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Programmer Resume

El Paso, TX


  • Confidential is an expert and dedicated professional in the IT field, with over 10 years of experience.
  • Adapt at overseeing all phases of software development lifecycle, from design and documentation to implementation.
  • Exceptional experience working in fast - paced, deadline-oriented environments.
  • Outstanding technical skills; able to quickly learn new concepts and technologies.
  • Extensive experience working with Oracle Databases.
  • Experience in design, development and implementation of batch/User Interface applications.
  • Leads design activities and provide mentoring and guidance to developers.


  • Asp.net
  • C#
  • C
  • Java
  • Gambas 2
  • Visual Basic.Net
  • JavaScript
  • Devexpress controls
  • MySQL
  • SQL
  • SQL Management Studio
  • LINQ
  • Visual C++
  • Visual Fox
  • Cobol
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Unix
  • VI
  • UML
  • Excel Advanced( Macros,Formulas, VLookups)
  • HTML 5
  • Jquery
  • Silverlight
  • Oracle SQL Developer
  • Coverity


Confidential, El Paso, TX



  • Able to provide mentoring and guidance to junior developers
  • And other developers of another subsystems.
  • Team Lead experience responsible for managing the Software Life Cycle, working with customers/users, and mentoring team members.
  • Collaborates and coordinates with others in analyzing collected Requirements to meet customer needs.
  • Deliver SOU, Design documents to the Project Manager and client.
  • Builds, confirms, and prioritizes project plans and deliverables with the Project Manager.
  • Coding in User Interface (C# UI) and batch (C) environments (Unix Commands & vi, and c programming.
  • Participates in the technical walkthroughs as a reviewer for other developers, prior to Delivery promotion.
  • Creation of Change Orders and assignation (PM role, Tester role, SE role, TFAL role) of coding and testing.
  • Creation of UI interfaces since the design state to the production delivery.
  • Investigation and solving of production issues within 1-2 days window frame.
  • Are of Subsystems supported: Third Party Liability, Drug Rebate, Provider, Prior Authorization (PA), Recipient, System Wide, Claims, Portal.
  • Model Office promotion activities once a month.
  • Cycle monitor On Call 4 weeks per year (rotation).
  • Batch jobs and c programs to run the offline batch activities mostly for TPL.
  • Use of Coverity tool to detect/correct possible bugs within the Subsystems.
  • Configuration of the framework, creation of XML’s config files (mapping of tables), creation of new entities (objects),
  • Creation of factories: new functions/methods (queries to the database), creation of relations (list of entities), (creation of Interfaces to interact with another subsystems. Creation of ascx files and code behind.
  • Support to MMIS (Healthcare) System, creation of new User Interfaces Panels and Modification to existing ones.
  • JavaScript files
  • Shell programming.
  • Batch jobs and programs.
  • C# programming.
  • C Programming.

Database: SQL management studio, Oracle SQL Developer.

Platform & Technologies: Visual Studio 2013 (C#), batch programing in C, VI, Unix, Windows server 2008 SBS, Windows server 2003, Office 2010, 2007 & 2003, MS visual studio 2010, .Net framework 4.0, ASP, JavaScript client-side, remote desktop, Outlook exchange, Excel, SQL Management Studio, Putty, Notepad ++, Unix, VI, Interchange for Net, Coverity tool, DNNuke, shell programming. Object Oriented programming.


Software Developer


  • Analysis & Design of Databases.
  • HUB-Verizon project: 3 screens in 3 stations: Inspection, Replacement parts and Packing station, platform gambas and MySQL.
  • Creation of bash scripts to call web services to acknowledge of transactions within the module packing. Integration with the RTDS system and Iris packing system, and HUB modules.
  • Creation of VS studio process in C# to duplicate the process of receiving units at Loera, from Hub module.
  • Design of labels for Zebra printers, using Bartender and ZPL code. Databases: MySQL, SQL, Ingres

Platform & Technologies: Unix, Oracle SQL Developer, C#, .NET.


System Engineer


  • Analysis & Design of Databases.
  • Creation of Report Center using HTML and Crystal Reports XI (OEE calculation and graphs).
  • Design of labels for Zebra printers, using Zebra Design Pro and databases connection.
  • Technical Design and implementing of web based ASP NET applications linked to firm-wide firebird database.
  • Responsible of translate business ideas for automation of process for accounting/material/engineering/production departments
  • Management of servers and responsible for new users creation and domain account setup.
  • Queries using ODBC to firebird database of MRP (CEGID).
  • Creation of applications designed exclusively for several clients (John Deere, Husqbarna, etc) that take the information layout from client internet portals and convert these data into another specific layout used to automatically upload these data into CEGID. These application runs into the server in the form of Scheduled tasks, to update the information.
  • Hardware & Preventive Maintenance database and interface.
  • Macros and VBA scripts for Excel.
  • Helpdesk support.
  • for new systems implements and mantainance.
  • LAN Ethernet cable layout and implementation.
  • VOIP phones support and setup.

Database: Firebird database, Access 2007, SQL management studio, LinQ.

Platform & Technologies: Windows server 2008 SBS, Windows server 2003, Office 2010, 2007 & 2003, MS visual studio 2010, VB 6, .net framework 4.0, ASP, AJAX, devexpress controls, JavaScript client-side, crystal reports XI, recrystallize, remote desktop, VNC, Outlook exchange, Access, Excel VBA, Silverlight, Zebra Designer Pro v2.0


Mexico Data Team Application Developer


  • Analysis & Design of Databases.
  • Technical Design and implementing of web based ASP NET applications linked to firm-wide SQL databases
  • Use XML to create web based tools for transactions on SQL and Oracle databases.
  • Worked with Oracle databases and designed stored procedures.
  • Liaised with production team to analyze bugs and resolve issues.
  • Supporting, maintaining and extending existing projects.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve bugs in NET applications to ensure optimal development environment.
  • Creation of Web services.
  • Develop and implementation of production solutions for all departments in the plant, to automate production inquiries such as: Budget & Purchasing System, HR, OEE System, Special BOM Request System (SBR), Automated BOM Modification System (ABM), Corrective Action System (CAS), Clear Lites Summary System for TDL & GP2 Areas, Product & Planning Groups System (for modification request in e21), etc.
  • Creation of Crystal Reports & SQL Queries using ODBC for MRP System (E21) in Access or with Crystal Designer.
  • MRP System e21, BOM & routings maintenance.
  • Programming of send keys to automate data entry into MRP System.
  • Automation of Reports in Excel using macros and scheduled tasks to deliver automatically by email.
  • Daily supervision of schedule tasks that delivery reports by email
  • Daily supervision of DTAS (Audit System) of MRP.
  • SQL server 2005, 2008, MS Access 2003 & 2007, LINQ
  • Windows Server 2003, VNC viewer, Remote Desktop.
  • Visual Basic 2005, 2008 & 2010, ASP Net 2, 3.5 & 4, Net Framework 4.0, Crystal Reports 8.5 & 10, IIS, vba, html, JavaScript, xmlWebservices, Ajax, css, vba, excel advanced with macros, Devexpress Controls using client-side JavaScript and event procedures.

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