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Fullstack .net Lead & Architect Resume



  • Vaibhav is PMP and MCTS certified professional with 14 years’ experience in delivering successful projects on Microsoft Technologies. His passion lies in building great software products while enabling others to perform their roles more efficiently.
  • He defined architecture, project processes and tools best suited to each project. Moves between agile and waterfall approaches depending on project specifics and client goals. Creates detailed application architecture, project road maps, plans, schedules and work breakdown structures.
  • Designs and builds scalable applications atop Oracle/ MS - SQL Server, WCF, and ASP.NET, MVC, C# based front-ends with modern, highly interactive JavaScript, jQuery, and Ajax UIs.
  • Explored and evaluated platforms, tools, and technologies like Azure, AWS, Elastic Search, NoSQL DB, Single Sign-On, Crystal Report vs SSRS suitable for given business use cases. Have training exposure to Microsoft CRM.


Confidential, NM

Fullstack .net lead & Architect

  • Core team member of RFP response team for State of New Mexico Department of Public Safety - Concealed Carry Unit project. Wrote response, represented proposed solution in orals, and won the project.
  • Performed resource management, stack holder analysis & management, risk management & mitigation.
  • Conceived, architected, managed, and built highly interactive MVC.NET web application using bootstrap, jQuery, EF 6.0 atop Oracle for technical support staff to automate batch execution and issues resolution.
  • Accomplished successful go-live of E-PNC project. Guided team through the SDLC on agile - scrum project model. Wrote core part of the system.
  • Accomplished another successful go-live of Appriss Crossmatch project. Guided team on test driven development (TDD) approach as project involved consuming third party RESTful API in the application. Programmed modules to handle authentication using expiring JSON Web Token (JWT).
  • Promoted use of NSwag to automate proxy creation for RESTful API, effectively reducing development time by 20% and reducing number of defects introduced due to human error.
  • Developed prototype to demonstrate team’s capability on asynchronous programming, RESTful API, JWT, NSwag, Postmen, Fiddler, and TDD. Prototype ushered UIA application in a Real-time processing ecosystem, away from deferred/batch execution an important step in a goal to be live 24x7.
  • Promoted asynchronous real-time processing of data by invoking SOAP/WCF/REST services over differed/batch processing approach. Initial application architecture was based on batch execution for exchanging flat files from third parties. This created overhead of batch sequencing and extremely high processor usage and memory heavy segments. Asynchronous real-time processing smoothed these peaks.
  • Mentored team on using asynchronous real-time processing to achieve uptime of 24x7.
  • Mentored team on UIA application facelift, converting presentation tier to modern adaptive web while using HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap 3, and JQuery. New UI is Accessibility Standards (section 503) compliant and also allows ~30% faster claim filling.
  • Promoted use of Cloud computing platforms specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS). Demonstrated usability of EC2 instance, Elastic IP, and S3 storage.
  • Responsibilities involve accomplishment of design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and improvement UIA application.
  • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables.
  • Explore and evaluate platforms, tools, and technologies like Azure, AWS, Elastic Search, NoSQL DB, Single Sign-On, Crystal Report vs SSRS suitable for given business use cases.
  • Lead efforts on database query and view optimization to achieve ~20% faster execution time.
  • Established PL/SQL standards to achieve better quality of scripts and view on ongoing basis.

Confidential, NM

Specialist Senior

  • Key team member for the go-live of Unemployment Insurance projects for State of New Mexico as well as for State of Massachusetts.
  • Key player in writing and winning State of New Mexico Unemployment Insurance M&O RFP response.
  • Guided team on Analytics project to reduce claim frauds. Project involved dealing with multimillion records collected from the get-go, cleaning, sorting, processing though projection formulae, segmenting demographic data, clustering them from high risk to low risk and ranking them on the probability of committing a fraud, ultimately assigning scores as centile and decile. This project estimated to have saved $6M in the first year of go-live.
  • Enhanced batch framework for performance in multithreaded environment. Made it resilient and fault tolerant to continue batch processing in case one more thread of records process erroneous records.
  • Implemented robust logging and error handling in multithreaded environment to log important diagnostic information in case of an error/exception.
  • Promoted better coding practices and coached team on test driven development, dependency injection, single responsibility principle and software design patterns.
  • Lead initiative to convert file based batch data exchange with ICON (XEROX) to Service based real-time asynchronous calls.
  • Developed mission-critical algorithms for Monetary, Appeals, and Crossmatch subsystems for Unemployment Insurance application in C #.
  • Put together and led diverse developers’ team.
  • Lead the development effort of multiple high-load UI subsystems.
  • Design and implementation of business logic captured in use cases.
  • Participated in requirement gathering i.e. JAD sessions to understand business needs.
  • Helped business team to simplify requirement to ease technical implementation of complicated business needs.
  • Managed task assignment to development team and tracked project status until completion.
  • Held Daily standup meeting with team for assigned task update.
  • Mentored team members and counselees.
  • Represented counselees in round robin.

Software Engineer


  • Developed software and algorithms using C#.
  • Developed software using Microsoft Enterprise Library code blocks, specifically Data Access Block, Exception Handling block, and Exception Handling block.
  • Test, optimize, deploy and maintain software built atop ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, MS SQL Server.
  • Lead development efforts.
  • Implemented Data Access Layer using ADO.NET to communicate with SQL Server using Data Adapter, Data Set and Data Reader to display the data from the database.
  • Used Team Foundation Server (TFS) to improve Team Collaboration and for Version Controlling.
  • Created user controls library in C# for code reusability and better maintainability.
  • Worked on ASP.NET Caching features to improve performance and State management using Sessions.
  • Used ASP.NET Validation Controls and developed JavaScript to perform various Client side validations.
  • Implemented AJAX Extensions like Update Panel for partial page update in order to improve efficiency of the application.
  • Used ADO.NET and LINQ to SQL extensively for retrieving, querying and manipulating data in the database.
  • Used Parametrized Commands in ADO.NET to avoid SQL Injection Attacks.
  • Extensively used Master Pages, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) classes to maintain the uniformity throughout the application.
  • Implemented code version maintenance/tracking using Microsoft Visual Source Safe.
  • Generated and enhanced various internal reports using SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Involved in the design and development of Tables, Views, Stored Procedures and advanced queries with PL/SQL to structure the back end data which allow better control and accessibility to the users.
  • Involved in optimization of the database for Performance Enhancement

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