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Sr. Ui Developer Resume


  • 1 2+ Years Professional experience in analysis, design, development and testing of: Client/Server, Web (Web Forms), Single Page Applications, Object Oriented Design, SOA, and Windows (WinForms) based applications.
  • Extensive expertise in: Angular 6.0/5.0, React JS, Angularjs 1.5, Angular 5 Material UI,Angular 5 bootstrap UI, Angular 1.5 UI, Typescript, Ractive.js, Bootstrap CSS, JQuery, Html5, require.js, jasmine testing framework, mocha, GIT, We b pack 2, Bower, gulp, RxJS - Observables, NodeJS, C#,Asp.net Web api,WCF.
  • Blockchain understanding, basic knowledge on cryptography.
  • 4+ Years Professional experience in SCRUM and Agile based development.
  • Extensive expertise in developing web components using Angular Bootstrap, Material UI libraries.
  • Extensive expertise in JQuery, JQuery plugins, and JavaScript.
  • Understanding of User Experience principles.
  • Hands on experience on mongoDB and understanding of No-SQL databases.
  • Extensive experience in: SQL Server Database design, developing T-SQL queries, stored procedures, and triggers using SQL Server 2005/2008.
  • Functional domain experience involves Finance and Insurance business.
  • Strong understanding of UI design pattern, UX design..


Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10, MAC OS, Linux

Dev. Environment & Languages: Angular 5.0/6.0,Angular 5 Material UI,Angular 5 bootstrap UI, Angularjs 1.5, React JS, Node JS, Ractive.JS, HTML5, Web Pack 4.0, Karma, Jasmine and mocha testing framework, require.js, bower, gulp build scripts, Jenkins - continuous integration, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC3, JQuery UI, JQuery, Visual Studio 2010 and, C#.NET, Infragistics, LINQ, WCF, XML, XSLT, ADO.NET, Javascript

DBMS & Technologies: SQL SERVER 2005/2008, Oracle8.


Middle Tier Development: Tibco Middle tier services.

Networking & Administration: HTTP, FTP, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, WCF, WAP, Windows Platform.

Web & Application Servers: Apache Tomcat 7.0, Microsoft IIS 5.0/5.1/6.0 /7.

Tracking & Management: JIRA, GIT, TFS, SVN source control.



Sr. UI Developer

  • Evaluating tools and technology based on POC and integrating it to project.
  • Design and developed initial project structure- folder structure,modules, setting up component communication patterns.
  • Developing internet based responsive app using angular 5, webpack, ag grid, ng-bootstrap
  • Setting architecture of structure - project structure, separation of modules,setting up app level pattern for inter component communication, design and develop custom UX component.
  • Implemented lazy loaded modules to improve performance.
  • Developing components, services, directive and modules using angular 5
  • Redux based ngrx\store implementation - actions and reducers. implemented Angular 5 app - ag-grid grouping, auto refresh, lazy loading, infinite scrolling with lazy loading of child node using enterprise version, designed grid to lazy load records up to 1 million.
  • Helping junior developer to finalize approach, reviewing code, code refactoring, implementing best UI practice, Implementing type script’s OOP concept. scrum based agile development, effective communication with BA, QA and other team member.
  • Developing POC’s - Highchart, ag-grid enterprise feature and other custom reusable components.
  • Defect fix and production support.
  • Developed Webpack based compilation commands.

Confidential, New Jersey

Sr. UI Developer

  • Designed & developed responsive web application interface using: AngularJS 2.0, asp.net MVC, Angular UI component, Html 5, CSS 3, bootstrap css, and asp.net WebAPI.
  • Design & Develop Angular 2 component, Router,services, modules.
  • Angular UI - Accordion, alert, collapse, Dropdown, Modal, Tabs, and tooltip.
  • Integrated angular2 ngPrime UI library -grid, tree component, auto complete component.
  • Design developed wrapper directive for Google analytics, session timeout modal popup, dynamic directive and component loading.
  • Followed Agile/Scrum methodology for incremental software development - 2 week sprint development.
  • Performance improvement task - code refactoring to load screen faster.
  • Performed Dev/QA Build and release as required.
  • Prepared PROD release artifacts - configuration change management.
  • Environment: AngularJS 2.0, Angular CLI , Angular 2 bootstrap UI, html5, css3, Bootstrap CSS,NodeJS, LESS,Asp.Net MVC, Asp.Net Web API.

Confidential, New York

Sr. UI Developer

  • Developed UI component for online credit card payment app - Payment module, its internet based single page responsive web App using custom MVC JavaScript framework, Ractive.js, Html5, and JavaScript.
  • Understood the new feature released for framework, educated scrum team, and coded review for the scrum team.
  • Followed Agile/Scrum methodology for incremental software development.
  • Interacted with BAs and scrum master for business specifications and prioritized work items/pod stories.
  • Implemented payment module - using custom MVC JavaScript framework.
  • Designed and implemented controller, component, and service interaction.
  • Unit testing - using mocha JavaScript framework.
  • App compilation and built using node.js bower and gulp script.
  • Defect Fixing - Browser specific defects (IE11, GC 47), devised specific & functional defects.
  • Performance improvement task - coded refactoring to minimize the size and adhered to best practices.
  • Environment: Ractive.JS, wire.js, mocha.js, JQuery, html5, GIT, Node.js, bower & gulp, JIRA.

Confidential, Virginia

Sr. UI Developer - Angular JS

  • Designed & Developed application interface using Angularjs, Html 5, and JavaScript.
  • Followed Agile/Scrum methodology for incremental software development.
  • Implemented commercial loan - facility module using Angular.JS - using directive, controller, and service.
  • Designed and developed various Angular.js Module,controller, templates, services using $Q -promise
  • Unit testing - used jasmine framework.
  • Found several areas for performance improvement, made recommendations, and made changes to improve security across all components and systems.
  • Responsible for creating: Stored Procedures, Packages, Tables, and Triggers using SQL server 2008.
  • Restful service development using Node.js and SQL server 2008.
  • Environment: Angular.JS, Node.js, html5, css3, jasmine testing framework, and web storm UI Editor.

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