application, claimed Mantis tickets and then dug through the corresponding code to fix various issues.
  • Functionality enhancement included mapping PDF fields to a java Properties file as well as a MySql database look-up table.
  • Created two Android Demos and one Android Prototype.
  • Bench-marked and assisted in testing a website in development (Existing product version upgrade)

Environment: : Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Android ICS & Honeycomb, Google Web Toolkit, Eclipse, MS SQL, MySQL

Confidential, Fairfield, NJ

Software Development Engineer


  • Led and organized project and code documentation efforts.
  • Trained the intern in basic C# and OO Principles.
  • Designed and built utility projects to speed up development.
  • Redesigned and cleaned existing projects.

Environment: : .Net Framework 3.5 and 4.0, WPF, XAML, XML, C#.

Methodologies: UAT Testing

Confidential, Plainsboro, NJ

Java Developer


  • Research and development - Benchmarking various databases such as MS SQL and Oracle.
  • Benchmarks include Importing and Querying.
  • Machine Sensor Data was read from csv files, parsed into objects and variables, and then inserted into the selected database using JDBC drivers. Batch sizes varied from 10k to 100k.
  • Recorded data was written to a csv file, with MS Excel used to view the results.

Environment: : Java, IDE (Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite), XML, DB(JDBC, SQL, Oracle, Cassandra), Maven

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